FORBES AND DISTRICT DEATHS          1970 - 1979                   Age
ABBOTT Jeffery Arthur   of Waitara (FA 5 Dec 72) 16
ACRET Frederick Henry "Harry" 08-Sep-71 of Forbes 67
ACRET John Edward  05-Jan-79 of Forbes 80
ACRET Pauline May 06-Feb-77   66
ACRET Sidney Spencer   at North Sydney, formerly Forbes (FA 18 Jun 74) 67
ADAM Robert Henry (Chappie) 29-May-77   87
AIKEN Sid   in Sydney (FA 28 Oct 75) 83
ALCHIN Oliver Francis Malcolm   of Forbes (FA 23 Apr 70)  
ALI Nazi or Naze   of Forbes (also known as Jack Nazali) (FA 24 Mar 70)  
ALLEGRI Natale 16-Oct-74 of Forbes 62
ALLEN Herbert Arthur (Jack) 02-Jan-71 of Forbes 64
ALLEN Nita Thelma 23-Jul-76 of Forbes 71
ALLEN William Henry 10-Aug-78 of Forbes 84
AMOR George Henry 25-Oct-72 of Forbes 79
ANDERSON Alice Una 13-Jul-77 of Forbes  
ANDERSON Catherine Emily 1977    
ANDERSON Eileen Muriel 01-Aug-70 of Forbes 61
ANDERSON Emanuel   of Eugowra (FA 29 Apr 71) 84
ANDERSON George 07-Nov-70 of Forbes 75
ANDERSON Jack   of Parramatta formerly Forbes (FA 24 Jul 79) 86
ANDERSON Mrs Sidney 01-Aug-70 of Forbes 61
ANDREWS Eric William   of Wellington (FA 31 Jul 79)  
ANDREWS Herbert Edward 16-Nov-78 of Forbes 79
ANGLERT Joyce Trifusis   of West Wyalong (FA 28 Dec 72) 76
ANTHONY baby 15-Jul-71   s/b
ANTHONY Fay Lynette 24-Dec-72 of Forbes 27
ANTHONY Nicholas Michael 19-Jan-77   49
ANTRAM Ethel Cecilia 04-Sep-75   64
ANTRAM Michael Francis   of Young (FA 9 Nov 71)  
ANTRAM Roy  13-Jun-71 Formerly of Forbes and  Dubbo 55
ARCHER Allen John 08-Apr-72 of Eugowra 29
ARCHER George Henry 20-Jul-71 of Eugowra  69
ARCHER Ian Geoffrey 16-Feb-73 of Eugowra 26
ARCHER Stephen Robert Joseph 21-Oct-73 of Eugowra 70
ARENTZ Stanley Francis (Ted) 04-Sep-78 of Forbes 67
ASHCROFT Arthur James 01-Nov-71 of Eugowra 88
ASHCROFT Elsie Elizabeth 09-Oct-76   68
ASHCROFT Gordon Thomas Henry 22-Nov-74   77
ASHCROFT Henry James (Harry) 10-Aug-77 of Bedgerabong 86
ASHCROFT Henry Thomas 22-Aug-74 of "Corinella" Forbes 53
ASHCROFT Ronald George 27-Oct-76 of Forbes 66
ASIMUS Jack Christian 06-Sep-72   49
ASKEW Grace 12-Jun-71 of Moonee Ponds, formerly Forbes, nee Kirkman  
ASKEW Grace Ellen 13-Jun-71   55
AVERY Bridget Mary 01-Jul-77 of Forbes  
AVERY Joseph Henry 19-Nov-76 of Forbes 81
AXFORD Joel William Edwin 14-Jun-74 of Forbes, formerly Griffith 72
BAASS Dennis Ranson   of Caragabal (FA 5 Jul 73)  
BAHNSEN Marjorie Mary 08-May-78 of Eugowra 82
BAILES Colin   of Melbourne (FA 26 Aug 76) 15
BAILEY Edward Joseph 03-Aug-78 at Orange, of Forbes 73
BAINS Arthur   of Forbes (FA 17 May 73)  
BAINS Carmel 10-Feb-78 of Forbes Inf
BAIRD Lewis Davies 12-Dec-70 of West Pymble 12
BAKER Jean Isabel 13-Sep-72 of Forbes 52
BAKER Judith Bay   near Narrabri, of Rowena (FA 22 May 79) 24
BAKER Lionel Arthur   at Revesby (FA 24 Feb 70) 56
BAKER Roy Robert (Snow) 14-May-73 of Canley Vale  
BAKER Tania   near Narrabri, of Rowena 12m
BALE Colin Douglas 1976    
BALES Peter Morgan   Probate of Forbes, formerly of Kurrajong (FA 28 Jun 73)  
BANHAM Frank 28-Oct-78 of Forbes, formerly Eugowra 91
BANHAM Ron 09-Aug-76 of Ulladulla  
BANNERMAN Allen Douglas 05-Oct-74 at Euabalong West, of Windsor 29
BARBE Beryl Florence 25-Jun-74 of Forbes 66
BARBER baby 23-Apr-71    
BARBER Cecil (Nugget) 12-Jul-77 of Forbes  
BARNES Edwin Paul 22-Jan-78 of Adelaide formerly of Eugowra 27
BARNES Ian Leslie   of Gunningbland (FA 22 Feb 77)  
BARNES Muriel Ivy 04-Jul-73    
BARNES Stella (Marmie)   of Eugowra (FA 13 May 79)  
BARRATT Harold Victor   of Beecroft formerly Newcastle (former Forbes Presbyterian minister FA 17 Jan 78)  
BARTER Harriet Rose 27-Dec-73 of Forbes 90
BARTER James Walter 07-Feb-79 of Forbes 65
BARTER Marjorie Olive 03-May-79 of Forbes 62
BARTLETT Louise Bertha 08-Feb-77 of Fairfield formerly Forbes 87
BARTLEY Frederick James   of Gooloogong (FA 15 Oct 70) 70
BARTLEY Jenny Lila Lurline 12-Jun-76 of Forbes 67
BARTON Gordon Ivo 04-Oct-75 of Forbes 57
BASSETT George Douglas   Formerly of Forbes (FA 28 Mar 72) 84
BATHGATE Lillian Winifred 10-May-77 of Forbes 87
BATTERHAM David Noel   of Daroobalgie (FA 28 Feb 74)  
BATTYE Jack 22-Oct-72 of Forbes  
BAYLEY Bruce William   of Forbes (FA 11 Jan 72) 31
BAYLISS Johanna Heather 03-May-75 of Forbes 64
BEADON Richard 1973    
BEAVIS Edward Charles   of Parkes (FA 19 Nov 74) 78
BEAZLEY Clarence Walter (Jim) 09-Sep-78 at Wagga 50
BEDDIE Robert Hill 17-Jul-79 of Forbes 93
BELCHER Evalyn Joan 03-Feb-78 of Dubbo formerly Forbes 56
BELL Blanche Jessie 04-Oct-71 Formerly of Forbes 75
BELLAMY Norman   of Newcastle formerly of Grenfell  (FA 14 May 74) 82
BENTICK Christopher Bernard   of Forbes (FA 15 Nov 79)  
BERRYMAN Haydn Bruce 1977    
BESGROVE Agnus Bessie   of Wallerawang (FA 30 Mar 72) 59
BESGROVE Norman James 29-May-74 of Forbes 68
BESGROVE Winifred Madeline 30-Mar-78 of Forbes 71
BEULAH Albert (Choc) 20-Apr-78 of Nowra, formerly Forbes 82
BIDDLE Beryl 21-Nov-77 of Cabramatta, formerly Forbes  
BIGGS Herbert Thomas   of Forbes (FA 12 Jun 79) 68
BIGGS William Richard 10-Nov-79 of Forbes 82
BINGHAM Thomas 16-Sep-76 of Forbes 75
BISHOP baby 12-Jan-75   s/b
BISHOP Frederick John 14-Oct-70 of Forbes 57
BISHOP Michael John   of Cook, ACT (FA 27 Jan 76) 8
BISHOP Michelle Angela 02-Jun-77 of Forbes Inf
BISHOP Robert Noel 28-Jan-73   11h
BLACK Minnie 07-Mar-70 of Eugowra  
BLACKWOOD Arthur John 03-Jun-78   76
BLOWES Freda   at Crookwell (FA 17 Jul 75) 75
BODY Tianne Maree (Wallis) 21-Jul-74   15h
BOEHM Annie Lilly 22-Feb-75 of Canowindra, formerly Forbes 81
BOLAM Alfred Forbes 05-Aug-71 of Forbes 75
BOLAM Annie Maud 11-Dec-73 of Forbes 85
BOLAM Annie May "Pop"   of England (FA 18 May 72) 82
BOLAM George Nevin 23-Jun-79 of Forbes 78
BOLAM Ralph Neville (Ike) 1977 of Wongajong Rd, Forbes 46
BOLES Peter Morgan 1973    
BOLLINGER Albert 20-Feb-73 of Yarrabandai 77
BOOTH Alfred Adam Patterson 17-Jul-75   77
BOOTH Clara Jane 10-Jul-75   73
BOOTH William Henry 03-Sep-74   53
BOREHAM Janet Ellen 31-Jul-70 of Eugowra 90
BOURKE Charles Combe   of Forbes (FA 1 Jun 71)  
BOURKE John Richard 15-Apr-74   57
BOURKE Kenneth Charles 20-Jan-79 of Forbes 42
BOWMAN Graeme Neil   at Grenfell, of South Australia (FA 28 Nov 74) 30
BRADFORD Margaret Ellen (Nell) 22-Aug-70 of Parkes 83
BRADLEY Emily Catherine   of Molong (FA 9 Jan 75) 66
BRADY Thomas (Dean)   at Broken Hill (FA 19 Jan 78) 75
BRAY Benjamin James 1976    
BRAY Lesly Ann 20-Mar-71   1d
BRENNAN William (Dr)   in Toowoomba, formerly Forbes (FA 16 Sep 75) 70
BRENNER Carolyn Patricia 15-Jan-73   38
BRENNER Gordon  28-Dec-72 of Forbes 22
BRENNER Lorna Mary 04-Feb-74 of Forbes 39
BRETT Annie Amelia 19-Aug-76 of Murrumburrah 89
BRIEN Colin Wilson   of Eugowra (FA 15 Jul 71) 54
BRIEN Colin Wilson 10-Jul-71   54
BRIGGS Linda Sarah 12-Nov-74   73
BROADHURST Emily   of Paddington (FA 20 Oct 77) 78
BROCKMAN Willy Herman 24-Nov-71 Of Forbes, formerly Germany 73
BROCKMANN Marie   Of Forbes, formerly Germany 81
BROCKMANN Werner Fritz 22-Feb-71 Of Forbes, formerly Germany 69
BROCKMANN Wilhelmine Georgina (Minna) 18-Nov-76 of Forbes 78
BRODERICK Kathleen Mary   of Young formerly of Bogan Gate  
BROUGHTON Emily   in Sydney, formerly of Forbes (FA 26 Feb 70)  
BROWN Clement Bruce 20-Apr-74 of Bedgerabong 61
BROWN Coral Caroon 10-Feb-72 of Forbes 68
BROWN Ernest   at Walgett, of Forbes (FA 6 Oct 77) 73
BROWN Florence Louise 04-Apr-75   60
BROWN Grace Katherine 24-Feb-73 of Forbes 69
BROWN Henry Thomas 06-Jun-74 of Forbes 77
BROWN Herbert "Bert" E W 15-May-70 of Forbes 69
BROWN Herbert Edgar Wilson 15-May-70   69
BROWN Jean  24-Apr-72 of Bedgerabong 57
BROWN Michelle Donna 18-Jun-74 of Forbes 7
BROWN Reginald George 14-Feb-75   64
BROWN Ronald Ernest   of Dee Why formerly Bedgerebong (FA 9 Feb 78) 76
BROWN Ronald LeRoy 30-Nov-75 of Forbes 67
BROWN Roy Athol Frederick   of Canowindra (FA 7 Jan 75) 65
BROWN Roy Mitchell 22-May-75   57
BROWN Thelma Maude 22-Jun-76 of Bedgerabong 73
BROWN William Edward John 12-Jun-70   79
BRUCE Florence 26-May-73 of Caragabal 85
BRUMMELL Alma 02-Aug-76 of Forbes 67
BRUMMELL John Thomas 20-Mar-79 of Forbes 71
BRYANT Joan Denise   of Manildra (FA 3 Oct 74) 26
BUCKLEY John   formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Mar 70) 58
BUCKLEY Norman Laurence 09-Nov-75 of Balgownie 59
BUCKMAN Florence Jean 04-May-70   53
BUCKMAN Isobel Mary 1975    
BUDD Mimie Florence   of Bindogundra (Parkes Champion Post 30 May 79) 65
BUDGE Ormond Ernest 11-Jan-75   56
BURGE baby 29-Jan-72   Inf
BURGE Rosalie 18-Jun-79 of Parkes formerly Forbes and Wodonga, nee Pearson  
BURGIN Gregory   of Mosman, at Condobolin (FA 3 Apr 75) 11
BURKE Clara Jane 12-Sep-73 of Coogee, formerly Forbes 44
BURKE Elizabeth Emma 07-Jun-74 of Forbes 101
BURKE James Esric   Probate, of Forbes (FA 10 Oct 72)  
BURNEKIN Bernard   of Sydney, car accident at Condobolin (FA 25 May 76) 62
BURNS George Henry   of Griffith (FA 14 Nov 74)  
BURT Agnes (Bubby) 06-Apr-78 of Forbes 59
BURT Arthur James 09-Jan-72 of Daroobalgie 69
BUSCH Mary 02-Oct-75 at Young, formerly Forbes 42
BUSH (Mr) S M   of Leeton, born in Forbes (FA 12 Feb 70) 74
BUTTRISS Herbert William 23-Mar-75   72
BUTTRISS Sarah Violet 30-Apr-76 of Homebush, formerly Forbes 67
BYRNE John Joseph 13-May-77 of Forbes 89
BYRNE Sister Mary Loreto 10 December of Bathurst, formerly of Forbes  
BYRNE Stanislaus James   Probate of Forbes (FA 25 Jun 70)  
BYRNES Eileen Doreen 08-Mar-78 of Forbes 54
CABOT Ethel May 05-Apr-71 of Forbes 78
CABOT Thelma   of Auburn, formerly Forbes (FA 7 Feb 74)  
CADE Dorothy Ethel 22-Jul-73 of Forbes 64
CAHILL Mary Kathleen 29-Nov-76   78
CAINES Thelma Mary 20-Sep-70 of Strathfield 61
CALLAGHAN Georgina Reetha 18-Aug-72 of Forbes 68
CALLAN Allan Francis   of East Guyong (FA 1 May 73) 47
CALTON Frederick Edward 20-Oct-78 of Forbes, formerly Trundle 70
CAMERON Leslie Roy (Tom) 20-Mar-78 of Eugowra 67
CAMERON Muriel Bernice 23-Oct-76 of Parkes 86
CAMERON unnamed 1978    
CAMPBELL Craig Francis   of Condobolin (FA 10 Nov 70) 9
CAMPBELL Dorothy 29-Jan-74 of Mona Vale, formerly Forbes 54
CAMPBELL Mary Elizabeth 19-Aug-77 (Better known as Betty Williams) of Dubbo 46
CANNON Edna 18-Jun-71 of Auburn, formerly Forbes 61
CANNON Isabella Mabel 08-Apr-76 of Tichborne 92
CANNON James Dominic   in Tasmania, formerly Forbes (FA 21 Jul 70) 73
CANNON James Edward 17-Jun-75 of Forbes 31
CANNON Mary Francoise   Probate, of Forbes (FA 16 Mar 72)  
CAPELIN Gary John 12-Sep-79 of Forbes 26
CAPES Joan Mary   of Eugowra (FA 18 Jan 79) 56
CAPES Patricia   of Eugowra (FA 20 Feb 73) 17
CAPES Patricia Anne 16-Feb-73 of Eugowra 17
CAREY Conrad    of Condobolin (FA 16 Nov 71)  
CAREY Francis Ambrose (Barney) 17-Jul-75 of Ashfield, formerly Forbes 73
CAREY John Milton   of Cowra, formerly Forbes (FA 12 Aug 71) 71
CARMAN Joseph William 1971    
CARMAN Selina Eveline 1970    
CARROLL baby 13-Mar-74   s/b
CARROLL Dudley Edward (Dud) 20-Jul-77 of Forbes 66
CARROLL Ellen 14-Mar-72 of Forbes 76
CARROLL Margaret Joan 16-Sep-72    
CARROLL May 27-Apr-78 at Young, formerly Forbes 90
CARTER Martha 27-Mar-77 of Forbes 83
CHAFFEY Joseph 17-Feb-76 at Merrygoen 56
CHAMBERS John Henry "Jack" 18-Jun-75 of Forbes 52
CHANDLER Dudley Keith 31-Aug-79 of Forbes 71
CHANDLER William Allan Thomas 24-Feb-75 of Forbes 69
CHANDLER William Duncan 01-Dec-70 Formerly of Forbes 88
CHENEY Francis   at Ryde of Eugowra (Fa 1 Jun 78) 77
CHISLETT Chedrick Charles 01-Apr-75 of Forbes 79
CHISLETT Ethel Jane 09-Mar-75   78
CHOWN Alfred Charles 10-Nov-76 of Forbes 75
CHOWN Malcolm Henry   Probate of Forbes (FA 16 Jan 73)  
CHRISTOU Endros   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Feb 76) 44
CHURCHER Anthony Ralph 11-Aug-75 of Forbes 69
CHURCHILL Arthur William 21-Jun-73 of Condobolin 72
CHURCHILL Arthur William Henry 25-Apr-78 of Forbes 55
CLARKE Albert Joseph 09-Oct-74   54
CLARKE Amy Gooding 21-May-73 of Pymble  
CLARKE Arthur 24-Mar-74 of Forbes 67
CLARKE Catherine 07-Sep-74   67
CLARKE Erwin Eric "Digger" 12-Jul-72 of Pullabooka 54
CLARKE Vicki   at Kempsey, formerly Forbes (FA 22 Nov 77) 22
CLEARY Alice Leah 15-Feb-71 of Parramatta 89
CLEE Charlotte Jane 14-Jun-76 of Forbes 79
CLEE Thomas Malcolm 29-Sep-75   78
CLEGG Don   of Dee Why formerly Forbes (FA 20 Nov 75)  
CLEMENS Milner William 21-Jun-77 of Canowindra formerly Forbes 86
CLEMSON Aubrey John 1976    
CLIFFORD Frank 26-Sep-73 of Forbes 61
CLIFFORD William Roy   of Grenfell (FA 11 Apr 72)  
CLIFTON Reginald Darryl 06-Sep-70 of Forbes 21
CLOTHIER Dudley John 16-Jul-74 of Forbes 59
COCKSEDGE Ada Adelaide 04-Aug-75 of Forbes 85
COE Harold Joseph   of Condobolin (FA 25 Nov 75) 41
COFFEE John Edward 21-Jun-76 of Tottenham 77
COFFEY Stuart Wilson (Snow) 25-Nov-79 of Forbes  
COHEN Nicoles Deann 1973    
COKER Felix Wilson 26-Aug-78 of Forbes 74
COLEMAN Eric   (FA 17 Jun 71)  
COLEMAN Kevin Charles 21-Apr-79 of Bunbury, W.A. 21
COLES Guy Elkington   of Forbes (FA 9 May 72)  
COLES Sarah Ann 23-Nov-73 of Parkes 92
COLLITS Betty Ann   of Forbes 63
COLLITS Leslie   Probate, of Forbes  
CONDON John Patrick 08-Jan-74 of Forbes 79
CONN Norman H N   of Quandialla 82
CONRIDGE Percy 28-Mar-79 at Port Macquarie 86
CONSTABLE Claude   of Forbes, formerly Bedgerebong (FA 31 May 79) 68
CONSTABLE EJ "Jack" 15-Apr-70 of Cremorne formerly Bedgerebong 67
COOK David Graham 10-Oct-73   62
COOK Grace   of Forbes (FA 8 Jan 70) 70
COOK Jean  08-May-70 of The Entrance formerly of Forbes 50
COOK Rita Madeline 28-Aug-75   75
COOMBE Vincent James (Jim)   at Wellington, of Forbes (FA 22 Apr 76) 53
COOPER Agnes Gertrude 02-Mar-76 at Bankstown, formerly Eugowra 82
COPE Brenda 10-Jun-70 in Canberra 27
COPE Harold James 02-Oct-78 of Forbes 85
CORAM Elizabeth Lavinia 08-Feb-70 of Back Yamma 84
COSTELLO Peter John   of ACT, near Cowra (FA 27 Jun 78) 31
COTTERILL Jeanetta Mary 09-Jul-75 of Warrawee, Sydney  
COTTLE Christine 23-Apr-75 of Eugowra 18
COUTTS Hector (Rev) 14-May-76 at Sawtell, formerly Forbes  
COWAN Peter Michael 03-Mar-75 of Forbes 21
COWDEROY Bill   in Sydney, formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Dec 75) 73
COWELL Ernest Edward 01-Apr-70 of Forbes, formerly Bedgerebong 83
COWELL Harold Arthur (Tommy) 11-Dec-71 of Forbes 46
COX David Leslie 05-Feb-79 of Forbes 19
COX Richard Maurice Innes 31-Mar-76 of Forbes 40
CRAIG Albert 05-Oct-70   69
CRICHTON Joseph 09-Apr-79 of Forbes, formerly Euabalong West 90
CRICK Keith   of Parkes (FA 1 Sep 70) 56
CROKER Thomas Resolute 1973    
CROOK Alice Maude 23-Jun-79 nee Girdham, of Forbes 88
CROSS Ena Dorothy 1974    
CROSS Jack Leslie 12-Nov-75 of Eugowra 52
CROUCH Bill   at Moss Vale, of Forbes (FA 27 Jan 76)  
CROUCH Charles   of Condobolin.  Wife died a few days before (FA 7 Jul 79) 75
CROUCH Dorothy Louise   of Forbes (FA 13 Nov 79)  
CROWE Albert Joseph 1970    
CROWE Gregory Cuthbert 23-Oct-73 of Forbes 73
CROWE Kathleen Isabel   of Grenfell (FA 12 May 70) 65
CROWE Richard Matthew   of Grenfell (FA 12 May 70) 68
CROWE Roslyn   of Katoomba (FA 12 May 70) 11
CROWE Wendy   of Katoomba (FA 12 May 70) 3
CROWLEY Bill   of Manly (FA 26 Feb 70)  
CROWTHER Warren   of Gooloogong (FA 6 Feb 79) 37
CRUIKSHANK Mabel 23-Dec-72 of Forbes 87
CRUMP Mildred Irene 1973    
CULLEN  Muriel  1978    
CULLEN  Muriel "Blondie" 18-May-78 of Forbes 68
CUMMINGS Helen Mary 18-Aug-72   1h
CUMMINGS Helen Mary 16-Nov-72   47
CUNHA Jose Animatea   of Preston Vic (FA 19 Nov 74) 26
CUNNINGHAM Ethel Mary 1970    
CUNNINGHAM Reg   at Orange, formerly of Forbes (FA 12 Sep 72) 83
CURRAN Molly 08-Sep-78 of Auburn, formerly Forbes  
CURREY Earle Everton 08-Aug-72 of Forbes  
CURTIS Enid Margaret 08-Apr-72 of Melbourne  
CUSICK Gladys Elma 26-Dec-71 at Forbes  
CUTCLIFFE Catherine   of Forbes, formerly of Eugowra, Canowindra (FA 5 Mar 70)  
CUTCLIFFE James 03-Sep-70 Formerly of Forbes district 90
CUTCLIFFE Raymond Angelo 26-Jul-79 of Forbes 63
CUTLER Elizabeth 10-Jun-76 of Woy Woy, formerly of Forbes and Orange 92
DAKIN Albert Frederick (Capt) 28-Aug-72 of Forbes 47
DANIEL Aubrey Cyril (Aub)   of Forbes  (FA 24 Jan 78) 88
DARCY John Thomas (Jack) 12-Sep-79 of "Ellendale" Bedgerabong 51
DARCY Noel Thomas   of Bedgerebong  (FA 28 Feb 78) 28
DAVEY Ada 09-Apr-72 in Melbourne, formerly of Forbes 88
DAVEY James Augustin 17-Mar-74 of Forbes 72
DAVIE Norman 31-May-70 of Forbes 75
DAVIES Ruby Isobel 1979    
DAVIS Louisa Elizabeth 03-Mar-79 of Parkes 86
DAVIS William 15-Apr-77   54
DAVISON May 23-Jun-77 at Manly formerly Forbes  
DAWES John Walter 03-Jun-77 of Forbes 38
DAWES Walter Royal 31-Jan-74   77
DAWSON Eileen 1977    
DAY Alec Elwyn   of Forbes (FA 16 Dec 71)  
DAY Charles Edward 13-May-75 of Forbes, formerly Jemalong 96
DAY John Henry "Jack"   of Springwood formerly Forbes (FA 11 Jun 70) 65
DAY Leslie Francis Edward 13-Jun-79 of Forbes 79
DAY Louise Harriett 25-Oct-76 of Forbes 65
DAY Mary Anne   of Forbes (FA 4 Oct 79) 71
DAY Mervyn Keith   Probate, of Forbes  
De BRITT Lynn Marlene   of Bribaree (FA 13 Jan 70) 9
DEAN Bill 04-Feb-73 of Forbes 44
DEAN Carlton (Jack) 24-Jun-74 of Wirrinya 76
DEAN Francis Archibald 17-Aug-71 of Forbes 64
DEAN Neville Thomas (Blue)   of Forbes, formerly Blacktown (FA 19 Jul 77)  
DEAN Ron   (FA 12 Oct 72)  
DEBENHAM Arthur Joseph 17-Jan-75 of Forbes 81
DEBENHAM Florence    of Woodstock, formerly Forbes (FA 5 Aug 71) 83
DEBENHAM Mary 08-Jul-76 in Parkes, formerly of Forbes 84
DEBENHAM Ruth Victoria 20-Mar-77 of Forbes 91
DEBENHAM Thomas Charles 15-May-74 of Forbes 92
DEBENHAM William Charles 16-Jan-71 of Forbes 88
DEBOOS Dianne   at Koorawatha, of Killara (FA 24 Feb 70)  
DEBOOS Jerome Vernon   at Koorawatha, of Killara (FA 24 Feb 70) 28
DECKER Herbert Edward 16-Sep-70 of Forbes 64
DECKER Millicent 10-Aug-78 of Forbes 63
DELOHERY Henry James (Dr)   of St Ives, formerly Forbes (FA 12 Feb 76)  
DEMPSEY Carl   of Bathurst, formerly Forbes (FA 20 Apr 72) 73
DEMPSEY Geoffrey  17-Jul-72 of Blacktown 19
DENNING Donald 23-Mar-79 of Doonside, formerly Forbes  
DENT Jean 14-Aug-77 of Wirrinya  
DENYER Brian Clement 10-Oct-72 of Grenfell, formerly Forbes  
DEWAR Hugh    of Forbes  
DICK Albert John (John) 16-May-77 of Forbes  
DICKENSON Stanley Fidock 15-Mar-70 of Forbes 70
DICKINSON (Mrs Doug) 26-Apr-70 in Canberra, formerly of Eugowra  
DINGWALL Juanita   of Parkes (FA 19 Feb 76) 85
DIXON Robert Stewart 11-Apr-71 of Forbes 12
DIXON Selena Melba   Probate, of Eugowra  
DIXON Stanley Clarence 21 April of Eugowra 66
DOALMAN Neil 01-Dec-73    
DODD Justin Leslie 06-Jul-76 of Bogan Gate 2
DOLAN William Edward 26-Apr-70 of Forbes 54
DOOLEY Cecil Patrick (Jack) 10-Jan-71 of Forbes 74
DORIS Lucie   nee Prel, in France formerly Forbes (FA 6 Aug 74) 91
DORIS Sister Mary Merchtilde   of Bathurst, formerly of Forbes (FA 2 Apr 70) 60
DOUGHAN Moya   of Tullamore (FA 20 Nov 75) 70
DOUGLAS Annie 22-Oct-72 of Five Dock, formerly of Forbes  
DOUGLAS Maxwell Colin (Colin) 14-Aug-78 at Lewisham of Ashfield formerly Eugowra 51
DOUST Charles Oliver 31-Jul-77    
DOUST Robert Donald   at Nowra, of Forbes (FA 12 Dec 74) 23
DOWNES Deliah Ann 30-Jan-79 of Forbes 20
DOWNEY John 16-Nov-78 of Forbes 88
DOYLE Francis Carlon 05-Aug-74 of Forbes 53
DOYLE George 08-Nov-72 of Forbes 83
DOYLE Honoria Maria 14-Oct-71 of Forbes 76
DOYLE Joseph M 23-Jan-70 of Orange, formerly of Grawlin 67
DOYLE Kevin "Dusty" 05-Sep-74 of Forbes 46
DOYLE Leo John   Formerly of Forbes (FA 8 Feb 72) 49
DOYLE Mary Anne 22-Mar-77 of Forbes 93
DOYLE Vincent 10-Dec-76 of Forbes 52
DRABSCH Berthold Victor Clifford 01-Apr-70 of Forbes 66
DRABSCH Jessie Drence 23-Apr-73   72
DRABSCH Victor James 01-Apr-70 of Forbes 66
DRANE Leila Marian 10-Oct-71 of Leura, formerly of Forbes 79
DRENNAN Edward Roy (Butch) 24-Nov-78 of Forbes 56
DREW Harry Stewart Brian   of Condobolin (FA 25 Nov 75) 24
DRINKWATER Darren   of Forbes (FA 10 Aug 78) Inf
DUCKWORTH Neil Jones (Barney) 29-Apr-74 of Forbes 53
DUDLEY Ian Douglas 19-Nov-78 at Wollongong 43
DUESBURY Jessie Felicia 06-May-78    
DUFF Robert James   Probate, of Forbes  
DUGGAN Mary Elizabeth 30-Nov-76 of Forbes 81
DUKES Ernest Albert 27-Oct-70 of Wongajong 78
DUKES Gary John 13-Apr-72 of Forbes 22
DUKES Kevin John 15-Oct-73 of Forbes 32
DUKES Tania Margaret 30-Apr-74 of Forbes 10
DUKES Violet 05-Sep-72 of Forbes 66
DUNFORD Edward Albert 04-Feb-72 of Forbes 36
DUNFORD Samuel Percy 04-May-76 of Forbes 76
DUNN Arnold Bruce 24-Apr-77 of Forbes 44
DUNN Charles Edward 18-Jun-72 in Miles Qld, formerly Forbes 78
DUNN Ella Elizabeth 26-Dec-74 in Sydney, of Forbes 73
DUNN John   of Glen Innes, formerly of Forbes (FA 14 Jul 70) 49
DUNN Kylie Maree 19-Aug-77    
DUNN Sr Mary Josephine 28-Aug-71 of North Sydney formerly of Forbes  
DUNSTAN Davitt Gallagher 06-Apr-77 of Forbes, formerly Warroo 69
DWYER Dorothy (Dot) 08-Sep-79 of Forbes 71
DWYER Matthew Joseph 04-Dec-77 of Forbes formerly Bedgerabong 72
DWYER William Matthew 08-Nov-72 of Bogan Gate 67
EATON Charles 14-Jul-79 of Lane Cove formerly Forbes 94
EDMONDSTON Alexander Hedley 28-Feb-74 of Forbes 63
EDMONSTON William Richard (Baggy) 01-Nov-79 of Greenacre, formerly Forbes  
EDOLS Thomas Malcolm (Toby) 03-Dec-74 of Corinella 21
EDWARDS Erla Esther Maude   in Brisbane (FA 28 Sep 72)  
EDWARDS Ernest Samuel 23-Dec-79 of Forbes 79
EDWARDS Margaret   of Auburn, formerly of Forbes (FA 12 Mar 70) 22
EDWARDS Reginald Dudley 14-Jun-78 of Forbes 57
EDWARDS William Valentine   of Forbes (FA 2 Aug 73) 55
EGAN Gordon    of Forbes (FA 16 Nov 71)  
EGAN Ivy Mary 27-Oct-71 of Forbes 73
ELBOURNE Cecelia 25-Apr-70    
ELBOURNE Joyce  1972    
ELLAMS James (Jimmy) 05-Sep-76 of Forbes 69
ELLIOTT Mary Jane Amelia      
ELLIOTT Robyn Ann 30-Jan-79 of Forbes 26
ELLIS Neville James 22-Mar-77 of Lithgow 34
ELLIS Herbert Clarence 27-Dec-73 of Eugowra 63
ELLISON Alfred Charles 11-Oct-72 in Canberra, of Forbes 69
ELLISON Herbert William 23-Jul-72 of Eugowra 38
ELLISON Joseph  06-Jun-71 of Forbes 82
ELLISON Maude Pansy 14-Jul-76   68
ELPHINSTONE Stanley Ewart 14-Jul-75 of Mudgee 89
EPPELSTUN Cecil Bruce 27-Oct-77 of Eugowra 55
EVANS Charles 08-Jul-71 at Strathfield, formerly of Forbes  
EVANS Johanna 03-Dec-70 of Garema 92
EVERATT Frances Amelia 29-Sep-78 of Condobolin formerly Forbes 80
EVEREST Elvira Maria 05-Jun-75 of Forbes 89
EVEREST George Henry 05-Dec-71 of Forbes 82
EVERSON Herbert Alfred John 26-Jan-74 of Forbes 69
EVES Margaret Isobella 06-Feb-77 of Parkes, formerly Forbes 81
EVES William Frederick 06-Apr-73   74
FACEY Arthur 08-Aug-70 of Forbes 51
FACEY Martha Alice 10-Sep-72 of Bogan Gate & Forbes 84
FANNING Vincent (Pete)   of Orange (FA 3 Feb 70) 56
FARDELL George Aubrey   of Orange (FA 14 Oct 76) 69
FARRAR Michael   near Forbes, formerly of RBCC (FA 31 Jul 71)  
FARTHING Kim 12-Nov-74 of Forbes 23
FAULDER Arthur Ernest (Mick)   of Parkes, funeral 27 Mar 79  
FELL Leslie James   of Randwick formerly Forbes (FA 29 Oct 70) 55
FELL Lindsay James 09-Apr-74 at Wollongong, formerly Forbes 89
FENTON Allan 04-Oct-73 of Forbes 40
FENTON Thomas William 13-Oct-74 of Forbes 76
FIELD Amy Gertrude 13-Jan-77 of Forbes 93
FIELD Annie Winifred 24-Mar-74 of Forbes 65
FIELD Easter Mary 20-Sep-71   84
FIELD Gordon Joseph 16-Dec-79   61
FIELD Jessie Cecilia   of Bedgerebong  (FA 16 Oct 79) 91
FIELD Percival Walter (Nobby) 19-Oct-70 of Daroobalgie 70
FIELD William Arthur      
FINN Eugene Michael   Probate, of Springwood (FA 26 Nov 70)  
FINN Geoffrey Wayne "Billy" 26-Dec-70 Formerly of Forbes 13
FINN John Samuel 09-Jun-79 of Forbes 85
FINN Mathew John   of Orange, formerly Forbes (FA 10 May 77) Inf
FINN Ronald Vincent   (FA 1 Feb 73)  
FINN Thomas Arthur 18-Aug-70 of Canowindra 78
FISHER Bridget Hannah   of Canowindra 85
FISHER Lawrence George 01-Apr-71 of Forbes 59
FLINT James Roy   of Forbes, funeral 14 Nov 78  
FLINT John Donald (Jack) 20-Sep-77 of Northbridge, formerly Forbes 62
FLOYD Nola Joyce 30-Mar-70 of Forbes 39
FLOYD Rose 15-Aug-72 of Forbes 80
FOGARTY John F (Jack)   formerly of Forbes (FA 2 Apr 70) 89
FOLKARD Wealthy Daisy 25-Aug-78 of Forbes 87
FOLKARD William Hope 13-May-71 of Forbes 79
FOO Charles Henry 30-Jul-76 of Forbes 89
FOO Jane Dutton 18-Mar-77 of Forbes 89
FOO Josephine Louise 26-Jun-78 in Sydney, formerly of Forbes  
FORD Desmond Kevin 03-Aug-74 of Forbes 38
FORD Henry Charles 19-Jun-76 of Narrandera 57
FORD Herbert McGregor 01-Feb-75 of Sydney, formerly Forbes and Narrandera 85
FORREST Cecil Percy 04-Jul-71 of Forbes formerly Trundle 73
FORRESTER Arthur Frederick 21-Aug-76 of Forbes 50
FORRESTER Norman Edward (Ted)   of Blacktown, formerly Forbes (FA 28 Mar 78) 60
FORSTER Elizabeth 30-Jun-74 of Sydney, formerly Forbes 89
FOSTER James Thomas 05-Jul-71 of Forbes 76
FOWLER John Francis 15-Dec-70 of Forbes 78
FRANCIS William Alfred   of Sydney formerly Daroobalgie (FA 15 Jun 71) 52
FRANGOS Chris Nicola 05-Dec-70 of Forbes 68
FRANKLIN Jill Maree   of Harris Park, at Quandialla (FA 7 Mar 78) 21
FRANKLIN Olive May 11-Sep-70 of Forbes 74
FRANKS Stephen Charles   of Parkes (FA 3 Feb 76)  
FRASER Alma Anne 25-Sep-73 in Sydney, formerly of Forbes  
FRASER Myra Josephine 04-Jul-72 of Forbes 65
FRASER Nicholas William 07-Jul-70   30h
FRASER Reginald James 08-May-70   69
FRYER John   of Parkes (FA 4 Dec 73)  
FUGE Richard 05-Mar-78 of Wirrinya  
FULLER William (Bill)  1 Feb of Forbes, formerly Warroo 81
GAGE Percy Ambrose 24-Jun-70 of Forbes 70
GAGGIN Frank Wallace 01-Jul-76 of Forbes 73
GALE Thomas James 09-Aug-77 of Forbes 62
GALETTI Agnes Clara (Clara) 03-Feb-78 of Forbes, formerly Pietsch 90
GALLAGHER (Rev Fr) James Brian   of RBCC, Forbes (FA 19 Sep 72) 45
GALLAGHER James   of Forbes (FA 13 Dec 73) 55
GARRETY Mary   at Bathurst (FA 13 Jan 70)  
GAVIN Joan Maria   at Orange, formerly Eugowra (FA 25 Jul 78) 46
GEEVES David James 1977    
GENGE (Revd) Hurbert Thomas 18-Oct-72 at Artarmon, formerly of Forbes 77
GENGE Arthur George 14-Jul-76 of Forbes 70
GENGE Elsie Louise Marion 25-Oct-70 of Forbes 75
GENGE John 25-Sep-71 of Eugowra 91
GIBB Charlotte Dalton (Nita) 10-Aug-72 of Woollahra formerly of Forbes  
GIBBS Lorna Jean 1975    
GIBSON Edith Mary 22-Sep-74 of "Riversleigh" Forbes 78
GIBSON Joyce Irene 23-Jan-75 of Forbes 62
GIBSON Katherine 26-Jan-71 of Eugowra 74
GIBSON Laurence Patrick 26-Mar-74 of Forbes 62
GIDDINGS baby 14-Jul-71   s/b
GIFFIN Douglas John 1976    
GILLESPIE Florence Abigail 02-Jul-74 of Croydon (nee Walker) 72
GILLESPIE Norman James 1977    
GIMAJ Pali 11-Nov-70 of West Footscray Vic 43
GIRDHAM Gwendoline 14-Nov-79 of Forbes 79
GIRDHAM John Woodliffe Joseph "Jack" 04-Dec-73 of Forbes 82
GIROT Edith Alberta 09-Nov-75   79
GIROT Jules Pierre August 16-Jun-75 of Forbes 81
GLEESON Ethel (Cis)   in Adelaide, formerly Forbes (FA 23 May 72)  
GLENNAN Agnus 25-Jul-77 of Forbes, formerly Gooloogong 86
GLOVER Frederick   of Penshurst (FA 20 Sep 73) 47
GODDEN Daisy Emma 13-Dec-76 of Forbes 79
GOLDING Eric Reginald 13-Oct-71 of Bedgerabong 28
GOLDING Frank Valentine   of Lake Cargelligo (FA 1 May 73)  
GOLDING Marie Alice 21-Aug-72    
GOLDMAN Cecil Scard 18-Jun-70 of Forbes 61
GOLLEGE Clarence 27-Apr-72 of no fixed address, died Forbes 54
GOOCH Dorothy Ellen 30-Apr-74 of Forbes 71
GOODALL Charles Bert 01-May-75 of Forbes (born South Africa) 68
GOODE John Edgar Evel 02-Nov-75 of Forbes 72
GOODWIN David Bruce 26-Oct-71 of Forbes, formerly of Tullibigeal (FA 28 Oct 71) 19
GOONAN John Patrick   of Parkes (FA  14 Feb 78) 22
GORDON Arthur Charles 10-Jun-71    
GORDON John James 19-Jul-76 at Liverpool, formerly of Forbes 90
GOSPER Jeffrey James   of Bogan Gate (FA 21 Mar 74) 33
GOSPER Reuben Joseph 26-Dec-70 at Orange, formerly of Eugowra 75
GOULD Edward Roy 20-Sep-75 of Forbes 65
GOW Neville Andrew   of Parkes (FA 15 Dec 77) 57
GOZZARD Arthur Vivian 26-Sep-72 of Forbes 90
GOZZARD Clara Elsie 10 Sep 73 (sic) In Mem  
GRADY Catherine May 06-Dec-79 of Trundle 94
GRAHAM Charles William  1972    
GRANT Beatrice 13-May-75 of Forbes 63
GRANT Ernest 01-May-73 Legal Notice  
GRAY Arthur Clarence   at Whale Beach, of Parkes and Forbes (FA 11 Apr 72) 47
GRAY Cecil 28-Nov-76 of Auburn, formerly Forbes  
GRAY Dorothy Mabel 05-Nov-73   69
GREEN Noel John 07-Jan-76 of Gilgandra, formerly Forbes 47
GREEN Thelma Irene 07-Aug-73   54
GREEN Thomas James 22-Aug-71 of Forbes 61
GREENHALGH George   of Eugowra (FA 24 Apr 79)  
GRIFFITH Mrs F V 29-May-70 of Wahroonga formerly Forbes  
GROGAN Bernard Aloysuis (Bernie) 18-Sep-78 of Katoomba, formerly Forbes 69
GROGAN Denis 20-Jul-78 of Forbes 82
GROGAN Peter James   of Forbes (FA 17 Apr 79) 41
GRONO Mrs Alan (Fay)   of Forbes (FA 25 Jan 73) 41
GROUNDWATER Kenneth John 19-Oct-79 of Canley Vale 62
GRUBER Cletus Francis 1972    
GUNN Eileen Margaret 31-Jan-79 of Forbes  
GUNN James Raymond 30-Oct-77 at Lewisham  
GUNN Robert Arthur "Bobby" 09-Apr-72 of Forbes 44
GUNN Warren Bardsley 14-Aug-76 of Forbes 48
GUNN Agnes Grace 12-Sep-72 at Randwick  
GUNNING Maurice Lovell   at Wagga (FA 27 Jan 72) 72
GUNNING Richard Samuel   of Forbes (FA 14 Apr 70)  
GUNNING Victor James 11-Jun-72 of Forbes 69
GUNNING Walter Richard Samuel 31-Mar-70 at Manly, formerly of Daroobalgie 87
HADLEY Arthur Lachlan 12-Jul-73 of Eugowra 74
HADRILL Celici Kathleen   of Forbes (FA 10 May 77)  
HAILSTONE baby 08-Oct-71   s/b
HAINES George 07-May-74 of Forbes 75
HALEY Ralph 29-Aug-71 of Forbes, formerly Bogan Gate 55
HALL Anne 18-Jan-76 of Forbes 25
HALL babies (twin) 23-Dec-72   s/b
HALL William Bede 11-May-70 of Forbes 54
HALL William Cecil 1971    
HALLORAN Patrick Kevin (Sticks) 19-Feb-77 at Lismore, of Ballina, formerly Forbes 39
HALLS Roland Gordon   of Ironbarks, via Forbes (FA 16 Mar 71) 24
HALPIN Thomas Gordon Michael 09-Jan-77 of South Lead, Forbes 80
HAMILTON Joseph Henry (Tom or Tony) 27-Oct-74 of Evans Head, formerly Forbes 67
HAMLYN Edward James 09-May-73 of Forbes 95
HANLEY Athlone John (Jack) 24-Oct-71 at Cowra, formerly of Forbes 67
HANNS Edna Elizabeth 29-Oct-79 of Forbes 62
HANNS Ronald Alfred   of Condobolin (FA 27 Feb 79) 22
HANNS William "Bill"   of Forbes 69
HANSEN Bessie Mabel 22-Jan-77 of Forbes (FA 25 Jan 77) 74
HANSEN Jack Leighton 18-Jul-73 of Forbes (FA 2 Aug 73) 68
HARDAKER Margaret Rose 17-Jul-73   35
HARPLEY Arthur Edward 20-Mar-79 of Eugowra 66
HARRIS Mary Alberta   of Gosford (FA 10 Feb 70) 93
HARRIS Neville 14-Jan-71 of Piney Range 42
HARRIS Percival Timothy   at Canberra, of Grenfell (FA 4 May 78) 73
HARRISON Joseph    of Cowra, formerly Koorawatha (FA 1 Sep 70) 89
HARRISON Lavina Roseann (Rose) 20-Nov-79 of Forbes 69
HARRISON Stanley Thomas   of Forbes (FA 11 Dec 79) 69
HART Joseph Arthur 05-Jul-78 at Darlinghurst, of Forbes 56
HART Les 16-Jan-79 at Port Macquarie  
HARTIN Pamela 01-Feb-79 of Condobolin 49
HASTIE William   in Sydney, formerly Forbes (FA 26 Nov 74) 82
HAWKE George Sidney 15-Jul-74 of Forbes 96
HAWKINS Mary Jane 24-May-76 of Trundle 90
HAWORTH Harold Edwin 05-Dec-75 of Condobolin 35
HAWTHORN May 06-Nov-77 of Forbes 76
HAYDON Arthur Leslie 07-Oct-72 of Yarrabandai, formerly Forbes 79
HAYDON Stanley William 06-Nov-71 Formerly of Orange and Gooloogong 73
HAYNES David Leslie   of Forbes (of accident in October 1971) 23
HAYNES Edith Margaret 19-Jul-75   58
HAYNES John Douglas (Jack) 10-Sep-77 of Forbes 58
HAYNES Raymond 17-Nov-79    
HAYNES Tom   of Eugowra 91
HAYNES Violet Isabel 27-Aug-76   61
HAYNES William Edward Clarence 18-Oct-75 of Forbes 69
HAYWARD Emily Elizabeth Frederia 29-Mar-78 of Eugowra 97
HEFFERNAN Phyllis Gwendoline 10-Jan-76 at Moruya, formerly Forbes 63
HEINRICH Hazel Nell   of Parkes formerly Ootha (FA 21 Oct 76) 57
HEINZEL Cedric Norman (Sid) 02-Aug-79 of Forbes 74
HELMAN Edward Ernest (Ernie)   of Meltham, W A formerly of Forbes (FA 5 Oct 76)  
HEMBROW George Isaac 22-Apr-78 of Forbes 90
HENDERSON James 14-Oct-73 of Cowra,formerly Forbes 83
HENDRY Frederick James 1972    
HENKES Conrad Henry 25-Jun-71 of Dubbo 84
HENNESSY Margaret Maria   of Eugowra (FA 30 Jan 73)  
HENNING Milly   in Tasmania, formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Jun 74) 94
HENSON Fredrick Carl 16-Jun-78 of Corinella 28
HERBERT Andrew Francis (Frank) 23-Aug-74 of Eugowra 79
HERBERT Charles Frederick 09-May-77 of Forbes / Eugowra 88
HERBERT Gladys Myrtle 22-Aug-74 of Eugowra 74
HERBERT Henry James 28-Jan-74 (FA 12 Feb 74) 68
HERBERT Keith 04-Feb-71   50
HERBERT Pamela 25-Jul-72 of Eugowra 28
HERBERT William Thomas 17-Nov-75 of Warranambool 48
HEYWOOD Ella May 17-Jul-74 at Rocklea 77
HIBBERSON Edmund C 07-Mar-71 of Cowra 73
HICKS Robert 31-Jan-71 of Forbes 67
HIGGINS Edith Mary Elizabeth (Molly) 25-May-74 of Forbes 80
HILDRED Allan   of Narrabri, formerly Forbes (FA 22 May 79) 39
HILDRED Brett   of Narrabri, formerly Forbes (FA 22 May 79) 15
HILDRED Mellissa   of Narrabri, formerly Forbes (FA 22 May 79) 9
HILDRED Simon   of Narrabri, formerly Forbes (FA 22 May 79) 13
HILL Alfred 02-Mar-76 of Forbes 76
HILL Reginald Ernest 13-Apr-76 of Forbes 52
HINCHCLIFFE Edward 22-Dec-74 of no fixed abode 56
HINDLE John Boros   at Condobolin (FA 29 Jun 76) 3
HIRST Emelie Jean 10-Apr-76 of Armadale, Vic 56
HOAD Rex   at Yamba (FA 27 May 71) 42
HOCKING John Ernest 22-Jul-76 of Forbes  
HODDER Susan Mary Matilda 16-Jul-71   66
HODGE Eileen Hilda 1973 of Forbes (FA 15 Nov 73)  
HODGE John Edmond Leslie 20-May-73 Probate, of Forbes 72
HODGE Keith 02-Jun-71 Formerly of Forbes 55
HODGE Marjorie Alice   of Pullabooka (FA 11 Dec 73)  
HODGE Robert Leslie 04-Jan-74 of Forbes 22
HODGE Stanley James 20-Aug-74 of Forbes 63
HODGE Marjorie  08-Nov-73 of Pullabooka 60
HODGE William   Formerly of Forbes (FA 11 May 71) 84
HODGES Eileen Hilda   of Forbes (FA 18 Oct 73) 78
HODGES Esther May 04-Feb-72 of Bedgerabong 76
HODGES Florence Lillian 10-Dec-76 of Forbes 76
HODGES Ina May   of Bedgerebong (FA 3 Oct 78) 70
HODGES Jennifer Elizabeth 05-Dec-76 of Canberra 20
HODGES John (Jack) 28-Aug-76 of Parkes, formerly Forbes 81
HODGES Margaret Lorraine 23-Jun-75   55
HODGES Rose Ann 19-Aug-79 Formerly of Forbes 64
HODGES Ruth 04-Apr-79 of Parkes 78
HODGETTS William Booth 25-Mar-74 at Albury, formerly of Forbes  
HODGKINSON Victor Roy 22-Sep-77 of Gooloogong 67
HOHNBERG Carl Reinholdt   of Auburn, formerly Forbes (FA 1978) 86
HOHNBERG Frederick Carl "Charlie"   of Forbes (FA 18 Apr 72) 77
HOHNBERG Rita Alice    of Forbes (FA 25 May 78)  
HOLDEN Vivan Gladys 16-Mar-71   65
HOLMES Raymond Francis   of Condobolin (FA 27 Nov 73) 25
HOLMES Troy Adam 09-Apr-77 of Forbes Inf
HOOPER Henry Bertie 10-Jan-71 of Daroobalgie 75
HOPE Maurice Joseph 31-Jan-71 of Forbes 52
HOSLER John "Jery" 13 Aug of Forbes  
HOSWELL Elsie May 27-May-75 of Forbes formerly Eugowra 78
HOSWELL Hilton (Chic) George 18-Dec-74 of Forbes 70
HOSWELL Jean Francis 29-Apr-77 of Forbes 58
HOUSE James Edward 1977    
HOUSE Kathleen Jean 22-Jul-70 Formerly of Forbes 40
HOUSE Keith Oswald 09-Dec-78 of Forbes 51
HOWARD Reginald   Funeral at Bathurst (FA 29 Sep 70) 54
HOWARTH Emma Eileen 22-Nov-76 of Forbes 80
HOWARTH Jack Lewis   of Forbes, at Bathurst (FA 15 Dec 77)  
HOWARTH John Stanley 11-Apr-70 of Forbes 76
HOWE Harriet 15-Oct-71 Formerly of Forbes  
HOWE Priscilla Annie 30-Oct-72 of Forbes 67
HOWELL Albert Edward 1973 Return Thanks (FA 14 Aug 73)  
HOWELL Arnold Edmond 1977    
HOWELL Arnold Esmond (Carney) 08-Dec-77 of Penrith, formerly Eugowra 54
HOWELL Campbell Walter Athol (Tiggy) 23-Oct-76 of Parkes, formerly Eugowra 47
HOWELL Elsie Florence   of Eugowra (FA 20 Jul 72)  
HOWELL Lela Faith 19-Dec-70 of Eugowra 84
HOWELL William George 01-Dec-70 of Forbes 68
HOWMAN Peter Edward 21-Sep-74   83
HUCKLE Sidney James   of Forbes (FA 4 Dec 73) 72
HUCKSON Stanley Robert (Bob) 13-Jul-79 of Kiama, formerly Forbes 72
HUDSON Cyril James Bruce   at Carrum Downs Vic formerly Forbes (FA 19 Jul 73)  
HUDSON Elwood Colin 17-Jun-71 Formerly of Forbes 79
HUGGETT baby 08-Jan-70   s/b
HUGHES Arthur Edward 03-Aug-79 of Forbes 93
HUGHES Cecil John 07-Sep-73 of Hughes ACT, formerly of Forbes  
HUGHES Hilda May 15-Mar-72 of Forbes 78
HUGHSON Edwin Malcholm 19-Jul-74 of Forbes and Sussex Inlet 62
HUGO Charles A   of Hurlstone Park (FA 24 Mar 70) 72
HUMFREY Marjorie Helen 04-May-73 of Forbes 63
HUMPHREYS Desmond John 06-May-79 of Forbes 46
HUMPHREYS Elizabeth Mary (Betty) 27 Mat 78 of Forbes 40
HURCUM Ellen Sushana 23-Jul-77 of Forbes 79
HURFORD Jack Kitchener 01-Nov-78 at Inverell 63
HURLEY Ethel May 14-Jul-74 of Forbes 80
HURLEY William James 31-Oct-73 of Forbes 81
HUTCHISON Donald Thomas   of Dromana Vic (FA 19 Nov 74) 30
HUTCHISON Edward Ernest (Ted) 28-Nov-79 of Leichhardt, formerly Portland 43
HUTCHISON Elive 28-Dec-75 at Portland, formerly Forbes 79
HYNES George 23-Nov-79 of Parramatta, formerly Forbes 73
IMRIE Janet Horsburgh 16-Aug-77 of Parkes, formerly Tullbigeal 92
INGRAM John 25-Sep-71 of Eugowra 91
INGRAM John   of Condobolin (FA 15 May 79) 6
INWOOD Ann   of Bathurst (FA 6 Aug 74) 92
IRVINE Alexander Joseph   of Forbes (FA 11 Dec 73)  
IRVINE John Bell 04-Oct-73   71
IRVINE Ronald Andrew 17-Feb-78 at Newcastle  
ISON Amanda Jane 14-Sep-70   82
ISON Neville    of West Wyalong (FA 28 Dec 72) 33
JACK Nicole Louise 30-Nov-70 of Forbes 2
JACKSON Esther 29-Jan-79 of Forbes 70
JACKSON Raymond 15-Nov-77 of Parkes 44
JAMIESON Joseph Lawrence   at Bedgerabong, of Parkes (FA 24 Aug 71) 73
JARICK Antony Michael 07-Aug-72   2 d
JASPRIZZA Russell Sinclair 27-Aug-76 of Forbes 49
JEFFERIES Harold Francis Nathan 13-May-77 of Forbes 62
JEFFRIES Belinda Sarah James   of Forbes (FA 24 Aug 71)  
JENKINS Mr A J 18-Aug-71 of Granville  
JENKINS Richard Searle 04-Oct-73 of Forbes 78
JENNING Matilda Ann Ethel (May) 21-Aug-78 of Forbes 78
JOB Adelia Faith 30-Jan-75 of Peak Hill, nee Howell 66
JOHNSON Clarrie   of Parkes (FA 17 Feb 70) 68
JOHNSON (Mrs)   at Forbes, of Inverell (FA 30 Dec 76) 69
JOHNSON Eva Phyllis 1977    
JOHNSON Harold Maxwell 12-May-78 of Grenfell 50
JOHNSON John Thomas Elward (Jack) 07-Jul-71 of Forbes 81
JOHNSON Keith   of Parkes (FA 3 Oct 74) 50
JOHNSON William 09-Aug-77 of Forbes 46
JOLLY Robert Alick   of Malabar 56
JONES Alfred Garnet (Gar) 26-Jun-74 of Forbes 75
JONES Arthur Herbert 22-Sep-72 of Forbes 76
JONES Edna May (Edwards) 04-Mar-74   57
JONES Elwyn L 16-Jul-71    
JONES Ernest   of Thirroul, formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Mar 73) 76
JONES Henry Walter (Wally) 15-Jul-71 of Forbes 78
JONES Margaret Josephine 18-Nov-76 of Forbes 80
JONES Mildred 17-Aug-73 of Thirroul, formerly of Forbes 77
JONES Richard 22-May-75 of Forbes 80
JONES Ruby Margaret 09-Oct-70 of Forbes 58
JONES Thomas William 14-Feb-73   84
JONES Travers 02-Apr-75   78
JUDD Ruby Christina 17-Oct-71 of Forbes 71
KAYE Monica Ruth   of Pymble (FA 13 Jan 70) 16
KEARINS Bridget Helena 1971    
KEARNS Ida 21-Jan-78 Formerly of Parkes  
KEAT Eric William John 29-Apr-70   59
KELLY Eric Frederick 04-Jul-77 of Forbes 46
KELLY Eve Harriet 02-Jun-79 of Forbes 81
KELLY Mary 02-Mar-71 of Forbes 79
KENNEDY Florence May 27-Jul-77    
KENNEDY George 12-Apr-76 of Forbes 81
KENNEDY John James 04-Mar-76 of Forbes 76
KENNEDY Lachlan John 21-Apr-72 of Forbes  
KENNEDY Leslie John 27-Dec-75 of Forbes 40
KENNEDY Michael John 17-Jun-73 of Forbes 1
KENNEDY Neville Francis 25-Nov-77 of Forbes 60
KENNEDY Rupert Stanley   of Condobolin (FA 27 Apr 76) 59
KENNEDY Sarah Teresa 24-May-78 at Forbes, formerly Bathurst 89
KEOGH Arthur Lyle   of Dubbo (FA 2 Jul 74) 69
KERR Anne Esme   of Forbes (FA 28 Jun 79)  
KERSHAW George Alexander 18-Jul-75 of Forbes 74
KEVILL Barbara Jean   of Forbes (FA 7 Mar 78) 9m
KEVILL Trevor   of Ipswich Qld formerly Forbes (FA 24 May 77) 17
KEVIN Ida   at Wollongong formerly Forbes (FA 4 Oct 73) 92
KEYS Linda Vera 20-Nov-73   79
KEYS William Alexander 17-Dec-73 of Forbes 78
KILMARTIN Hugh 13-Apr-73   91
KING Edward John Stanley (Stan) 22-Dec-79 of Bedgerebong 70
KING Ivy May 12-Jun-76 of Forbes 70
KIRBY Edna May   of Eugowra (FA 26 Apr 79) 58
KIRBY Mabel May 01-Jul-78 of Eugowra 89
KIRKBY Gordon   of Moree (FA 1 May 73) 72
KIRKMAN Wallace Hartley 04-Mar-71 Formerly of Forbes 52
KNIGHT Balfour   of Grenfell (FA 20 Feb 73) 65
KNOX-NIVEN Timothy Allan Patrick 22-Dec-73   1d
KOPP William John 19-Jun-77 of Forbes 76
KRAMER Mabel Jane 01-Aug-70   75
KROEHN Evelyn Annie   of Forbes (FA 5 Nov 70) 75
KROEHN Frederick Theodore 04-Jul-73 of Forbes 74
KROEHN Ivy Thelma 30-Jul-75 of Forbes 60
LAKE Dorothea (Dorrie) 15-Jan-78 of Port Macquarie formerly Forbes 72
LAKE Stanley George 22-Jun-77 of Port Macquarie, formerly Forbes 72
LAMBERT Leslie Richard 18-Aug-76   57
LANACH Geoff   of Bathurst (FA 7 Jul 70) 69
LANE Kelly 25-Mar-78 of Forbes Inf
LANE Thelma May 13-May-78 of Forbes 77
LANG Charlotte Sharwood 1977    
LANGFIELD Alexander William 30-Jul-75 of Forbes 77
LANGFIELD Thomas John 23-May-70    
LANGFORD Ashley Graham 23-Jul-76 at Woden Valley, of Lyons ACT, formerly of Forbes  
LAVERS Mary 20-Jan-77 of Grenfell 80
LAWLER Alice Barbara 01-Jul-71 of Forbes 81
LAWLER Francis Malo (Frank) 26-Jun-70   52
LAWLER Wilfred Bernard 19-May-71 of Forbes 41
LEAHY Timothy John 21-Apr-77 of Forbes 88
LEANEY Alice Maud 08-Nov-70 of Forbes 84
LEANEY May Lydia 17-Jun-74 of Forbes 89
LEANEY Michael Eric 02-Aug-73 of Perth, formerly of Forbes 33
LECKIE Alexander   of Ungarie (FA 19 Jul 73)  
LEDGER Henry Thomas 23-Sep-71 of Forbes, formerly of Condobolin 78
LEE Colin James 03-Nov-71 of Forbes 66
LEE Kathleen Gertrude 30-Aug-70   81
LEE Lester 03-Apr-79 near Armidale, of Tamworth 40
LEE Charles William Thomas 28-Nov-78 of Forbes 76
LEEDS Stuart Gordon 04-Oct-76 of Forbes 59
LEES Henry Thomas   of Bogan Gate 31
LEGGE George Bertram 21-Sep-72 of Forbes formerly of Lambton 79
LEICHT Violet Constence 18-May-71 of Forbes 59
LENNON Edward (Ned) 16-Sep-77 of Dubbo formerly Bedgerabong 78
LENNOX Raymond Francis   of Eugowra (FA 31 Jan 78) 30
LESLIE James Smart 17-Sep-75 of Forbes 83
LEVY Michael Charles Ivan   at Beresfield, formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Mar 70) 79
LEWIS Edith Elizabeth 02-Feb-78 of Forbes formerly Long Jetty 77
LEWIS Henry James   of Forbes, formerly Canowindra  (FA 26 Mar 74) 96
LEWIS Joseph Barney   of Parkes (FA 3 Aug 71) 24
LIND Carl Peter Christian 1973    
LISLE Norman Colin 13-Jun-77 of Dandenong, Vic 17
LITTLE Frank Henry George 18-Jul-78 of Forbes 81
LITTLE Herbert Henry "Herb" 24-May-77 of Eugowra 68
LITTLE Jack  24-Feb-76 of Eugowra 73
LITTLE Leonard Mervyn 24-Oct-72 of Forbes 54
LITTLE William Cecil 30-Jan-74 of Eugowra 67
LOFTUS Arthur (Sonny) 01-Nov-70   66
LOFTUS Dorothy Mable Grace 28-Dec-77 of Forbes, nee Stirling 80
LOONEY Mary 20-Dec-70 of Bogan Gate 69
LOONEY Vincent James   of Bogan Gate (FA 26 Jun 73)  
LOUGHEED William Robert 03-Feb-74 formerly of Forbes 77
LOUGHRIN Grace Eileen Maude 11-Dec-74 at Bulli, formerly Forbes 82
LOW Alec Forbes 21-May-79 of Forbes 69
LOWE Una May 14-Mar-76   66
LOXLEY Arthur 04-Nov-70 of Forbes 76
LUM Alice Maud   of Harris Park, formerly Forbes (FA 20 Jun 72) 82
MacBETH Florence Lilian 13-May-75   75
MacGREGOR Amy Ethel 02-Sep-77   90
MACINTOSH Alexander Keith 10-May-79 of Forbes 86
MacPHAIL Christina 11-Mar-71 of Forbes 90
MacPHILLAMY George Scott 19-Jul-74   75
MAGENIS Clara Ann 19-Jun-74 of Forbes 93
MAGUIRE Dolly 01-May-77 of Woollahra  
MAGUIRE Felix Horace 1979    
MAGUIRE Herbert James 04-Jun-79 of Forbes 72
MAGUIRE Robert Thomas 27-May-77 of Woodonga formerly Trundle 51
MAHER Allan Thomas 09-Dec-75 of Forbes 68
MAHER Eileen Mary Cecilia 01-Sep-76 of Forbes, nee  Crowe 89
MAHER Harold Isaac (Bob) 22-Nov-78 of Forbes 58
MAHLO Marther Alma 04-Jan-77 of Forbes 71
MAHLO Walter Heinrick 1978    
MAHON Henry Russell   of Fifield (FA 16 Nov 71)  
MAIDEN John Alfred Clyde 08-Aug-70   71
MAITLAND Jessie Rebecca 20-May-75   78
MALCOFF Don 27-Nov-78 at Bathurst, of Forbes 25
MALE Max 04-Jan-71 Formerly of Eugowra 42
MALEY Doris Henrietta 1975    
MALLICK John Michael   of Eugowra (FA 18 Dec 75) 59
MALLOY Francis Joseph 16-Apr-72 of Grenfell, formerly Mulyandry 89
MALLOY Geoffrey James   of Forbes (FA 18 Jan 72) 41
MALLOY Patrick James 23-Jul-77 of Forbes 61
MALLOY Stella 04-Jun-78 at Peakhurst, of Forbes 70
MALONEY John Joseph   of Gooloogong (FA 12 May 70) 2
MALONEY Marie Therese   of Gooloogong (FA 12 May 70) 44
MALOY Bridget Mary 1975    
MALOY James Joseph   of Eugowra (FA 5 Aug 71)  
MANN Florrie 17-Jan-73 of Forbes 59
MANNING Graham Thomas John (Jack) 12-Aug-74 of Wiley Park formerly Forbes  
MAPPERSON Herbert John 09-May-75 of Smithfield, formerly Bogan Gate 65
MARIA Joseph George 11-Apr-79 at Broken Hill 51
MARKEY John Robert 21-Sep-79 of Forbes 75
MARKLAND Albert 23-Jul-75 of Lidcombe 76
MARKS Martha Amelia 03-Jan-70 of Forbes 96
MARKWORT Frederick Leslie 06-Aug-72 of Forbes 70
MARSH Leo John   of Wentworth Falls (FA 17 Aug 78) 63
MARSHMAN James   of Condobolin (FA 16 Nov 71)  
MARTEL Hugh Malcolm 27-Apr-77 of Delungra formerly Forbes 87
MARTENS Catherine Margaret   of Young (FA 29 Dec 77)  
MARTIN Charles Oliver 22-Dec-74   79
MARTIN Kathleen Pricilla Frances 24-Feb-74 of Forbes 77
MARTIN Leslie Francis 22-Apr-79 of Strathfield, formerly Forbes 83
MASTERS David William 31-Dec-72 of Grenfell  
MATHIAS Stephen John 23-Mar-70 of Forbes 85
MATTHEWS Cecile Charles   of Condobolin (FA 19 Dec 74) 77
MATTHEWS Mildred June 01-Oct-79 of Hebersham 30
MATTISKE James William   of Forbes (FA 11 May 72) 57
MAXWELL Alice Teresa 14-Jun-75 of Forbes 72
MAXWELL Catherine 18-Apr-70 of Sydney formerly of Forbes and Bedgerebong 84
MAXWELL Stanley Joseph 26-Feb-77 of Forbes 72
MAY Margaret Mary 06-Jun-71 of Forbes 72
MAYNARD Kenneth Ross   of Bumbaldry, via Cowra (FA 7 Aug 79) 22
McALINEY Annie May 27-Feb-70 of Forbes 76
McALINEY Peter Thomas 08-Nov-75 of Forbes 78
McALINEY Stella Lillian (Sue) 28-Sep-79 of Forbes  
McALISTER Marian Agnus 10-Jan-78 of Forbes 79
McAULIFFE Daniel Clarence   of Randwick, formerly Forbes (FA 20 Mar 75) 51
McAULIFFE Eliza Jane 23-Apr-76 of Forbes (also 6 May 76) 87
McCARTHY Francis William 19-Jan-74 of Forbes 49
McCLELLAND Neil   of Boggabilla, formerly Forbes (FA 28 Aug 75) 35
McCLINTOCK Elenore   of Parkes (FA 8 May 73) 73
McCOLM Harold Andrew   of Parkes, formerly of Forbes   (FA 13 Jan 72) 61
McCONNELL Margaret Helena 16-Feb-70 of Forbes 62
McCULLOUGH Arthur Frederick 02-May-70   63
McDONALD (Mr) V V   of Queanbeyan (FA 24 Jan 74)  
McDONALD Archibald Raymond (Ray)   of Queanbeyan (FA 6 Jun 74)  
McDONALD Hugh K   in Surfers Paradise, of Forbes (FA 11 Apr 74)  
McDOUGALL James Thomas   of Wagga Wagga, formerly Forbes (FA 14 Nov 74) 61
McDOUGALL John Stewart 01-Feb-76 of Forbes 79
McFARLAND John Dundas 26-Sep-74 of Grose Vale, formerly Forbes 55
McGARRY Joseph Michael 21-Feb-79 of Forbes 94
McGRATH Elsie Eleanor Frances 1979    
McGRATH Rita Mildred 1979    
McGREGOR Elsie Elizabeth 19-Feb-76 of Forbes 62
McGREGOR Mary 20-Sep-78   91
McGUIRE Albert Andrew 05-Feb-74 of Forbes 69
McINTOSH Ronald Stewart   of Sydney (FA 16 Nov 71) 67
McINTYRE Mary Josephine   of Forbes (FA 16 Nov 72))  
McKAY Alice Elizabeth 29-Jul-74 of Forbes 74
McKAY Hugh Angus 17-Dec-79 of Forbes 75
McKAY Julia Isabella 22-Apr-75 at Canberra, formerly Forbes 93
McKELLAR Ron   in Canberra, formerly Forbes (FA 30 Mar 76) 63
McKENNA William   of Condobolin (FA 22 Jul 75) 85
McKENZIE Aletha Ann 1971    
McKEOWEN Henry Gordon 18-Dec-71 at Bathurst, formerly of Forbes 64
McKERSIE Norman   of Forbes (FA 6 Sep 77)  
McKINNON Kenneth John 21-Jul-70 Formerly of Forbes 41
McKINNON Lindsay 27-Jul-75 of Schofields 55
McLEAN Lucy   of Forbes (FA 23 Feb 78) 90
McMAHON Garry Ian 20-Nov-70   1h
McMAHON William Henry   of Forbes (FA 12 Dec 72)  
McMILLAN Grace Evelyn Mary 10-Mar-71 of Port Kembla, formerly of Forbes 64
McMILLAN Lillian Grace 30-Mar-75 of Eugowra 75
McMURRAY Colin John (Sandy) 09-Sep-78 of Forbes 64
McNAMARA William Joseph 28-Jul-76 of Forbes 67
McQUIRE Hugh Claude   of Kingsgrove formerly Forbes (FA 18 Apr 78)  
McRAE Elizabeth 25-Mar-72 of Forbes 88
McRAE Hector Lachlan   of Forbes (FA 11 Apr 72)  
MEARES Robert Stuart   in Goulburn, formerly of Forbes (FA 28 Jul 70) 57
MELVILLE Annie 23-Dec-79 of Forbes 75
MELVILLE James Alfred 08-Nov-70 of Forbes 70
MENZ Anthony 08-Apr-77 at Royal Easter Show, of Parkes 7
MERRITT Carol 05-Apr-75 of Forbes 20
MERRITT Roderick 12-Jul-75 at Petersham, of Forbes 97
MERRITT Stella May 05-May-76 of Forbes 53
MESSITER Cecilia Dora 08-Jan-73 of Forbes 77
MIDDLETON Robert John 23-Dec-70 at Forbes, of Canberra 25
MILES Frederick Charles   of Forbes (FA 2 Jul 74) 75
MILES Neil Thomas 17-May-76   8d
MILES Ronald 03-Jul-74 of Forbes 52
MILL Kathleen Ann 1977    
MILLER Ada May 14-Nov-78 of Forbes 90
MILLER Charles Mackenzie   of "Booberoi" Condobolin (FA 15 Jan 76) 15
MILLER Eva Australia   of Parkes, formerly of Forbes (nee Dukes) (FA 26 Jul 76) 86
MILLER Geoffrey Barry   of Maitland (FA 3 Aug 71) 21
MILLER James   of Forbes  (FA 17 Jul 79) 78
MILLER Pauline 27-Jul-75 of Colac, Victoria 26
MILLER Robert Samuel 01-Jul-78 of Eskineville formerly Forbes 58
MILLER William James 1976    
MILTON Frederick 18-Jul-74 of Warrul Road, Forbes 86
MILTON Hubert Joseph "Bill" 19-Jan-72 of West Wyalong 75
MILTON Nearden Cliff 10-Oct-79 of Forbes 55
MILTON Sarah Jane 05-Sep-79 of Forbes 90
MINTON Gordon Ernest 21-Jul-79 of Forbes 68
MITCHELL Florence Margaret 23-May-73 of Whale Beach  
MOLLOY Eileen Eunita 20-Nov-75   55
MOLLOY James Joseph 1971    
MOLLOY Kevin James   of Forbes (FA 25 Aug 70)  
MOLLOY Mr A J 20-Jul-71 of Eugowra 85
MOLLOY Rita Doreen 21-Jan-77 of Forbes 50
MOLLOY Thomas Garry James 19-Aug-74 at Young, of Forbes 29
MOLLOY Una May 16-Jul-79 of Forbes  
MOLONEY Dennis Edward 14-Oct-75   66
MONK Ruby 08-Dec-75 at Parkes, formerly Forbes 89
MOORE David John 27-Jul-75 of Arncliffe, formerly Forbes 27
MOORE Francis William 16-Jul-76 of Forbes 81
MOORE Norman Horace   of Forbes  (FA 20 Dec 73) 72
MOORE Patrick Joseph "Joe" 03-Jul-79 of Forbes 65
MOORE Samuel Mervyn 26-Jun-75   58
MORIARTY Kerry Ann 27-Mar-70   1d
MORRIN Mary Maria 28-Oct-76 of North Sydney 77
MORRIS Ada 30-Aug-73 of Forbes 64
MORRIS Thomas Herbert 30-Jul-74 of Forbes 79
MORRIS Thomas William 18-Dec-73 of Forbes 65
MORRISON Henry Thomas (Harry) 05-Jan-78 of Forbes, formerly Back Yamma 66
MORRISON Sarah Jane 16-Nov-71 at Yagoona, formerly of Forbes and Garema 101
MORRISON Sarah Jane 12-Nov-71 In Mem  
MORRISON Sarah Jane 12-Nov-71 In Mem  
MORTON Donald Charles 01-Aug-77 of Eugowra  
MUFFET Peter Robert 04-Dec-79 of Wirrinya (funeral FA 6 Dec 79) 49
MUIR Archibald 19-Oct-72 at Penrith, formerly of Forbes 76
MULHOLLAND Diane Margaret   of Forbes (teacher), formerly of Pymble, funeral FA 13 Mar 75 24
MULHOLLAND Lionel 26-Mar-76 of Jemalong 37
MULLANEY Louie Thelma 21-Mar-77 of Forbes 73
MULLIGAN Florence (Toss) 24-Apr-78 of Post Office, Murga 66
MULLIGAN James 03-Oct-70 of Turner, ACT formerly Forbes 48
MULLIGAN James 03-Oct-70 In Mem  
MULLIGAN James 03-Oct-70 In Mem 48
MULLIGAN Kenneth Mervyn 27-Dec-75 of Eugowra 64
MULQUEENEY Jean 26-Nov-79 of Forbes 57
MURPHY David Francis 31-Aug-75 of Forbes 50
MURPHY Elizabeth Jane 06-Mar-77 of Forbes 87
MURPHY Gladys May 16-Jul-76 of Forbes 76
MURPHY Joseph Francis   of Parkes (FA 15 Aug 72)  
MURPHY Kathleen   of Artarmon, formerly of Forbes (FA 24 Jul 73)  
MURRAY Stan   of Orange (FA 7 Dec 76) 49
MYLECHARANE Alexander Edward (Nigger) 24-Sep-71    
MYLECHARANE Daphne May 04-May-70   54
MYLECHARANE Geoffrey Thomas 18-Sep-72 of Forbes 59
MYLECHARANE Jim 10-Jan-72    
MYLECHARANE Leslie Cecil 10-Jan-72 of Forbes 60
MYLER William Bradbury 04-Jul-74 of Forbes, born England 56
NAIMO Nicalia "Nick" 13-Apr-75 of Forbes 82
NAIRN Michael Andrew 05-Dec-75 of Condobolin 37
NAPIER Keith Trevor   of Grenfell (FA 20 Jun 74) 40
NASH Ida May 19-Aug-79 of Eugowra 64
NASH Vivian Clare 28-Jan-77 of Eugowra 70
NAZALI Jack   of Forbes (also known as Nazi Ali and Naze Ali) (FA 24 Mar 70)  
NEAL Lenora Jane   Probate of Forbes  
NEALE Lenora Jane 04-Aug-73 Formerly of Forbes, formerly Mrs Moris-Fontes  
NEATHERCOTE Frederick George Louis 25-Sep-77   79
NEICH Thelma Kathleen   of Eugowra  (FA 23 Jan 79)  
NEILD George (James) 28-Aug-74   56
NEILSEN Daisy Violet 10-Jun-71 of Forbes 58
NEILSEN Daniel Paul   of Raymond Terrace (FA 21 Oct 75) Inf
NEILSEN Dulcie Derrice Clare 27-Dec-74 of Forbes 67
NEILSEN John Thomas Walter 22-Jan-79 of Forbes 69
NEILSEN Morven Hugh Henry 09-Jun-74 of Forbes 84
NEILSON Ruby Jane   of Orange, formerly Forbes (FA 22 Jun 72) 81
NELSON Horatio Victor Charles 11-Jun-76 of "Nelagra" via Grenfell 85
NELSON Nancy Jean 27-Aug-76   83
NEVILLE Bertie Wallace 15-Jan-79 of Wentworthville, formerly Forbes and Wirrinya 88
NEVILLE Colin Kenneth 28-Jun-71   44
NEVILLE Isabelle Therese 15-Sep-71 of Wirrinya 77
NEWCOMBE Francis Leslie 28-Jun-73 of Forbes 82
NEWELL Bernard Dudley (Dud)   of Forbes (17 Mar 77) 66
NEWHAM Victor Charles Patrick (Vic)   of Forbes, funeral 28 Feb 79  
NEWMAN Kenneth George   of Condobolin (FA 25 Nov 75) 23
NICHOLLS Frederick Vincent 28-Apr-79 of Forbes 82
NICHOLLS Jean 10-Jun-79 of Forbes, formerly Wirrinya 87
NICHOLLS Lee 29-May-72   49
NICHOLSON Edward Arthur (Ted) 23-Apr-79 of Forbes 80
NICHOLSON Robert John 18-Dec-71    
NICHOLSON Sarah Elizabeth 09-Dec-70 of Forbes 85
NICHOLSON William James 03-Mar-76   78
NIELSEN Joyce Areta 28-Apr-72 at Urana, formerly of Forbes  
NIKOLIC Leokadia (Cardie) 11-Jan-78 of Forbes 58
NIKOLIC Vajislav (Nic) 19-Sep-78 of Forbes 73
NINNIS Lily 28-Oct-78 of Forbes 76
NIVEN Anne 08-May-74 of Eugowra 94
NOAKES Charles 27-Oct-72 of Forbes 74
NOBLE Ian Fenimore   of Eugowra (FA  10 Aug 78) 69
NOCK John Stanley   of Bogan Gate (FA 29 Jan 76) 58
NORRIE James 11-Oct-77 at Forbes, of Eugowra 90
NORRIS Mary 15-Jul-77 of Forbes 88
NOWLAND Anthony   of St Ives at Monteagle (FA 27 Dec 79) 13
O'BRIEN Ronald Alfred 23-Dec-72   38
O'BRIEN Timothy Alfred 29-Jul-78 near Cowra 19
O'CONNELL Patrick Joseph  30-Jul-76 of Bogan Gate 79
O'CONNOR Esther Irene 08-Feb-70 of Daroobalgie  
O'CONNOR John (Jack) 04-Apr-77 of Forbes, formerly of Carinda 69
O'CONNOR Leila May 27-Jul-79 of Forbes 64
O'CONNOR Robert Bruce 23-Mar-76 at Wagga, formerly Forbes 38
ODDY Elizabeth Ann 01-Mar-71 of Kempsey 5
OGILVIE Ronald Alfred 20-May-71 of Coorparoo formerly of Albury and Forbes  
O'HALLORAN (Smith) baby 06-Mar-70   s/b
O'KEEFE baby 01-May-75   s/b
O'KEEFE Catherine  Mary 08-Mar-74 Formerly of Forbes  65
OLSEN Douglas Edward 26-Apr-71 of Forbes 39
O'MALLEY Edward Michael 16-Jan-77 of Forbes 67
O'MULLANE Christina Adelaide 26-Sep-74   89
O'NEILL Daniel 10-Mar-77 of Eugowra  
O'NEILL James Lawrence (Jim) 28-Apr-77 of Forbes 57
O'NEILL John Joseph 24-Jun-74 of Forbes 94
O'NEILL Joseph Patrick   Probate, of Forbes (FA 15 Feb 72)  
O'NEILL Marzella 18-Jun-76 Obit of Forbes 75
OPPY Thelma Beatrice 19-Feb-75 of Condobolin, formerly Bedgerebong & Forbes 70
O'REILLY Bernard   (cousin in Forbes) (FA 4 Feb 75)  
ORMSBY Ellen Christina 24-Nov-77 of Forbes 86
O'ROURKE Catherine Clara 03-Apr-70 of West Wyalong 80
OSBORNE Richard Thomas 15-Dec-74 of Eugowra 18
O'SHANNASSY George Gerard (Gerard) 25-Oct-78 at Kogarah, formerly Bedgerebong 59
O'SULLIVAN Clemence   at Cowra, formerly of Forbes (FA 14 Oct 71) 79
OWENS Darrell   of Condobolin (FA 23 Nov 76) 25
OXLEY Audrey Mary 1973    
OXLEY John Burton 27-Jun-75   59
PADDISON Hilda Mable Louise   of Forbes 89
PAGE John George 04-Aug-73   78
PALMER Richard Oram   of Forbes (FA 3 Jul 73) 73
PALMER William Graham 23-Aug-78 at Melbourne formerly Forbes 27
PALMER William Henry 12-Aug-76 of Forbes 87
PALMER William Musgrove 27-Jun-73 at  Lake Boga, formerly of Forbes 46
PALOMBO Ruth Ann 29-Apr-78 of Forbes 77
PARBST Alfred William 07-Jun-75   49
PARDY Dianne Fay 29-Sep-72 Formerly of Forbes  23
PARDY Richard John (Jnr) 21-Dec-70   26
PARKER Charles Henry Colin 18-Mar-71 of Forbes 60
PARKER Frederick John   of Kingaroy formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Sep 72) 64
PARKER Thomas Wilcox Josiah 1 August of Forbes  
PARR George 02-Aug-72 of Forbes 95
PARSLOW Janelle Margaret 1973    
PARSONS Frank Valentine   of Forbes (FA 11 May 72)  
PARSONS Jack Foster   of Forbes (FA 20 Sep 73) 61
PARSONS Kenneth Reginald 21-Mar-71   63
PATTERSON Katherine Jennett 08-Oct-70 of Forbes 81
PAVEY Margaret Emma "Totty"   of Forbes 86
PAVEY Sidney Weston 16-Aug-70 of Forbes 76
PAYNE Annie Emmeline 20-Jun-77 of Forbes 81
PAYNE Patrick Joseph 25-Sep-72 of Condobolin, formerly Forbes  
PAYTEN John   of Canowindra (FA 3 Dec 74) 54
PEACOCK Thomas   of Bathurst (FA 6 Jan 72) 90
PEAK Ernest George   of Port Macquarie (FA 9 Oct 79) 69
PEAKE Mrs Elizabeth "Bessie" 03-May-70 of Forbes 71
PEARCE Dorothy Eva 19-Jun-77 of Eugowra 79
PEARCE Olive May 27-Nov-79 of Forbes 87
PEARCE Thomas Lee 28-Jul-71 of Jemalong 44
PEARSE Allan Edward Leslie 18-Jan-75 of Forbes, formerly Grenfell 65
PEARSE Catherine Lucy 21-Jul-71 of Forbes 68
PEASLEY Ernest Harold 12-Mar-73 Formerly of Bedgerebong and Empire Bay, Faulconbridge 81
PEASLEY Janet Matilda (Tilly) 16-May-75 of Forbes 83
PEET Andrew Bruce 23 Mar of Forbes 9
PENNISI Norman Angelo 23-May-73 Interred Ryde 2 1/2
PERCIVAL Charles 1973    
PERRY babies (twin) 28-Dec-72   s/b
PERRY Carr Michael   Probate of Eugowra (FA 17 May 73)  
PERRY Marion 27-Jun-75 of Forbes 84
PETT Arthur Thomas 29-Apr-73 of Bogan Gate 85
PHELAN Helen Rita   of Bogan Gate (FA 24 Feb 70) 15
PHELAN Margaret Elma   of Bogan Gate (FA 24 Feb 70) 27
PHELPS Kathleen Maria 23-Jun-74 of Forbes 51
PHILLIPS Kathleen Anne (Nancy) 30-Sep-79 of Forbes 72
PIERCY Charles 29-Dec-71 of Forbes and Bedgerabong 60
PIERCY Malcolm Ray 02-Sep-73 of Bederebong 64
PIETSCH Alma Grace 14-Sep-77 of Trangie, formerly Forbes 58
PIETSCH Stanley Gordon 23-Jun-73 of Forbes 67
PIKE Stanley George 1972    
PLUIS Elizabeth Gertrude May 20-Jun-73 of Forbes 77
PLUNKETT Lena 1971    
POTTER Sidney John   (Jackie)   of Forbes (FA 4 Apr 78) 58
POTTER William James 01-Jul-71 of Forbes 57
POUND George Alexander 1974    
POUT Gladys  29-Nov-70 of Forbes 84
POUT Leslie Edward   Probate, of Forbes (FA 7 Sep 72)  
POWELL Leslie William 23-Oct-76 of Forbes 59
POWER Mary Teresa      
PRATT Elsie McClennan 1970    
PRATT Francis William 01-Aug-72 of Forbes 58
PREL Ethel Annie 1970    
PRESS Alice Maud 15-Jul-72 late of Forbes and Rockdale  
PREUSS Berthold Paul "Bert" 21 Sep 77 of Forbes 85
PRICE Ernest William 11-Jun-70 Formerly of Eugowra 36
PRICE Harley Clarence 07-Nov-74 at Daroobalgie, of Condobolin 36
PRICE Herbert John 17-Apr-76 of Armadale, Vic 83
PRIDDLE Sophia Bertha 1974    
PRIMMER Pam   at Goulburn (FA 15 Jan 74)  
PRINCE Raymond Charles 08-Oct-79 of Forbes 65
PRIOR Laura May   of Parkes (FA 26 Aug 75) 59
PRIOR Pearl Minna Barbara   of Forbes (FA 12 Aug 71)  
PRITCHARD Alice Jane   of Parkes (FA 4 Mar 75) 78
PRITCHARD Clive Lindsay   of Forbes (FA 29 Jun 72) 54
PRITCHARD John   of Castle Hill, formerly Forbes (FA 6 Feb 75)  
PROVAN Doreen Florence   of Trundle (FA 22 Aug 74) 72
PROW Claude Stanislaus (Ted) 29-Apr-72 of Forbes 61
PROW James Bernard 11-Apr-79 of Forbes 65
PYMONT Mary Elizabeth 16-Oct-74 of Forbes 83
PYMONT Norman Harold 21-Jul-70 of Forbes 67
QUAGLIA Filiberto 1978    
QUARM Francis Edward 16-Jun-77 of Forbes 73
QUIRK Phillip 22-Sep-71 of Piney Range 87
QUIRK Sarah Frances 29-Jun-73 of Forbes 76
RADBURN Malcolm   of North Richmond (FA 27 Feb 79) 12
RADBURN Patrick Leonard 31-May-70 in Sydney, of Darlington formerly of Forbes 57
RADBURN William Joseph 09-May-73 of Maroubra 74
RAE William "Billie"   of Sydney, formerly Forbes (FA 22 Sep 70) 79
RAMSAY David Alexander 22-Apr-76 of Forbes 83
RAMSAY Ronald Kenneth 30-Dec-74   56
RAND Leslie   at Goulburn, formerly Forbes (FA 18 Feb 75) 74
RANDALL Florence May   of Forbes (FA 13 Mar 73) 83
RANKMORE Dorothy Jean 07-Nov-78 of Forbes 53
RANKMORE George Norman 1973 of Forbes (FA 16 Aug 73) 60
RANKMORE James Frederick 10-Jun-73 of Forbes 55
RATH Annie Elizabeth 03-Jan-74 at Orange, formerly of Forbes, nee Ellis 88
RATH Catherine May 13-Apr-71 of Forbes 70
RATH Harry Henry 21-Jun-76 of Forbes 82
RATH Ivy Minuet 16-Apr-74 of Forbes 76
RATH John Patrick 1973 of Forbes 75
RAWSTHORNE Arthur 02-Sep-75 of Eugowra 81
RAWSTHORNE Ernie 20-Aug-74 at Bathurst, of Eugowra 57
RAWSTHORNE Grant   of Trundle (FA 2 Aug 73) 69
RAWSTHORNE Mary Gladys 18-Jun-78 of Eugowra 79
RAY Maurice Samuel 05-Aug-70 of Forbes 79
RAY Rupert Sidney Lawrence 01-Apr-71 of Forbes 71
READ Albert Henry   of Forbes (also 4 Apr 74)  
READ Blanche Ada   of Forbes 97
READ Brian William 26-Mar-77 of Adelaide formerly Forbes 51
READ Edgar Rudolph 06-Jul-78 of Forbes 53
READ Ellen Frances      
READ Henry James 15-Dec-72 of Forbes 59
READ Lucy Ann 17-Mar-75 of Eugowra 89y 8m
READ Martha Elizabeth 23-Mar-70 of Parkes 83
READ Ralph Nelson 29-Sep-77 at Cowra, of Gooloogong 50
READ William Herbert 27-Aug-70 of Forbes 57
REARDON Brian Leslie 26-Sep-70 of Forbes 15
REDFERN Dennis Roy 07-Jun-70   18
REDFERN William John 05-Apr-75 of The Entrance formerly Garema 77
REEDY Bertha 07-Oct-73 of Forbes 68
REEDY Leslie James 20-Nov-70 of Forbes 73
REESE Cecil Clifford 01-Jun-76 of West Wyalong 74
REID Alfred Barton 1978    
REID Claud Edward   of Grenfell (FA 4 Mar 76) 38
REID Daniel Claude Edward (Claude) 14-Aug-78 of Forbes  
REID Florence Louise 1975    
REID Lilian May 22-Oct-70   55
REID Robert   Formerly of Forbes (FA 6 Jan 72)  
REID Stanley James "Stumpy" 24-Oct-72 of Forbes 68
REID Vivan Charles 26-Jul-77 of Forbes 68
REYNOLDS Mary Ellen   of Lithgow (FA 9 Dec 71) 63
RICHARDSON Ellen Caroline Goldsborough 19-Jun-75 in England, of Bedgerabong 78
RIDDELL Dolly 08-Mar-70 in Melbourne, formerly of Forbes  
RIDGE Elizabeth May   of Parkes (FA 26 Feb 76) 82
RIDLEY James Simpson 07-Mar-75 of Forbes 73
RILEY Julianne Mary 23-Apr-72 of Eugowra 6
RILEY Mark Joseph   of Bathurst, formerly Forbes (FA 16 Jun 77)  
RILEY Noel Francis 1971    
ROBB Alice Maude   of Forbes (FA 20 Apr 72) 45
ROBB Margaret 04-Jan-77 at Cessnock formerly of Forbes 58
ROBERTS Arthur Brynley 30-Jan-74 at Forbes 52
ROBERTS George Augustus 09-Nov-72 of Cowra formerly of Forbes 64
ROBERTS John   of Forbes (FA 13 Apr 72) 72
ROBERTSON Ena Bertha 19-Aug-72 of West Dubbo  
ROBERTSON Jessie 05-Jul-79 in Florida, of Sydney, formerly Forbes  
ROBINSON Wallace Neville "Wally" 22-Jan-78 of Parkes 54
ROCHE Sarah   at Newcastle, formerly of Forbes (FA 27 Sep 73)  
RODGERS John James 18-Nov-73 of Bedgerabong 18
ROGAN Doris Gertrude 09-Sep-77 of Parkes 78
ROGAN Eileen Mary 1979    
ROGAN Joseph Cornelius 06-Nov-71 of Forbes 73
ROGERS Hazel Grace 03-Feb-75 of Forbes 55
ROLFE baby 11-Mar-76   s/b
ROLFE Grace Emily 07-Apr-78 formerly of Forbes  
ROOTS Denise   formerly of Forbes (FA 7 Feb 74) 24
ROOTS Julie   formerly of Forbes (FA 7 Feb 74) 2
ROSMAN Muriel Maude 03-Feb-78 at Forbes, of Berkley Vale 63
ROUT Dora Jane   of Canowindra (FA 10 Oct 78)  
ROUT Frederick 13-Mar-79 of Forbes  
ROUT Leslie Hopkins   of Condobolin, formerly of Bedgerebong (FA 10 Feb 70) 75
ROWLEY Ruth 25-Jun-76 of Burwood, formerly Forbes 80
RUGE Clarice Josephine 07-Jul-72 at Tamworth formerly Forbes 65
RUGE Kathleen 19-May-70 of Forbes 56
RUSSELL Charles Thomas 17-Sep-72 of Forbes 56
RUSSELL Clara Emily 26-Jul-75 of Forbes 81
RUSSELL James Clifton Charles (Jimmy) 02-Jan-72 at Wyangala, of Forbes 21
RYAN Bridget Mary 1971    
RYAN Carmel Therese 1978 of Forbes 61
RYAN Cecilia Maud 1978    
RYAN Donald 07-Mar-73 of Goolagong 39
RYAN Henry Vincent 27-Apr-70 of Forbes 66
RYAN John Arthur 1978    
RYAN Nina Kathleen 01-Jul-77 of Forbes  
RYAN Walter Roger Bede 08-Oct-75 of Forbes 90
RYAN William Joseph 16-Jun-71 of Forbes 65
SAFFY Martha 31-Mar-73 of Dubbo 57
SAFFY Nigel John (Negebe) 27-Jun-77 of Nyngan, Warren, Dubbo, Forbes area  
SAINSBURY Alfred John   of Forbes (FA 8 Aug 72) 72
SALTMARSH Edith Anne 1974    
SAM Lottie Grace 14-Feb-71 of Lakemba, formerly of Forbes 91
SAMS Ernest Robert 14-Jul-79 of Port Macquarie formerly Bedgerabong and Young 78
SAMWAY John Henry  01-Jun-70 of Forbes 62
SANDERGREN Ralph Vernon 20-Jan-70 of Wangaratta, Vic and formerly of Forbes  
SANDERSON Charles 12-Aug-76 of Melbourne, formerly Forbes 76
SAVAGE Elaine   of Cook, ACT (FA 27 Jan 76) 27
SAVAGE Robert Carlisle   of Cook, ACT  (FA 27 Jan 76) 29
SAXVIK John 1973 of Forbes (FA 11 Jan 73)  
SAYERS Arthur Elwyn 11-May-79 of Forbes 74
SAYERS Joyce 18-May-75 of Forbes 38
SAYERS Neville William 16-Jul-71 of Pymble formerly of Forbes 42
SAYERS Orphina Harma 30-Jan-75   78
SCANLAN Arnold Clive (Noel) 11-Apr-78 of Forbes 50
SCHAEFER Alan Noel 03-Nov-72    
SCHAEFER Albert Theodore 07-Jan-77 of Forbes 70
SCHAEFER Doris Emily Pearle 14-Apr-72 of Forbes 67
SCHAEFER Thomas Albert 1977    
SCHAFER Allan Noel 03-Nov-72 of Forbes 7
SCHAFER Doris Emily 14-Apr-72    
SCHEIMIER Alfred   of Coolah (FA 29 Jul 75) 77
SCHULTZ Eileen Ruth 05-Apr-75 of Forbes  
SCHULTZ Eileen Ruth 05-Apr-75 nee Haynes, formerly of Forbes 34
SCHULTZ Kylie    at Adelaide formerly of Forbes (FA 26 Oct 72) Inf
SCHWENCKE Leslie Baden James 07-Apr-73 of Forbes 59
SCOTT Barbara Patricia 19-Jul-74 of Condobolin formerly Yalgogrin North Post Office  
SCOTT Gregory   of Tasmania (FA 13 Jan 72) 17
SCOTT Jack   of Parkes (FA 22 Sep 70) 84
SCOTT-JONES Sherry   of Roseville (FA 19 Sep 74) 21
SCRIVENER Hilda Mary 12-Aug-71 of Forbes 60
SEATON Sarah   of Eugowra (FA 23 Jan 73)  
SEATON Walter James 09-Nov-71 of Eugowra 99
SEDDON baby 15-Dec-78   s/b
SHADFORTH Eileen Rose 21-Jun-70 of Zetland  
SHANAHAN Lillian Josephine 20-Jul-78 of Forbes 78
SHANNON David Scott   of Grenfell (FA 13 Jan 72) 87
SHARAH James   of Higgins, Canberra (FA 23 Sep 75) 8
SHARAH James C   of Higgins, Canberra (FA 23 Sep 75) 35
SHARP Albert   of Forbes (FA 19 Oct 72) 83
SHARP Albert Allan   Probate of Forbes (FA 31 Oct 72)  
SHARP Alice Mary 03-Jul-73 of Forbes 86
SHARP Charlotte Brown (Lottie) 04-Mar-77 at Eugowra, of Forbes 84
SHARPE Annie Rose 16-Apr-76   92
SHARPE Bridget Anne 26-Feb-70 of Forbes 86
SHAW Irene 26-Jun-71 of Condobolin 70
SHAW Mary Agnus 14-Nov-76 of Forbes (nee Twogood) 90
SHEAD Barry Colin 07-May-70 of Forbes 26
SHEIL Ellen 07-May-74 (nee Newell) of Northbridge formerly Forbes  
SHELKER Ida Mary 13-May-77 of Forbes 83
SHEPHARD Ronald Roy   of "Lana" Burcher (FA 10 Oct 78)  
SHERRIFF Wayne John   of Parkes (FA 17 Aug 71) 15
SHERRINGHAM Reginald Percy 11 Oct of Manildra  
SHERRITT Thelma May 06-Jun-75 of Forbes 71
SHIELDS baby 06-Oct-72   s/b
SHINE Betsy Bently   of Eugowra (FA 27 May 71) 81
SHIRVINGTON Clarence Edward 08-Jan-74 of Forbes 70
SHIRVINGTON Elizabeth 01-May-71 of Forbes 80
SHIRVINGTON William John 09-Aug-75 of Forbes 84
SHONE Martha (Patty) 14-Aug-75 of Forbes 86
SIMMONDS Craig Daniel   Probate of Forbes  
SIMMONDS Trevor John 02-Apr-76 of Port Macquarie, formerly of Warroo 18
SIMPSON Daisy 17-May-75 of Forbes 74
SIMPSON Eleanor May 31-Jan-77 of Forbes 81
SIMPSON Phil 02-Jan-73 of Parkes 51
SINCLAIR Ada May   of Maroubra, formerly Forbes (FA 1 Jun 76) 83
SINCLAIR Mervyn   of Quandialla (FA 15 Aug 74)  
SINDERBERRY Louisa 06-Nov-75 of Wellington 81
SINGH Timothy   of Condobolin (FA 13 Jun 74) 2
SIVIOUR Christopher Reginald 21-Apr-79 of Forbes 54
SKINNER Edward Welby Offord 12-Nov-76 at Burnie  
SKINNER William Lionel 07-Jul-73 of Forbes 73
SLACK Mrs L 28-Dec-75 Formerly of Forbes 92
SLESSOR Dorothy May 30-Sep-74   50
SLESSOR Fanny 28-Nov-74   87
SLOAN Joseph 15-Apr-70 of Parramatta formerly of Eugowra 50
SLOANE Edward James 09-Sep-74   s/b
SLOANE Joe 15-Apr-70 Formerly of Eugowra  
SLY Annie Catherine 08-Apr-74 at Canowindra, formerly Forbes 86
SLY Joseph 25-Jun-75 of Forbes 70
SMITH Ambrose Joseph 27-Jan-71 of Forbes 93
SMITH Brian Lawrence 05-Jan-75 of Kingswood, formerly Forbes 42
SMITH Catherine 06-Feb-76   1h
SMITH Colin   at West Wyalong (FA 15 Jan 70) 38
SMITH Edith Grace 13-Aug-70   73
SMITH Elsie McClellan 06-Aug-70 of Forbes 76
SMITH Frank 01-Sep-74 Formerly of Forbes 76
SMITH Gordon Hilton 26-Jul-74   60
SMITH Gladys Maud (Gwen) 23-Feb-70 at Newcastle, formerly of Forbes 63
SMITH Helen Barbara 05-Apr-75 of Forbes 20
SMITH Jacqueline Ann 08-Dec-72   50min
SMITH James 05-Oct-72    
SMITH James Curwen (Jack) 23-Sep-75 of Forbes 87
SMITH John James 05-Oct-72 of Forbes 85
SMITH Kevin Arthur 16-Sep-73 of Forbes 31
SMITH Megan Louise 13-Feb-71 of Cambelltown formerly of Forbes 4
SMITH Ronald George 16-Feb-72 of Forbes 37
SMITH Sidney Frederick 11-Apr-76   69
SMITH Sidney John James 05-Oct-72 of Forbes 85
SMITH Thomas Bernard 15-Sep-77 of Forbes 67
SMITH William Arthur 17-Nov-74   71
SMITH William Francis 30-Jun-70 of Forbes 73
SMITH-ROBERTS Robert   at Euabalong West, of Parkes (FA 29 Oct 74) 40
SOUTH Michael John (Mick) 13-Sep-78 of Forbes 54
SPACKMAN Leslie Archie 14-Apr-70 of Forbes 58
SPARKES Clara Catherine 14-Nov-70 of Forbes 80
SPECK Ernest William 11-Aug-74 of Sydney, formerly Forbes 70
SPECK Ethel Clarke   formerly of Forbes  (FA 26 Mar 70)  
SPENCER Ivy May 15-May-79 of Forbes 63
SPENCER Peter 08-Aug-77 of Young 51
SPENCER William Thomas 18-Jul-70 of Forbes 29
SPICE Christopher James 02-Mar-78 of Forbes Inf
SPICE John Joseph 30-Jan-72 of Forbes 78
SPLITE Ellen Margaret   Return Thanks (FA 13 Apr 72)  
SPLITE Julie   of Forbes (FA 6 Feb 73) 18
ST VINCENT WELCH Richard John  1979    
STANLEY Francis Reuben 17-Aug-71   85
STAPLETON Doris May   at Forbes  (FA 10 Jun 71) 66
STARR Helena Anne 22-Feb-72   75
STEELE Thomas John 19-Dec-79 of Forbes  
STEPHENS Pretoria May (Poppy) 22-Sep-79 of "The Ranch" South Condobolin Rd 77
STEVENS William Charles 28-Mar-74 Formerly of Forbes 81
STEVENSON Kenneth Francis 24-Feb-76 formerly of Forbes 49
STEVENSON Wayne Richard 14-Oct-79 of Forbes 18
STEWART David Andrew 20-Feb-79 of Wirrinya 9
STEWART Robert William   of Forbes, funeral 2 Oct 79 47
STEWART Valma May 04-Oct-73 of Forbes 40
STITT Hugh   of Forster, formerly of Forbes 64
STITT Jean Ballantyne 09-Nov-75 of Foster and Forbes  
STONE Ernest James Garfield (Jim) 20-Jun-77 of Eugowra 68
STONE Ian Richard   of Forbes (FA 7 Nov 78) 24
STONE Margaret 07-Apr-75 of St Ives, formerly of Forbes  
STONE Susan Maud 24-Feb-74 of Cabramatta, formerly of Forbes 74
STONHAM John   at Appin, formerly of Condobolin and Forbes (FA 26 Jul 79) 45
STRANEY Dulcie Dora 06-May-73 of Forbes 57
STYLES Diane Maree 07-Jun-75 of Wirrinya 17
STYLES Edna Jessie 24-Nov-76 of Werris Creek, formerly Forbes 64
STYLES Gibson 22-Aug-73 of Fairholme 63
STYLES Gladys Mabel Abigail 03-Dec-74 at Wahroonga, of Forbes 78
STYLES Gordon Gibson 12-Mar-70 of Terrigal, formerly of Forbes 71
SULLIVAN Francis Patrick 23-Feb-79 of Forbes 78
SULLIVAN Gladys Elizabeth 17-Apr-73 of Forbes 62
SULLIVAN Henry "Harry" 29-May-74 of Forbes 83
SULLIVAN Margaret Mary 18-Apr-79 of Forbes 70
SULLIVAN William Ward 12-Aug-76 of Parkes 78
SUTTIE George Allison 29-Dec-72 of Forbes 93
SWANEVELEDR William   of South Africa (FA 15 Apr 75)  
SWEENEY Blanche Annie 24-Jan-73 of Forbes  
SWEENEY Jack Joseph 02-Jul-74 of Forbes 80
SWEENEY John Malachi 23-Dec-78 of Emerald Qld, formerly of Forbes  
TANKS Ida Lorraine 16-Feb-77 of Forbes 57
TAYLOR Albert Lyell (Snow) 29-Apr-77 of Forbes 76
TAYLOR Frederick Allan 15-Jul-71 of Forbes formerly West Wyalong 78
TAYLOR Geoffrey Wilfred 04-Jan-78 at Port Moresby, of Lae, formerly Forbes 45
TAYLOR Kenneth Leslie 15-May-72 of Forbes 35
TAYLOR Louise Jane 16-Sep-75 of Caragabal 8
TAYLOR Mary 07-Jul-71 of Newcastle 37
TEALE Mrs E 06-Feb-71 of Riverstone, formerly of Forbes 82
TEMPEST Sylvia Alice 02-Jun-76 formerly of Forbes 61
THOMAS Archibald Alexander   of Leura, funeral at Forbes on 19 Oct 76 83
THOMAS Florence Marguerite   at Manly, formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Aug 74) 91
THOMAS Herbert Hercules 31-Dec-78 of Forbes 49
THOMAS Iris Marion   Probate of Forbes (FA 6 Apr 71)  
THOMAS Roy Edwin 22-Jul-77 of Forbes 72
THOMAS Walter Robellaird Thomas 13-Dec-79 of Forbes 80
THOMPSON Grace 18-Sep-78 of Coonabrabran formerly Forbes (FA 26 Sep 78)  
THOMPSON Marion 1976    
THOMPSON Sidney Harold 02-Oct-74   62
THORNBURY Ruby   at Harris Park, formerly Parkes (FA 8 Nov 77) 83
THORNCRAFT Alice Mary   of Springwood (FA 4 Aug 70) 76
THURN Daniel Eugene 25-Jan-71 of Forbes 56
TICEHURST Catherine Agnes   of Forbes formerly Condobolin (FA 12 Apr 79) 94
TICEHURST Ellen Burgess 27-Jun-75 of Forbes 89
TICEHURST Patrick Sylvester "Paddy" 10-Jul-71 of Parramatta, formerly of Forbes 79
TICEHURST Shirley 08-Jan-74   48
TICKNER Ella Mary 04-Oct-71 Formerly of Forbes 36
TIERNEY Everlyn Veronica 12-Jul-77 of Forbes 81
TIFFEN John   of Emu Plains, at Parkes (FA 20 Dec 77) 70
TILDSLEY Horace Leslie 07-Apr-76 of Forbes 79
TOMAMICHAEL Harold David 1974    
TOMKINS Athol 05-Jan-79 at Kogarah, formerly of Cookamidgera School 74
TOOHEY Elsie May 21-Jul-75 of Forbes 71
TOOHEY John Clarence 21-May-75 of Eugowra 69
TOOHEY Margaret Louise   of Forbes (FA 31 May 79) 38
TOOHEY Stephen Thomas 29-Nov-70 of Eugowra and Condobolin 78
TOOHEY Thomas Bede 06-Sep-74 of Eugowra 74
TOOLE Mervyn Douglas 03-Jun-76 of Forbes 73
TOWNSEND Alice Maud   of Eugowra (FA 17 Apr 79) 91
TOWNSEND Bernard Joseph 24-Dec-78 of Eugowra 71
TOWNSEND Madeline Mary   of Eugowra (FA 30 Dec 71) 91
TRAVES Marjorie Ellen 1974    
TRAVIS Ron   of Toongabbie, formerly of Forbes and Parkes (FA 30 Oct 73) 41
TREANOR Bruce William 07-Dec-72 of Orange, formerly Forbes 41
TREANOR Lindon   of Leichhardt (FA 13 Apr 75)  
TRIBOLET Albert William 07-Jul-73 of Forbes 79
TRIBOLET Edith May 12-Nov-74 of Forbes 81
TROTMAN David Charles 30-Jan-70 of Gunningbland 17
TROY Hercules William 1976    
TUCKER Harold James 26-Jul-74   58
TUCKWELL Lorna Magdaline 25-Dec-79 of Forbes 62
TUCKWELL Lorna Magdaline   of Forbes (FA 27 Dec 79)  
TULLOCH Brian    of Mandagery (FA 14 Dec 71) 47
TUOHEY Eric Ronald   Probate, of Forbes (FA 18 Jan 72)  
TUOHEY Muriel Eileen 21-Dec-77 of Drummoyne, formerly Forbes 77
TUOHY Eric Ronald 12-Dec-71 of Forbes 48
TURNBULL Harold   of Bourke, formerly Forbes (FA 4 Mar 71) 17
TURNER Charles (Henry) 04-Mar-76 of Forbes 74
TURNER Edith Lillian 05-Jun-74 of Forbes 82
TURNER Ernest William 10-Apr-75 in Sydney, of Forbes, formerly Albury  
TURNER Jason Dean 1977    
TURNER Matilda (Tilly) 28-Sep-70 of Kingsgrove formerly Forbes 85
TURNER Robert 01-Jan-70 of Forbes 50
TURNER Robert 16-Mar-73 of Curl Curl, formerly of Forbes 76
TURNER Roy Leslie 22-Sep-72 of Forbes 63
TURNER Violet Mary   in Sydney, nee Acret (FA 27 Nov 75) 82
TURNER William Edwin 04-Aug-70 of Forbes 81
UNNAMED Man   23-Dec-70 at Forbes 25
URQUHART Alexander 22-Jul-76 of Binnaway  
VENESS Laura Elizabeth 23-Jan-79 at Orange, of Forbes, formerly Randwick 71
VENEY Annie May 28-Jan-75 of Eugowra 73
VICTORY James Herbert 05-Aug-72 of Forbes 87
VILLOTET Roland Henry 10-Jun-77 of Hermit Park, Townsville Qld  
VOUT Laurence (Dr)   in Sydney, formerly of Forbes (FA 31 Jan 74) 69
WAKEFIELD Barbara 15-Mar-70 of Forbes 16
WAKEFIELD Diane 15-Mar-70 of Forbes 19
WAKEFIELD Isaac Henry 04-Oct-75   75
WAKEFIELD Lillian Ivy  27-May-70 of Forbes 69
WAKELEY Ian Neal   at Condobolin, of Collaroy Plateau (FA 22 May 79) 21
WALKER Brenda 28-Mar-74 at Sandgate Qld, formerly of Forbes  
WALKER Murray Douglas 05-May-79 of Forbes 29
WALKER Ross Stewart 21-Feb-75 of Forbes 18
WALKER Young Hargraves (Major) 24-Sep-75 of Forbes 80
WALLER Eunice Dorothy 07-Nov-73 of Forbes 67
WALLER Cecil Elwin 09-Mar-79 of Queanbeyan, formerly Condobolin and Forbes 78
WALSH Carl    of Lake Cargelligo (FA 16 Nov 71)  
WALSHAW baby 16-Nov-70   s/b
WALTERS Leo 07-Jul-74 of Newcastle  
WALTERS Nita Maria 23-Jun-74 of Newcastle 68
WALTON James Stevens   of Forbes (FA 8 Nov 73)  
WARD baby 01-Jul-70   s/b
WARD Bertram Thomas 30-Nov-75 of Tullamore 65
WARD Michael Robert 21-Aug-74 of Forbes 75
WARD Robert Henry   of Garema (FA 3 Jan 74) 18
WASER John Charles   of Parkes (FA 16 Sep 71)  
WATERS Roy Allen 07-Mar-70 of Gooloogong 73
WATSON May   of Tomanbil (FA 27 Sep 73) 84
WATTS Arthur 19-Oct-70 of Randwick, formerly Parkes 74
WATTS Bridget 11-Nov-79   96
WATTS John Stanley   of Forbes (FA 5 Mar 70)  
WATTS Lucy   of Trundle (FA 13 Jan 70) 84
WAYL Annie May 1971    
WEAVER Florence Marie 15-Mar-70 of Forbes 90
WEBB James Arthur 07-Mar-79 of Forbes 50
WEBB Thomas James   of Forbes (FA 28 Oct 71) 84
WEBB Wilfred Colin   of Forbes (FA 28 Jun 73)  
WEISE Mary Pauline 11-Sep-76   96
WELSH Alfred    (FA 19 Aug 71)  
WELSH Edward John 22-Jan-78 of Bathurst, formerly Eugowra 83
WELSH Nellie Balding 07-Feb-74   80
WELSH William John   of Eugowra (FA 5 Oct 72) 81
WENNING Russell   Formerly of Forbes (FA 28 Apr 70) 23
WEST Rachael Susan 10-Sep-70   91
WESTCOTT Herbert William 21-Apr-75 in London, formerly Forbes 50
WESTON William 05-Jul-76 of Wooloowir, QLD, formerly Forbes  
WHEELDON Joan   of Jervis Bay (FA 19 Jul 77) 53
WHITE Bagration Phillip 29-Mar-70 of Forbes 93
WHITE Beatrice Emmeline 07-Oct-71 of Forbes 68
WHITE Christopher Wayman 20-Sep-70   2h
WHITE Francis James (Cocka) 29-Apr-74 of Forbes 74
WHITE John 04-Oct-74 of Forbes 67
WHITE Kenneth McClement 18-Oct-71 of Forbes 75
WHITE Louis Mowbray 18-May-70 of Forbes 77
WHITE Margaret 24-Jan-70 of Forbes 89
WHITE Margaret Cecily 20-Jun-75 of Paddington 77
WHITE Matilda Mary 27-Oct-74 of Melbourne 66
WHITE Maude Alice 11-Apr-71 Formerly of Forbes 88
WHITE Mrs Beatrice   (FA 16 Oct 73)  
WHITE Robert John 03-Apr-76 of Eugowra 25
WHITE William Cecil   of Forbes (FA 21 Feb 73)  
WHITE William John "Bill" 24-Nov-79 of Forbes 24
WHITEHEAD William Alan 24-Oct-70 of Forbes 21
WHITING Mabel   of Sydney, formerly Wongajong (FA 29 Aug 74) 81
WHITWORTH Arthur Rawcliffe   of Forbes (FA 15 Jan 70) 75
WIGHTMAN May   of Forbes, funeral 1 Dec 76  
WILD Bert 04-Dec-70 Formerly of Forbes  
WILKINS Bettie Maureen 18-Feb-73 of Forbes 41
WILKINS Robert Barry 09-Jan-77 of Balmain formerly Forbes 18
WILKINS Robert John 19-Sep-75 of Forbes 71
WILLDING Alfred Walter 30-Dec-70 of Forbes 58
WILLDING Russell George 25-Apr-70 of Canterbury formerly Forbes 22
WILLIAMS Alice Barbara 08-Nov-75 of Forbes 70
WILLIAMS Dulcie   of Molong (FA 2 Feb 71) 66
WILLIAMS Jack 21-May-76 of Forbes 42
WILLIAMS John Francis 25-Sep-77 of Forbes 77
WILLIAMS John Karl Gwynne   of Forbes (FA 18 Jan 73) 76
WILLIAMS Mary Josephine 18-Feb-78 at Sydney  
WILLIAMS Stanley Charles 24-Jul-77 of Forbes 48
WILLIS Arthur Joseph 16-Sep-71 of Forbes 69
WILLIS Carlton (Carl) 22-Mar-70 at Ryde, formerly of Forbes 79
WILLIS Frederick Charles   of Mosman, formerly Forbes (FA 17 Jan 74) 76
WILLOUGHBY Alice 18-Feb-75 of Forbes 64
WILLOUGHBY Edwin  17-Aug-75 of Forbes 66
WILSON Allan David 09-Jul-73 of Forbes 43
WILSON Hugh Kyle 06-May-74 of Beecroft formerly of Forbes 41
WILSON James 26-Aug-70 of Forbes 76
WILSON John Henry (Jack) 08-Jun-76 at Umina formerly Forbes 72
WILSON Lillian Mary 02-Jul-75 of Forbes 76
WILSON Nigel Francis 12-Mar-70   2
WILSON Pansy Rose 07-Nov-78 of Forbes 54
WILSON Tania Jean 03-Sep-74   11h
WILTSHIRE Connie 05-Jan-73 of Forbes 65
WINDSOR Emma Margaret 10-Jul-74 of Forbes 81
WINDSOR Olive 1975    
WOLSTENHOLME Murray John   of Eugowra (FA 28 Nov 78)  
WOOD Eleanor May 24-Sep-73 of Forbes 73
WOOD Katherine Louise   of Cessnock 5
WOODGATE Mary Jane 14-Oct-72 of Forbes  
WOODGATE Robert Israel 20-May-74   87
WOODGATE William James 30-Jun-72 of Eugowra 87
WOODHOUSE William Noel 02-Apr-77 of St Ives, formerly Forbes 49
WOODS Claude Lindsay 17-Jun-71 of Forbes 69
WOODS Elsie Victoria   of Forbes (FA 31 Mar 78)  
WOODS Lydia Philomena 01-Mar-79 of Forbes 73
WOODS Mervyn   of Cooks Myall (FA 25 Oct 73) 65
WOODS Zillah May   at Canberra, of Grenfell, formerly Forbes (FA 18 Apr 72) 67
WOODWARD William John 08-Sep-78 of Parkesborough 82
WREN Nelson   of Cudal (FA 5 Apr 73) 62
WRIGHT Allan William   formerly of Forbes (FA 27 Apr 78) 54
WRIGHT Arthur Wilbur Bernard 07-Apr-74 of Forbes 54
WRIGHT Irene Mary 04-May-77 of Eugowra 76
WRIGHT Walter Thomas (Snow) 16-Sep-71 of Forbes 57
WYMER John Herbert   of Willoughby formerly Forbes 70
WYTHES Christian 13-Apr-72 of Canowindra 88
WYTHES Evelyn May 21-Jun-74 of Eugowra  
WYTHES Frank Ernest 03-Oct-77 of Gooloogong 78
YELL Robert John 14-Sep-74 of Eugowra 17
YEO Harold Ernest (Albert) 21-Jun-79 of Fairfield, formerly Forbes and Coonamble 81
YOUNG Christine May 26-Apr-77 of Forbes 64
YOUNG Patricia Louise 17-Jan-74 of Forbes 65
YOUNG William (Snowy) 26-Jan-76 of Bedgerabong 92