FORBES AND DISTRICT DEATHS    1960 - 1969          Date of Death Place Age
Ablett Henry George 16-Jul-69 formerly of Forbes 78
Ablett Ivy Elizabeth 3-Jul-65 of Forbes 73
Acheson Georgina Maude 24-Mar-69 of Forbes 81
Acheson John Robert   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Sep 65) 81
Acheson Lucy Vera   formerly of Forbes (FA 27 Aug 65)  
Acret Alan William   formerly of Forbes (FA 26 Jul 63) 33
Acret Frederick Lyndon 8-Oct-68 of Forbes 56
Adams Edith Crispe 1960    
Adams George   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Mar 68) 82
Agostinelli Grace Elizabeth 2-Jul-60 of Eugowra 82
Ah Foo / Ah Fon     see William Foo  
Alchin Annie 9-Apr-69 of Forbes 57
Alchin Oliver Francis Malcolm 19-Jul-63 of Forbes 80
Alexander Kate 19-Feb-66 formerly of Forbes  
Ali "Jack" Naz 2-Nov-69 buried C of E Forbes 88
Allen David Elkington 21-Apr-60 of Gordon formerly Forbes  
Allison Ivan Baskerville 22-Mar-62 of Forbes  
Allison Phyllis Irene 22-Mar-62 of Forbes  
Allman Valma Laurie   mother was late Olga Burton of Forbes (FA 11 Jul 67) 49
Amey Mary Elizabeth Anne 22-Sep-65 of Forbes 88
Amor Dorothy 17-Jul-67 nee West, formerly of "Nanima" 68
Anderson baby 10-Feb-67   s/b
Anderson Daisy Philomena 2-Dec-67 of Eugowra 75
Anderson Edward 25-Mar-60 of Eugowra 77
Anderson Joseph Alfred 12-Mar-63 of Forbes 56
Anderson Lawrence James   of Cowra (FA 14 Oct 69) 35
Anderson Mary 22-Mar-62 of Eugowra 105
Anderson Mary 17-Jul-62 of Forbes 76
Anderson Mary Rose Carmen 23-Dec-64 of "Moora Moora" Forbes 70
Anderson Pearlie Grace 23-Feb-65 of Eugowra 74
Anderson Rosemary Ann   drowned in Billabong Ck Parkes, of Cookamidgera (FA 5 Jun 69) 11
Andrews Alexander Roy (Roy) 11-Apr-60 of Burratoo, Forbes 48
Anthony Anthony (Tony)   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Feb 68) 43
Anthony Cecil (Tony) 28-Oct-65 of Forbes 66
Armitage William J E   of Glenhuntley Vic, rail accident near Parkes (FA 6 Jan 67) 68
Armstrong Archibald Charles 24-Sep-67 Cremated Orange 67
Armstrong Emily (Emmie) 12-Jul-64 nee Girdham  
Armstrong Susan Catherine 16-Oct-60 buried C of E Forbes 75
Arneil May Josephine Mary 16-Sep-61 of Forbes 68
Ashcroft Frederick Roy   born Wongajong (FA 24 Sep 65) 70
Ashcroft Harry Edward 1-Sep-65 born Wongajong  
Ashton Amy 21-Oct-60 of Forbes 87
Astley Joseph Lawrence (Lawrie)   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Nov 60) 80
Astley Mary   nee Kue, formerly Forbes (FA 15 Feb 63)  
Astley Ray   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Dec 66) over80
Atkins Victor John   of Dubbo (FA 15 Apr 66) 17
Austin Clarrie   formerly of Forbes and Eugowra (FA 13 Oct 67) 59
Aylen Marjorie Violet   of Pullabooka (FA 6 May 66) 60
Bailey baby girl 27-Aug-61    
Bailey Jill Margaret 2-Jun-63 of Cowra 12
Bailey Leslie Owen 1964 of Bellevue Hill, founder of Hopewood  
Baker Beatrice Mary 6-Mar-63 of Forbes 76
Baker Ivy Alice Edna 11-Jun-65 Rookwood Crematoriam 66
Baker Mary Cecilia   Probate, of Forbes (FA 31 May 60)  
Bakes Ernest Richard (Richard) 21-Jul-60 of Forbes 57
Bakes Harriet Hannah 23-Nov-63 formerly of Trundle and Forbes 90
Baldock Freda 21-Apr-69 of Castle Hill, formerly Forbes 78
Baldock Henrietta Stewart 22-Nov-68 of Forbes 91
Baldock William James   formerly of Forbes (FA 21 Jan 69)  
Bannerman James Thompson   of Lithgow (FA 15 Jan 63) 48
Bannerman Mrs J   of Portland (mother of James Thompson Bannerman (FA 15 Jan 63)  
Barber John   of Parkes (FA 29 Jul 66) 39
Barker Jim   of Quandialla & Forbes (FA 22 Apr 69)  
Barnes Alfred 10-Sep-66 of Picton (brother of George, sister in Forbes)  
Barnes George 11-Sep-66 of Condobolin (brother of Alfred, sister in Forbes)  
Barr James (Mick)   of Grenfell formerly Forbes (FA 20 May 60) 65
Barter Jack   formerly Forbes 79
Bartlett Charles Robert 21-Sep-62 at Daroobalgie meatworks (Probate FA 9 Oct 62) 55
Bartley Claude Edward 6-May-68 of Forbes 61
Bartley Robert John   in Lithgow, formerly Forbes (FA 30 Jan 62) 58
Barton Emily   formerly of Forbes (FA 11 Nov 66) 84
Barton Henry Joseph (Harry) 22-Jul-64 formerly of Forbes 58
Barton John Roy (Roy) 23-Jun-61 of Forbes 58
Barton Ronald Arthur 7-Aug-67 of Forbes 48
Barton Thomas William Richard 19-Dec-66 of Forbes 60
Barton William Smith   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Dec 61) 54
Bassett Allen Seymour 20-Aug-68 of Forbes 66
Bassett Ray Charles 20-Jul-67 of Forbes 72
Bassett Thomas John 19-May-64 formerly Forbes  
Bauert Eda Agnes 27-Nov-62 of Forbes (Obit FA 4 Dec 62) 75
Baxter Betty 10-Aug-64 nee Graham, ex mistress of Forbes Infants  
Baxter Brent Edward 1963    
Bayley Eileen Ellen 24-Feb-69 of Forbes 72
Bayley Ernest Vivian 28-Aug-65 of Forbes 74
Baz Baby 1962    
Beasley Robert Stanley 14-Sep-62 of Forbes, also known as Taylor 35
Beazley (Mr) W H   of Bedgerabong (FA 26 Jul 66)  
Beazley Samuel   formerly of Forbes (FA 7 May 63) 86
Bell Daniel   of Parkes (FA 21 Jan 69) 33
Bell Douglas Whitfield   of Gunningbland FA 6 Nov 64) 43
Bell Goulbourne Byron 15-Sep-68   80
Benck Kathleen Joyce 29-Sep-69 nee McMillan, formerly of Eugowra  
Bennett Albert Edward 12-Sep-62 of Forbes 74
Bennett Constance Madge   formerly of Molong, brother in Forbes (FA 10 Jul 62)  
Bennett Doris Evelyn 1968    
Benson Ella (Dux)   formerly Forbes (FA 12 Aug 60)  
Bentick Amy Blanche 1-Aug-69 Formerly of Forbes 54
Bentick Ivy Jane 17-Jan-63 of Forbes 77
Bentick Joy Annette 15-Dec-69 of Forbes 24
Berg Joe   formerly of Forbes (FA 6 Jul 65) 82
Berg Philip 19-Jun-67 formerly of Forbes 83
Berghofer John Colin 22-Apr-61    
Berney Noel Douglas   of Parkes (FA 7 Sep 62) 41
Besgrove Anthony James (Tony) 23-Jul-66 of Forbes 31
Besgrove Arthur Thomas   formerly of Forbes (FA 17 Oct 61)  
Besgrove Cecil Joseph 21-May-65 of Forbes 63
Besgrove Henry John   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Jul 64)  
Besgrove Mary Teresa 3-Nov-63 of Forbes 81
Besgrove Thomas Henry 26-Feb-63 of Forbes 70
Best Harry Howard 1962    
Best Mary Beryl 25-May-61 Sister of Dudley Newell, of Forbes  
Betland Christina Dorothy 20-Jun-61 of Forbes 65
Betty Lily May 17-Sep-69 buried Presby 80
Beutel Leslie William 23-May-65 of Ispwich, Qld, wife from Eugowra 45
Biddulph Margaret 31-Jul-64 formerly of Forbes  
Biggers Alan   Footballer of 1930s (FA 19 May 64)  
Bing Charles 31-Aug-64 of Forbes 79
Bing William Allan 14-Aug-66 of Forbes 58
Birchell Ernest Roy 21-Jan-67 buried C of E Forbes 55
Birkett Edith 6-Jul-66 of Forbes 92
Birt Lucy 30-Aug-68 of Forbes 86
Bishop Frederick Thomas 4-Oct-66 of Forbes 78
Bishop George 1-Jun-61 Formerly of Forbes 71
Bishop Grace Matilda 11-Dec-63 of Red Bend 72
Black Bert   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Jan 63) 62
Black Elizabeth Catherine   daughter Mrs B Keady formerly of Forbes (FA 12 May 61) 59
Black Thomas Hindmarsh 28-Aug-60 of Forbes 81
Black William Herbert 20-May-66 of Forbes 64
Blandford Deanne   of Orange (FA 15 Apr 66) 3
Blandford Harold Edward   of Orange (FA 15 Apr 66) 60
Bloomfield Geoffrey Miller 11-Jun-66 of Daroobalgie 70
Blume Alfred Walter 31-Oct-69 formerly of Forbes 85
Blume Douglas Mathew 13-Jun-61 of Forbes 40
Blume Melville Walter   formerly of Forbes (FA 14 Mar 67) 56
Blythe Horrie Watson 4-Jul-64 former Butter Factory manager 53
Boath Alan Alexander 1965    
Boatswain Barry   of Parkes (FA 14 Nov 61) 18
Boehm Ernest Traugott 2-Mar-67 of Forbes and Parkes 82
Bolam Ethel May 1-May-65 of Forbes  76
Bolam John Ridley 16-Mar-65 of Forbes 82
Bolam Ted   in England, formerly of Forbes (FA 29 Feb 68) 84
Booth Alan Alexander 13-Dec-65 of Forbes 38
Booth Daniel   brother formerly in Forbes (FA 15 Mar 66)  
Booth Eliza Mary 3-Dec-65 of Forbes 97
Boreham George Arthur (Arthur) 22-Mar-61 formerly of Mulyandry 87
Boreham Lewis Abraham 30-Aug-62 of Forbes 68
Botten Thomas 30-Jun-67 of Forbes 53
Boulton Alfred Ernest 4-Feb-60 Formerly of Forbes 72
Bourcier Lucien 14-Jan-61 of Sand Hills 68
Bourke Charles Combe 30-May-68 of Forbes 57
Bourke Garnet 27-Mar-62 formerly of Eugowra  
Bourke John William   Probate of Forbes (Burke Death FA 22 Apr 69)  
Bourke Nathan & wife 31-Dec-65 of Wangaratta, Vic, sister in Forbes  
Bourne William Richard 23-May-65 of Forbes 92
Bowden William 11-Jul-64 of Forbes 80
Bowes Bert   Formerly of Eugowra (FA 16 Jun 61)  
Boyce Elbie May   nee Newcombe, formerly of Forbes (FA 4 Jun 68)  
Boyd Caroline Ada Maud 23-Nov-60 buried R C Forbes 16m
Boyd Edward 21-Dec-61 of Brisbane, at Forbes  
Boyle Daniel   of Trundle, formerly Forbes (FA 18 Aug 61) 85
Braddon Irene Zeta 1960 of Harden 27
Bradford Raymond William 25-Nov-66 of Alectown 58
Bradford William James 1966 of Eugowra 80
Bradtke George Richard   of Piney Range (FA 12 Dec 68) 35
Bransgrove Henry William 1966    
Bray Abel William 14-Sep-68 of  Gum Swamp, Forbes 79
Bray Ernest James 7-Apr-61 of Calarie 79
Bray Henry George 11-Dec-68 of Forbes 79
Bray Laura Isobel 9-Sep-66 of "Vychan" Forbes, nee Leslie of "Blink Bonnie" 86
Bray Thomas Henry 20-Sep-64 of Forbes 90
Breen John Patrick   former Member for Calare (FA 15 Feb 66) 68
Brennan Elvie   nee Barton, formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Nov 64) 53
Brenner Henry John (Jack) 11-Feb-62 formerly of Forbes 72
Brenner Margaret 11-Aug-69 of Forbes  
Brewer Barry   of Ungarie, plane crash (FA 1 Sep 61) 4
Brewer Brian   of Ungarie, plane crash (FA 1 Sep 61 19
Brewer Charles Harold 1-Feb-60 of Condobolin 67
Brewer Olive Jean   of Orange (FA 19 Oct 65)  
Bridle Clara Ellen Harriet Mary Ann 20-Jun-65 of Talbingo, near Tumut 88
Briggs Charles Henry 4-Jul-69 of Forbes 89
Briggs Mary 4-Nov-61 of Wongajong  
Bright Clarence Norman 6-Nov-67 buried Sal Army Forbes 59
Bright Victor John   near Tullamore (FA 8 Jun 62) 25
Briscoe Margaret Philamina 21-May-60 formerly Broken Hill 94
Britt Sarah Ramsay 25-Mar-69 formerly of Yarrabandai 71
Broderick Rene   of Parkes, nee Budd (FA 15 Mar 63)  
Broderick Thomas Martin 19-Jan-68 of Forbes 68
Brodie Edward James   wife formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Jun 68) 61
Bromley Hilary 26-Nov-63 Cremated at Melbourne 48
Brooks Hila 24-May-61 Formerly of Forbes  
Brown Clarence Carlyle 12-Jun-68 of Forbes 65
Brown Eliza 1-Aug-60 of Jemalong, nee Read 64
Brown Ernest John 17-Oct-69 of Wirrinya 39
Brown Frank   formerly of Forbes (FA 7 Feb 67) 51
Brown Randolph 22-May-68   44
Brown Thomas Henry 13-Feb-61 wife nee Lila Burch of Forbes 28
Brown William Sebastian 24-Apr-61 of Monwonga 79
Brumby Leo 16-Aug-69 buried C of E Forbes 67
Brummell Keith Henry   drowned, brother of Jack of Forbes (FA 6 Nov 62)  
Brus Benno Heinrich   of Pinnacle (FA 27 Nov 69) 72
Buchanan Elsie May 22-Jul-68 of Forbes 45
Buckley (Mrs A)   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Apr 63) 77
Buckley Josephine   formerly Forbes, nee Balenzuela (FA 19 Aug 60)  
Buckman Francis Phillip 30-Dec-68 of Forbes 53
Bullivant Hugh Edward 6-Feb-60 Formerly of Blink Bonnie, Forbes  
Bullock Daisy Gertrude 8-Mar-63 of Forbes, nee Willis 72
Bullock Dudley Robert Charles   formerly of Forbes  (FA 15 Jan 65) 56
Burch Lewis Henry (Fletcher) 10-Aug-69 of Forbes 71
Burgers Beryl May 5-Nov-67 buried R C Forbes 35
Burgers Frederick John 22-Aug-62 of Forbes 67
Burke Fanny Jane 10-Nov-64 buried R C Forbes 94
Burke Mary Catherine 16-Mar-60 of Forbes  
Burke Mary Elizabeth   formerly of Forbes 70
Burke Thomas Patrick 17-Dec-63 of Forbes 78
Burke W P (Mr)   of Manly (FA 22 Apr 69) 72
Burnett Ida Doreen   of Tullibigeal (FA 19 Nov 68) 40
Burnett Maxwell   of Tullibigeal (FA 19 Nov 68) 45
Burns Henry Alan   of Parramatta, grandparents in Forbes (FA 6 Nov 69) 21
Burns William Bertram   of Orange (FA 6 Nov 62) 44
Burrows Jim   wife nee Grace Collits of Forbes (FA 29 Apr 66) 82
Burton Arthur Edmond 21-Jan-69 of Forbes 58
Burton Audley Edmond 7-Dec-63 of Forbes 81
Burton Esther Sophia 21-Aug-61 of Forbes 74
Burton Hannah 10-Aug-63 of Forbes 77
Burton Olga Muriel Maud 27-Apr-67 of Forbes  71
Bush Edgar Dowling 28-Aug-67 buried Presby Forbes 75
Bush Edith Kathleen 31-Aug-61 of Forbes 58
Bush William   formerly Forbes (FA 21 Sep 62) 74
Button William Robert 2-Sep-61 of Forbes 72
Buttriss Elizabeth Mary 9-Mar-62 of Forbes, nee Debenham 87
Buttriss Frank   formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Oct 67)  
Buttriss Julia May 22-Aug-63 of Forbes 79
Buttriss Margaret Josephine 22-Mar-68   57
Byfield Jane Meredith 13-Jun-62 of Forbes 75
Byrne Sister Mary Loreto 10-Dec-69 at Bathurst  
Byrne Stanislaus 16-Sep-68 of Forbes 72
Byrne W H (Mrs)   daughter in Forbes (FA 29 Feb 68) 83
Byrne William Henry John 1968    
Byrnes Bertram Joseph 16-Jan-65 of Forbes 72
Byrnes Edward Harold   ex Mayor of Forbes (FA 1 Jul 60) 67
Byrnes Ellie Blanche Elizabeth 15-Dec-60 of Forbes 65
Byrnes Jane 1962    
Cabot Charles William 30-Mar-67 of Forbes 76
Cahill Edward Power   father former station master of Forbes (FA 31 Jan 64) 60
Caldwell Robert Nelson   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Aug 63) 75
Callaby Elsie Rose   at Dubbo, of Walgett (FA 12 Feb 60) 47
Callaghan Jo-Anne Louise 21-Dec-60 buried R C Forbes 9w
Cameron Frederick Hilton R 25-Oct-62 of Forbes 63
Cameron Robert Ernest 27-Jul-61 Funeral, of Forbes  
Campbell Amy   cousin of Mrs A L Martin (FA 14 Aug 68)  
Campbell Stella Joyce   of Eugowra (FA 12 Jan 62) 19
Cannon baby 3-Feb-69   s/b
Cannon Ethel Margaret (Kay) 18-Aug-63 of Forbes 55
Cannon John Francis 24-Mar-67 of Lake Cargelligo and Forbes 71
Carberry John Charles   of Parkes (itinerant worker) of Bathurst (FA 11 Jan 60)  
Carey Elizabeth 10-Jun-69 of Forbes 72
Carman Albert (Al) 5-Dec-65 of Murga 72
Carr Henry Lewis 1965    
Carroll (Mrs)   of Trundle (FA 15 Dec 61) 70
Carroll baby girl 9-Jun-60 buried Forbes  
Carroll Edith 21-Mar-65 formerly of Forbes 78
Carroll James Joseph 3-Jan-60 of Forbes 84
Carroll Jane Elizabeth 3-Feb-69 of Forbes 84
Carroll Jeremiah 4-Nov-67 of Forbes (could be 76) 72
Carroll Joseph Thomas 1-Nov-66 of Forbes 71
Carroll Margaret Joan 16-Sep-68 of Forbes 33
Carruthers Nona   at Cowra, parents in Forbes (FA 18 May 62) 33
Carter George 12-Aug-63 of Forbes 82
Cashman John Patrick (Jack)   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Jun 68) 82
Caslick Scott   at Burrendong Dam (FA 20 Nov 62) 41
Cassey Lou   formerly of Eugowra, ex-mayor of Orange (FA 17 Nov 61) 63
Chad Sid   formerly Forbes Public School headmaster (FA 6 May 69)  
Chamagne Mary 27-May-62 formerly Sand Hills, Forbes 81
Chambers Ellen Ada 19-Apr-64 of Forbes 78
Chambers George Henry 17-Jul-67 of Forbes 87
Chandler Anna Blanche 26-Jul-68 of Forbes 87
Chandler Leonard Gordon 4-Jan-62 of Forbes 59
Channon Arthur Elwyn (Paddy) 26-Jul-62 of Forbes 66
Chapman Leila Marion   Formerly of Forbes (FA 30 Jun 61) 51
Charles Graham Elliott   formerly of Forbes (FA 26 Sep 67)  
Charnock Milton   at Griffith (FA 18 Apr 61) 38
Charters Barry John   Probate, of Forbes (FA 22 Jan 60)  
Charters John Francis 10-Aug-65 formerly of Forbes 84
Chatman Kenneth Othneil 11-Dec-66 buried C of E Eugowra 51
Cheney Jane Paynter 4-Jan-69 of Eugowra 90
Chester Vivian Norbert   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Mar 64) 68
Chislett Agnes Mary / Mary Agnes 13-Jul-69   76
Chislett Frank (Snr) 25-Feb-64 of Forbes 74
Chislett Roy Edward 20-Jun-69 of Forbes 60
Christian Edward 23-Apr-66 at Dubbo  
Christou George Theodore 30-Apr-67 of Forbes 73
Clarence Edgar Aubrey 22-Dec-61 former manager of Forbes Bank of NSW  
Clark Garrick Joseph 17-Jan-63 of Bogan Gate 17
Clark Leslie Roy 1-Mar-67 of Garema 56
Clarke Alfred Edward Sunter 11-Mar-60 of Forbes 89
Clarke Ambrose Joseph 5-Aug-69 of Forbes 64
Clarke Brett John 18-Jul-62 of Cronulla, son of Denis and Beverley 11m
Clarke William Alfred 3-Jul-64 of Forbes 85
Clements Nell   mother of (Mrs) Rev G H Officer (FA 6 Nov 62)  
Clements Ruth 1968    
Clifford Charles John 28-Oct-65 Stockman on "Manna" 68
Clifford Mary   widow of Edward, formerly of Empire Hotel (FA 23 Jun 64)  
Clifton baby boy 1-Nov-61    
Clifton Brett Howard 1-Mar-64   4d
Clothier Charles Hilton 29-Jun-68 of Forbes 76
Clothier Desmond Arthur 16-Dec-61 of Condobolin, buried Forbes 26
Clothier Ernest Herbert 4-Apr-67 of Forbes 62
Clothier John Thomas 19-Sep-69 buried C of E Forbes 90
Clothier Lorraine Elenor 28-Oct-67 of Forbes 11
Clothier Winifred May 19-Jun-63 of Forbes 48
Coady George Albert 11-Sep-69 of Eugowra 59
Coe Edith 1960    
Coe Lindsay Augustus 1-Jan-60 of Cowra 27
Coker Dwayne Gregory 2-Feb-66   10h
Coleman Eric Ernest 20-Jun-65 of Forbes 18
Coleman Ernest William 1-Dec-69 of Forbes 53
Coles Alfred Ernest 18-Oct-65 of Forbes 92
Coles Eric William 10-Jan-60 of Forbes 54
Coles Frederick Henry 7-Aug-68 of Forbes 59
Coles Mary   formerly of Forbes (FA 12 Mar 63) 92
Coles Minnie 7-Nov-63 of Forbes 77
Collingwood Joe 18-Aug-65 formerly of Forbes 82
Colliss Arthur James 1967    
Collits Dulcie Hilda 5-May-60 of Forbes 48
Collits Lance 1-Dec-65 Eugowra news 61
Collits Margaret Rose 26-Dec-68 of Forbes 29
Colvin Duncan John 19-Apr-62 formerly Forbes 66
Combe Esther Maud 4-Oct-66 of Forbes 75
Combe Violet (Miss)   at Leura, formerly Forbes (FA 27 Oct 61) 80
Connolly John Lawrence 12-Mar-60 of Forbes 47
Constable Edward Henry (Eddie)   of Bathurst formerly Bedgerabong (FA 10 Jul 62) 60
Constable Florence May 18-May-61 of Bedgerabong 86
Conway Elma   near Junee, sister formerly Forbes (FA 7 Aug 62) 50
Cook Cec 30-Apr-69   64
Cook Grace 18-Dec-69   70
Cook Noah Ernest 21-Apr-61 at Auburn 77
Cooke Cecil   of Forbes (FA 20 May 69) 64
Cooney James Mathew 3-Jun-64 of Condobolin 72
Cooper John (Joe)   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Aug 68) 37
Cooper Kathleen   of Arncliffe, nee Kelly of Forbes (FA 18 Oct 66)  
Cooper William Percy 26-Feb-66 buried Presby Forbes 44
Coram Edith Maud   Sister in Forbes (FA 17 Nov 61) 77
Cornwell Albert (Combo)   of Goolagong (FA 23 Dec 66)  
Costello Catherine "Kit"   formerly of Forbes, nee Sullivan (FA 28 Oct 69)  
Cotter Dorothy 22-Feb-66 of Gunningbland 55
Cousins Claude   formerly William Street shop (FA 5 Mar 63) 75
Cousins Reginald   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Nov 63)  
Couston Myra   formerly of Eugowra, nee Matheson (FA 19 Jul 63)  
Coventry Evelyn Mary   in Melbourne, of Forbes (FA 8 Nov 60)  
Cox Mr H G   of Auburn, daughter in Forbes (FA 21 Jul 67)  
Craddock Timothy   father former teacher in Forbes (FA 17 Oct 68) 6
Cram Alan Alfred   in Taree, formerly of Forbes 26
Creighton Ethel Grace 19-Mar-63 in Forbes 79
Cress Cecil Joseph Sylvester 8-Aug-65 formerly Health Inspector Forbes 72
Crippin Adelaide Mary   formerly Forbes (FA 28 Jun 60) 72
Crippin Frederick John (Punter) 21-Dec-68 of Forbes 79
Cripps Gordon Montague   of Cowra (FA 23 Dec 60) 28
Croker Mary Ann 22-Jan-66 son & daughter in Forbes 89
Cross (Mrs) Judge Ronald   judge visiting Forbes (FA 29 Nov 63)  
Cross Charles Joseph 14-Oct-69 of Eugowra 73
Cross Neville James (Ned) 13-Aug-64    
Crotty Nina Gertrude 26-Oct-69 of Bedgerabong 73
Crouch Annie Marion 5-Jul-60 of Forbes 64
Crouch baby boy 28-Jul-62    
Crouch Daniel 13-Apr-61 of Jemalong 61
Crouch William Samuel Burton   Probate of Forbes (FA 7 Sep 62)  
Crow Duncan   Goolagong news (FA 8 Mar 63)  
Crow James 1963 of Eugowra (FA 1 Nov 63) 78
Crow Kevin Henry   of Eugowra (FA 1 Nov 63) 56
Crow Veronica 10-Apr-67 daughter in Eugowra  
Crowe Elsie Amelia 8-Feb-65 of Forbes 60
Crowe James Vincent 13-Apr-66 daughter in Eugowra  
Crowe Michael John 20-Oct-68 of Forbes 11
Crowe Percy   formerly of Forbes (FA 26 May 64) 79
Crowe Susan Emma   formerly Forbes (FA 10 May 60) 78
Crowley Bridget Agnes 5-Apr-67 of Forbes 79
Crowley David 18-Oct-68 of Forbes 86
Crowley Johanna Mary   of Kadungle (FA 8 Mar 63) 102
Cullen Colin John 22-Apr-61    
Cullen John 22-Apr-61 of Forbes 33
Curr John Vaughan 27-Oct-65 of Trundle 67
Cusack Edward Thomas 6-May-69 of Captains Flat 83
Cutcliffe Pte Timothy Joseph   KIA Vietnam, of Orange (FA 29 Aug 67) 21
Cutler baby Margaret 2-Jul-63    
Cutler George Hamilton   of Orange (FA 11 Jul 67) 90
Cutmore George 20-May-67 formerly of Forbes 79
D'Abel Phylis   formerly of Forbes, nee Field (FA 16 Jul 65)  
Dalton Emily Jane 10-Jul-67 of Forbes 77
Dalton Francis William 10-Sep-65 formerly of Forbes 50
Daly Christopher Patrick 1-Apr-68   3d
Daly John Patrick 12-Dec-64   6w
Daly Maureen Margaret 6-Sep-62 of Orange 3m
Dane unnamed 1961    
Darcy Michael Joseph 29-Aug-60 of Forbes 82
Dargin Martha Matilda   of Kadungle, near Tullamore (FA 23 Jun 61) 44
Darley Colleen   of Ungarie (FA 1 Sep 61) 18
Dart Ray 14-Mar-66 formerly of Eugowra  
Dash Miriam Ruth   formerly Forbes (FA 26 May 61) 84
Davey Hugh Aloysius 19-Jun-60 of Forbes 52
Davidson Jean   formerly Forbes Dist Hosp matron (FA 10 May 66)  
Davidson John Clarke   born Ireland, of Forbes (FA 21 Jan 64)  
Davidson William Benjamin   formerly of Forbes (FA 11 Aug 61) 72
Davie Harold 15-Jan-65 at Brisbane  
Davies May   nee Hynds, formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Sep 63)  
Davis baby 6-Aug-60 buried C of E Forbes  
Davis Ethel 1961    
Davis Jean Evelyn 1-Jul-67 buried C of E Forbes 58
Davis Jeanette Rose 13-Jun-68   11
Davis John Edward   formerly of Forbes (FA 12 Nov 65) 87
Davis Joseph   formerly of Forbes (FA 29 Jun 62) 70
Davis Leah Maria 23-May-62 of Forbes 32
Davis Leslie Leo 31-Dec-68 of Forbes 79
Davis Mrs H 24-May-61 At Cobar  
Davis Olga Edna 9-Jun-65 of Forbes 51
Davis Thomas Freeman 1963    
Davis Warrick 3-Oct-65   3d
Davis Mary   of Dubbo (FA 19 Sep 61)  
Dawes baby 25-Aug-64   s/b
Dawson Hubert C   brother in Forbes (FA 19 Sep 60) 70
Dawson Thomas   formerly Tichborne School (FA 14 Jun 60) 73
Day Gladys Daphne 21-Jan-65 of Forbes 41
Day Keith   at Goulburn (FA 6 May 60)  
Day Martha Jane 6-Jul-66 of Forbes 79
Day Mary Jane 25-Sep-64 of Forbes, formerly Jemalong 87
Day Walter George 8-Dec-65 of Forbes 88
Day William Elphinstone   formerly Forbes (FA 18 Aug 61) 74
Dean Rose Angel 23-Aug-62 of Forbes 59
Death Edna Elizabeth 13-Mar-69 of Murga 54
Debenham George (Monty)   formerly of Forbes, funeral 19 Nov 68 84
Debenham Harry James 11-Oct-63 formerly of Forbes 85
Debenham Selwyn Gilbert 27-Jun-61 of Forbes 60
Degotari Miss M 24-Mar-63 of Sydney 39
Delaney James 1961    
Dempsey Nora Mary 23-Jul-64 of Forbes 84
Denyer baby 19-Jan-67   s/b
Denyer Mildred  31-Oct-69   84
Devlin Arthur Henry   formerly of Eugowra (FA 3 Mar 67) 84
Dick Mary Jane 26-Oct-68 Eugowra news 85
Dickinson Sarah Ann 13-Nov-63 of Forbes 92
Dickson Samuel Douglas (Doug)   MLA for Temora (FA 29 Jul 60) 66
Dieckmann Samuel James 24-Oct-63   74
Diehm John 28-Dec-66 of Forbes 68
Diehm Mary Treasa Jimina 13-Dec-62 of Forbes 60
Digby William George 26-Oct-66   69
Dinger Arthur Frederick 7-Jun-68   75
Dingwall Pearson Archibald (Perc)   of Parkes (FA 4 Jun 65) 75
Dinning Thomas Edward 7-Oct-67 buried C of E Forbes 10h
Ditton Edward Albert (Ted) 29-Sep-63 formerly of Eugowra 74
Dixon Henry Leonard 5-Mar-68 of Trundle 49
Dixon Jared 1961    
Dixon William Percival 29-Oct-68 of Eugowra 45
Dobbyns baby girl 16-Mar-60 buried C of E Forbes  
Donlen Patrick Joseph 1-Aug-66 of Forbes 78
Donnelly James Aloysius 11-Aug-64 of Forbes, formerly Alectown 68
Donovan Arthur 24-Nov-60 of Forbes 70
Donovan John Patrick 5-Dec-61 of Forbes 83
Dooley Leo Walsh 24-Nov-62 of Forbes 74
Douglas Colin Bruce 1-Mar-68 of Eugowra 70
Douglas Ethel 31-May-61 of Eugowra 80
Doust Frances Elizabeth   of Garema (FA 16 Sep 60)  
Downes John Francis 10-Sep-61 of Bedgerabong 23
Downes William Mathew 26-Dec-60 buried R C Forbes 68
Downes William Thomas 26-Jan-66 of Forbes 36
Doyle Michael Lawrence 2-May-68 of Yamma, Forbes 85
Doyle Oliver Bede 23-Jul-66 of Peak Hill & Carrawobitty Old Peoples Home 73
Doyle Peter Joseph 28-Nov-67 of Forbes 74
Doyle Thomas Joseph 12-Nov-60 of Forbes 65
Drabsch Gustav Adolph (Paul) 5-Mar-62 of Forbes (Obit 9 Mar 62 and Probate 20 Mar 62) 82
Drummery John   drowned in Billabong Ck Parkes, of Cookamidgera (FA 3 Jun 69) 35
Duff Gordon Alexander 28-Aug-64 of Forbes 57
Duggan Augustus Charles 9-Aug-61 of Eugowra 79
Duggan Garth Joseph 8-Dec-69   2d
Duggan William Daniel 1-Nov-68 of Forbes 88
Dukes Phillip John 13-Jan-65   1.5h
Dukes Wayne Robert 28-Jul-68   13
Dukes William Thomas 6-Jun-68   87
Dunford Lynne Mary 24-Aug-64   3m
Dunn Catherine 26-Jan-68 of Forbes 84
Dunn James Augustine 6-Jan-66   71
Dunn Samuel Allen 31-Mar-66 formerly of Forbes Police 64
Dunn Shirlee Louise 16-Jan-60 in Randwick of Forbes 19m
Dunn Thomas   in Queensland, formerly Forbes (FA 13 May 60) 15
Dunn William 26-Apr-65 of Forbes 69
Dwyer Charlies   of Parkes (FA 8 Aug 67) 67
Dwyer John   of Bathurst formerly Forbes (FA 5 May 61)  
Dwyer Mr J   father of Mrs W C Morrison of Forbes (FA 15 Oct 63)  
Edmonston Eva Maude 17-Nov-67 of Forbes, formerly Trundle 85
Edwards Frank   Eugowra news (FA 14 Jun 63) 43
Edwards John Ernest 14-Jan-63 of Forbes 15
Edwards Valerie   in Parkes (FA 27 Oct 67) 42
Edwards William 2-Apr-67 of Gundagai 46
Egan Frederick James 14-Jul-67 buried R C Forbes 82
Egan Gordon 7-Oct-61 of Forbes 66
Egan John Patrick 13-Dec-60 of Forbes 59
Egan Patricia   at Grenfell of Gladesville (FA 25 Mar 60) 30
Eggleston Peter Francis   of Orange, died near Murga (FA 8 Dec 64) 35
Eilbeck Walter Blake 30-Jun-64 of Forbes 60
Eland Lily 27-Dec-65 of Forbes 87
Elbourne Alice Annie 1968 of Eugowra 84
Elbourne Cecelia 25-Apr-69 of Eugowra  
Elbourne Ernest Sidney 24-May-68   79
Elbourne Kathleen Elizabeth 30-Dec-63 of Forbes 72
Elliott Eva Maude 30-Jul-64 of Forbes 79
Elliott Hylton Oswald 28-Apr-60 of Forbes 74
Elliott Mary Jane Amelia 27-Nov-65 of Forbes 67
Ellis Colin John 27-Nov-60 of Forbes 19
Ellis Edith Rebecca 28-Apr-65 of Forbes 88
Ellis William Henry  1961 of Forbes and Eugowra 89
Ellsmore Harold 1965    
Ellsmore Laura 1968    
Elphinstone C E (Mr)   formerly of Lands Board Forbes (FA 2 Jul 65)  
Emery C (Mr)   at Tumut, father of Mrs R Miles (FA 27 Oct 61)  
Eppulstun Marshall James Lyons 27-Aug-66 of Eugowra 19
Evans Andrew Lee William George 4-Mar-69 of Warroo 56
Evans John David 20-Aug-69    
Facey Amy Evelyn 14-Jan-64 formerly of Forbes 77
Fahey Edward George 17-Jan-65 of Sandhills, Forbes 92
Fairall J H (Mr)   of Orange (FA 16 Jan 68) 57
Fairey Alan William   of Parkes  (FA 30 Jan 68) 19
Fanning Mary 10-Oct-60 of Forbes 90
Farrand Frank E (Capper)   of Orange, formerly Forbes (FA 6 Dec 60) 74
Farthing Anthony   son of William (FA 11 Mar 60) 5
Farthing Clarice Olive 13-Jul-64 son in Forbes  
Faulkner Albert James 1962    
Feeney Colin   formerly Forbes (FA 27 May 60)  
Feeney Frederick John 1960    
Feeney Marelia Evelyn 17-Apr-67 Probate 77
Fell Mr S H   formerly Trundle (FA 3 May 63) 84
Fenton George 18-Dec-63 formerly of Forbes  
Fenwick Dora   nee Webb, formerly of Forbes (FA 9 Oct 64) 70
Fenwick Ethel Christina 23-Jun-63 of Grenfell 71
Ferguson Elizabeth 30-Jul-66 brother in Forbes 81
Field Annie 5-Jan-67 of Forbes 85
Field Leslie Robert 19-Oct-61 of Forbes 61
Field Mary 29-Oct-67 of Forbes 87
Field Rose Jane 7-Dec-68 of Forbes formerly Bedgerabong 80
Fielding Stella 25-May-67 daughter in Forbes  
Finn Gerald   brother Eugene in Forbes (FA 9 Aug 63)  
Finnerty Rev Father John 20-Mar-62 of Forbes  
Fisk A J (Mr)   Sister in Forbes (FA 8 Mar 60) 69
Fisk Ernie   sister in Forbes (FA 19 Jun 62)  
Fitzgerald Neville James 1968 of Goolagong 53
Fitzgerald Richard Francis 7-Sep-62 of Forbes 60
Flanagan Charles Stewart 1960    
Flannery Eileen Myra 20-Oct-65 buried R C Forbes 53
Flannery Norman Ambrose 2-Sep-62 of Forbes 68
Flint Frederick George Thomas 2-Dec-63 of Forbes 87
Flood Maude Mary 1968 of Forbes 73
Flynn baby 7-Jun-69   s/b
Flynn Ella Agnes 12-May-64 of Forbes 49
Flynn Mark   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Jul 66)  
Flynn Mildred  7-Oct-61 of Forbes 71
Flynn Patrick  13-Jul-65 of Forbes 80
Fogarty Evelyn Florence 1966    
Fogo (Mrs Kenneth)   of Newcastle (FA 15 May 69) 31
Fogo Kenneth   car accident near Peak Hill (FA 20 May 69)  
Foo Ernest Joseph 29-Oct-65 formerly of Forbes  
Foo Percy Norman 4-Feb-65 of Forbes 73
Foo William   Probate of Auburn, formerly of Forbes (also known as Ah Foo and Ah Fon) (FA 30 Mar 65)  
Ford Arthur (Larry) 12-Oct-63 formerly of Forbes  
Ford Edward (Ted) 12-Jul-63 of Forbes 95
Ford Florence Mary 8-Dec-69 at Harris Park, formerly of Forbes 75
Ford Percy Clive (Bill)   formerly Forbes (FA 15 Jul 60)  
Ford William George 24-Aug-64 of Narrandera formerly Forbes 51
Forrester Thomas 4-Jan-63 of Forbes 66
Foukes Beryl   of Peak Hill (FA 3 Nov 64) 36
Fowler Una G 1964    
Fox Bishop Thomas   Bishop of Wilcannia / Forbes (FA 14 Jul 67) 74
Francis Frank 1961    
Francis James Thomas   formerly of Daroobalgie (FA Aug 63) 75
Francis Mrs J T   formerly of Daroobalgie (FA 11 Feb 64) 73
Frangos Helen 29-Oct-65 of Forbes 1y
Franklin Richard Joseph 24-Jul-60 of Forbes 74
Fraser Colin   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Mar 67)  
Fraser Duncan William McRae 13-Sep-66 formerly of Forbes Lands office  
Fraser Richard   daughter in Eugowra (FA 18 Nov 66)  
Fraser Ronald Howard 14-Mar-67 of Forbes 62
French Edith May   formerly of Forbes, nee Black (FA 14 Dec 62) 70
Frew William John   of Parkes (FA 15 Jan 60) 32
Gabbert Brian Raymond   of Brisbane (FA 26 Jan 60) 18
Gage Darcy Christopher 13-Apr-69 of Mona Vale  
Gaggin Athol Wilberforce 2-Jun-68 of Forbes 67
Gaggin Cyril Joseph   formerly of Forbes (FA 14 Jul 61)  
Gale Elizabeth 21-Jan-62 formerly Forbes 68
Gale Minnie 10-Aug-66 of Forbes 70
Gale Stanley Thomas 11-Mar-67 of Forbes 71
Gallen Edward Peter 28-Sep-69 of Randwick 84
Galvin Anthony   of Eugowra (FA 9 Dec 66)  
Gannon Martin   of Grenfell (FA 30 Jan 62) 70
Gardner G (Sister)   at Manly formerly of Forbes (FA 27 July 62)  
Garnsey Thomas Alexander   formerly of Forbes (FA 6 Sep 63) 86
Gavin Henry Francis Bede 18-Jan-69 of Forbes 60
Gee Ellen Louisa Martha 3-Jan-65 of Katoomba formerly Forbes 80
Gehring Herman James 25-Sep-67 buried R C Forbes 75
Geier Julius   of Albury, daughter in Forbes (FA 4 Dec 62) 82
Gelding Christopher   car accident near Peak Hill (FA 20 May 69) 14
Gelding David   car accident near Peak Hill (FA 20 May 69) 16
Gelding Graham Herbert   car accident near Peak Hill (FA 20 May 69) 52
Gelding Helen Madeline   car accident near Peak Hill (FA 20 May 69) 48
Genge Roy Alfred 23-Mar-65 of Forbes 60
Genge William Wilfred 3-Dec-68 of Wirrinya 75
Gibbons (Rev) Robert A 25-Jan-60 Formerly of Forbes 58
Giblett Larry James   of Yeoval (FA 6 Jan 61) 2 1/2
Gibson Dominic 5-Aug-69   16h
Gibson Francis William   formerly of "Plevna" Trundle (FA 25 Jul 61) 97
Gibson Frederick Jasper 5-Nov-69 policeman of Forbes 41
Gibson Herbert John  16 Apr 68 of Riversleigh, Forbes 74
Gibson John 5-Aug-69   16h
Gillet Elva 1962    
Gillies Vaselli   of Grenfell (FA 14 Oct 69)  
Gilmore Dame Mary   stayed with uncle James Beattie at Bundaburra Gap (FA 7 Dec 62) 97
Gilmore Sarah Elizabeth 1969    
Girdham Horace Childs 16-Nov-69 of Forbes 76
Girdham Horrie 16-Nov-69 In Mem (also in 16 Nov 72 & 20 Nov 73)  
Girot Camille Jean 13-Jul-66 of Forbes 69
Girot Lucien Leon 29-Jan-66 of Forbes 65
Girot Peter Kevin 30-Aug-63   4h
Glanvill Reginald 4-Apr-61 of Forbes 69
Glass Frances 1968    
Glasson (Sister) Mary Laurentia 11-Sep-64 formerly of Forbes Convent  
Glasson Elizabeth   formerly of Forbes (FA 26 Jun 64)  
Glasson Joseph   Journalist formerly Forbes (FA 10 Jan 61) 77
Gleeson William A   of Glenelg, stepdaughter formerly in Forbes (FA 6 Jan 67) 69
Glenny Elizabeth 4-Jan-69 Formerly of Forbes 92
Glenny Hedley Francis   Formerly of Forbes, wife nee Edna Clothier (FA 27 Jun 61) 49
Gloede Lane Murray (Mick) 9-Feb-67 formerly of Forbes 47
Godden Charles John 5-Jan-63   69
Godden Elizabeth Mary 31-Jan-60 or Ellen, of Forbes 74
Godden Ellen 3-Mar-60 of Forbes 97
Goggin Michael Patrick   sister in Forbes (FA 19 Oct 65)  
Golden Patrick Joseph 1961    
Golding Ella   at Tamworth, formerly Forbes (FA 3 Aug 62)  
Golding George Charles   at Kensington, formerly of Forbes (FA 8 Apr 60) 90
Golding Louisa 6-Sep-62 of Forbes 91
Golding Marie Alice Lillian 21-Aug-68 of Bedgerabong 53
Goodburn Samuel James 19-Jun-62 of Forbes 87
Gorman Ellen Elizabeth 22-Nov-61 of Forbes 68
Gosper Martha Emma 21-Jun-69 of Eugowra 74
Gosper Reuben Joseph (Ben) 26-Dec-69 Formerly Eugowra 75
Gould Lily 21-May-65 of Grenfell 83
Gozzard Blanche  22-Nov-68 of Forbes 87
Gozzard Clare Elsie 10-Sep-69 of Forbes 74
Graham Maria 11-Jan-66 of Grenfell 102
Gransden Thomas Gordon 22-May-67 of Eugowra 79
Grant Donald   drove Cobb & Co coaches (FA 25 Aug 67) 98
Grant Lucy Ann 7-Jun-62 nee Herbert, stepbrother lived Eugowra  
Gray Amelia Elizabeth 25-Mar-68 formerly of Forbes 84
Gray Carole   father formerly picture show operator (FA 8 Sep 64) 19
Gray Clive   of Goulburn (FA 18 Jul 67) 59
Gray Elizabeth   of Burwood, nee  Clarke (FA 7 Oct 60)  
Green John Robert 2-Jun-66 formerly of Forbes 58
Green Leslie Augustus   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Jan 62) 54
Green Lucy Ann 27-Apr-65 of Forbes 70
Green William 7-Feb-69 of Forbes 79
Green William James 4-Jan-68 of Forbes 80
Greenhalgh David Ephrain 29-Apr-61 of Eugowra 70
Grenfell John 20-May-64 mother at Forbes 27
Griffith Edna   formerly of Forbes (FA 17 Feb 67)  
Griffith George Harold 5-Nov-69 formerly of "Yamma" 76
Griffith Haydon Eric 4-Feb-60 of Eugowra 52
Griffith John Andrew 28-Dec-65 of Forbes 3
Griffith Margaret Allison   of Forbes (FA 26 Sep 67)  
Griffiths Edward (Ned) 17-Nov-61 of Forbes 77
Griffiths Francis Frederick Arthur 1-Sep-67 formerly of Eugowra 59
Griffiths Heydon Eric 1960    
Griggs Elizabeth Marcia (Beth) 11-Aug-69 of Forbes 55
Griggs Harold James 25-Nov-69 of Forbes 54
Grime John Essington   at Gosford, formerly Forbes (FA 17 May 60) 65
Grimshaw Mary Serina 22-Nov-68 of Forbes 77
Grimshaw William   former alderman of Forbes (FA 5 Jun 69) 86
Groundwater Ethel May 2-Apr-62 of Forbes, formerly Condobolin 73
Gunn Athol Joseph 14-Apr-61 of Forbes 62
Gunn Terrence Grant 30-Oct-60 of Forbes 3
Gunn Walter Thomas Geen 11-May-62    
Gunning Maude 28-May-66 of Forbes 82
Gunther Nellie   formerly of Forbes (FA 11 Jun 63) 70
Hadley James Nepean 1961    
Hadley William John 15-Oct-66 of Eugowra 71
Hahn Sarah  (Sister Mary Martha) 10-May-63 of Forbes 80
Haines Alice  6-Jul-69    
Halden William John   son in Forbes (FA 1 Nov 63) 78
Hall Eileen Margaret 27-Jul-65 of Forbes 78
Hall Frank Sunderland 3-Jul-67 Cremated Orange 76
Hall Jim   of Lithgow, daughter in Forbes (FA 4 Feb 66) 65
Hall John James 9-Jul-67 of Forbes 60
Hall Walter Stewart   formerly of Forbes (FA 25 Jul 68)  
Halls Paul Herbert   of Grenfell (FA 30 Jun 64) 60
Halpin Wilmot John 18-Feb-62 of Forbes 70
Hammond Frederick Massingham   of Manly, formerly Forbes (FA 3 May 60) 74
Hampton James Joseph Michael   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Mar 64) 49
Hand Leslie Eric 13-Dec-68 of Forbes 56
Hand Stella   daughter in Forbes (FA 6 Dec 67)  
Hand Thomas Ernest 8-Jul-66 cousin in Forbes  
Hanlon Geoffrey John 3-Jan-60 buried RC Eugowra 6m
Hanns Henry Lewis 21-Jun-61 of Forbes 56
Hansard Ethel Agar 27-Dec-66 Bagration White's daughter 90
Hansen Joakin Sonne 6-May-67 of Forbes 74
Hansen Maude Beatrice 6-May-67 of Forbes 78
Hardaker Barbara Rose 19-Mar-69   3h
Hardie Elizabeth 7-Oct-62 of Forbes 88
Harding Allan Keith 6-Feb-66 of Forbes 19
Harriden Ronald 1967 of Bombala 28
Harrington George William 14-Sep-64 of Carrawobitty 76
Harrington John Paul 1966 of Forbes  
Harris Frank H   in Sydney, of Harris & Co Forbes (FA 12 May 64)  
Harris George   at Temora (FA 28 Aug 62) 70
Harrison Ada 22-Jul-65 of Forbes 72
Harrison Alice Maude 26-Mar-60 of Forbes 78
Harrison William Corbett 12-Jul-65 of Forbes 77
Hartin Francis Ronald   of Yarrabandai (FA 13 Aug 63) 30
Hartley Harry James 5-Jan-63 of Forbes 20
Hartley Miss E 8-Dec-62 in Orange, formerly Forbes Librarian 51
Hartwig Johann 1961    
Hartwig Johanna 8-Jul-62 of Temora 88
Hartwig John Rheinholdt 21-Sep-61 of Forbes 66
Harvey Jessie 1963    
Haughton Mervyn   formerly of Forbes (FA 3 Mar 64) 39
Hawke Edith Rosina   of Parkes (FA 22 Jan 63) 83
Hawke Elsie  9-Jul-61 of Forbes 76
Hawthorn Herbert Clarence 24-Mar-69 buried R C Forbes 68
Hay John Clement (Ben)   formerly of Forbes (FA 17 Jan 64)  
Hayden Mary Anne Frances 10-Nov-60 of Forbes, nee Denning 91
Haydon Bridget   Goolagong news (FA 24 Jul 64) 97
Haydon Dennis (Dick) 21-Jan-64 Gooloogong and Forbes 67
Haydon Eileen Catherine 29-Sep-60 of Forbes 63
Hayes Jack   formerly of Forbes (FA 17 Nov 61) 56
Hayes Mary Daisy 4-Jul-69 of Forbes 96
Haynes Adelaide May 13-May-67 formerly of Forbes 60
Haynes Allan 25-Jan-65 In Mem  
Haynes Florence Gertrude 27-Nov-64 buried R C Forbes 64
Hayward Nellie   formerly of "Eulowra" Orange Rd, Forbes (FA 13 Apr 65) 92
Head Elsie Catherine 1961    
Healy Daniel Otho Bede (Bede)   formerly of Albion Hotel (FA 3 Apr 64)  
Heard Agnes May   formerly of Forbes (FA 9 Jan 69) 71
Heckendorf Herbert Walter 25-Dec-69 of Forbes 76
Hegarty John   formerly of Forbes (FA 25 Aug 61) 61
Heinke Kenneth Augustus 4-Jun-63 Family in Forbes 51
Heinke Lachlan Gordon 15-Apr-67 of Forbes 61
Heinke Madge 10-Jun-60 of Forbes 47
Heinke Mary Muir   formerly of Forbes (FA 29 Jul 66) 92
Helman Sylvia Philomena 5-Apr-64 formerly of Forbes 58
Herbert Ann Jane 12-Sep-63 of Eugowra 72
Herbert Arthur 26-Jul-66 brothers in Eugowra  
Herbert Dan Tasso   formerly "Carraboblin" and "Monomie"  (FA 28 May 63) 97
Herbert Edward Ernest 13-Jun-62 of Eugowra 76
Herbert Edward John   of Eugowra (FA 15 May 69) 61
Herbert Eileen   nee Sloane, of Eugowra (FA 29 Nov 63)  
Herbert Margaret Victoria 22-Mar-64 Eugowra news 73
Herbert Mary Anne 27-May-68 of Eugowra 12y 8m
Herbert May 1969    
Herbert Neville John   of Ipswich (FA 26 Jan 60) 17
Herbert William Spencer 10-Aug-60 of Eugowra 74
Hickey Martha 11-Dec-61 of Eugowra  
Hickey Phillip 27-Jan-67 sister in Eugowra  
Higgins Thomas Stephen 5-Jul-64 formerly of Forbes 77
Hilder Geoffrey   of Burcher (FA 3 Sep 68) 21
Hill Leslie Vine 3-Sep-65 of Forbes 77
Hillier John Sydney   of Caragabal (FA 5 Sep 68) 20
Hinds John 1966    
Hocking Max   of Parkes (FA 19 Nov 63)  
Hodder Dorothy May 5-Nov-66 of Forbes 41
Hodge Elsie   formerly of Forbes at Goondiwindi (FA 18 Nov 66)  
Hodge Fred   formerly of Forbes at Goondiwindi (FA 18 Nov 66) 59
Hodge Isabel Margaret (Bella) 6-Dec-60 of Forbes 77
Hodge John Robert 8-Mar-60 of Pullabooka  
Hodge Pat 11-Aug-65 Eugowra news, nee Little  
Hodge Reginald Ernest   of Shallow Rush, Parkes (FA 28 Aug 64) 45
Hodges Annie 6-Aug-61 of Bedgerabong & Forbes 90
Hodges baby girl 30-Aug-63   1h
Hodges Bessie Maude 26-Feb-69 of Bedgerabong 62
Hodges Charles Louis (Dick)   formerly of Forbes & Bedgerabong (FA 14 Aug 69) 67
Hodges Choral Mabel 24-Oct-68 of Forbes 77
Hodges Frederick Valentine 19-Mar-68 of Forbes 56
Hodges Helen May 4-Oct-63 of Bogan Gate 20
Hodges Herbert Wilfred 16-Apr-62 of Forbes, buried Bedgerabong 87
Hodges Norman Robert 11-Apr-61 of Bedgerabong 68
Hodges Robert Charles 29-May-65 of Bedgerabong 55
Hodges Sueanne J 1963    
Hodges Yvonne Reni 24-Sep-68 of Forbes 50
Hogan Mary Ellen 19-Apr-60 at Grenfell 85
Hohnberg Carl Reinholdt   formerly of Forbes (FA 31 May 63) 86
Hohnberg Louis Arnold 18-Sep-69 of Forbes 61
Hohnberg Mark Andrew 15-Jun-65 of Forbes 2
Hohnberg Timothy Mark 18-Nov-65 of Forbes 3m
Holden Catherine Mary 20-Sep-69 of Forbes 86
Holden Margaret Anne 16-Jun-64 formerly of Forbes 88
Holden Patrick Joseph 8-Sep-61 of Forbes 89
Holloway Arthur Leslie 26-Sep-65 of Forbes 71
Holmes Adeline May 22-Jan-63 Eugowra news 71
Hood Robert Marshall Crilly 15-Feb-65 of Forbes 81
Hooper Alice Gertrude 19-Jun-61 Formerly of Forbes 51
Hooper Leslie Thomas 19-Jan-60 of Forbes 55
Hopgood Richard Edward 5-Feb-68 of Forbes 48
Horsefield (Mrs) M I   formerly Forbes (FA 27 Nov 62) 72
Horton Alice May   in Lithgow, nee Watts of Trundle (FA 16 Oct 64) 61
Hosie Alexander 30-Jun-62 of "Kilburnie" Sth Condo Rd Forbes 58
Hosler Elsie Lavina 25-Sep-63 of Forbes 69
Hosler Jesse 23-Jul-66 of Forbes 75
Hoswell Ada Clara 10-May-67 of Forbes 92
Hoswell Elizabeth Frances 12-Apr-66 of Eugowra 97
Hoswell Lachlan  13-Oct-68 of Forbes 66
Hoswell Wallace John 22-Apr-61 of Eugowra 60
Hough David   parents formerly of Forbes (FA 15 Jul 69) 27
Howard Agnes Ellen 10-Mar-69 at Bathurst, born Forbes  
Howarth David William 1961    
Howe Frank 10-Feb-61 of Forbes 52
Howell Thomas William  22-Nov-67 of Eugowra (Obit Eug news 1 Dec 67) 55
Howison Emily Maid   of Gladesville formerly Forbes (FA 1 Jul 60) 78
Hoy Ernest George   Mayor of Peak Hill (FA 10 Sep 68) 75
Hubbard Alexander Anthony   son in Forbes Ambulance (FA 12 Jun 62 70
Huckel Darryl Alfred 28-Nov-63 of Forbes 5
Huckel Francis Alfred 6-Sep-67 of Pullabooka 75
Hughes (Mrs Ken)   formerly of Pullabooka (FA 8 Mar 63)  
Hughes Lydia 7-May-61 formerly of Forbes, dau of Pierce Collits 68
Hughes Reginald John (John) 7-Jan-67 of Warroo 17
Hugo George   formerly Forbes (FA 14 Aug 62) 88
Hull Iris   formerly of Trundle (FA 9 Jan 69)  
Hull Roland Joseph 21-May-60 of Forbes 27
Hume Georgina Mary (Biddy) 5-Sep-62 formerly of Twogood's store, Forbes  
Huppatz Laurence Vivian 8-Dec-69 of Forbes 27
Huppatz Mina Agnes 10-Dec-62 of Garema 72
Huppatz Tania Kay 22-Aug-66   4.5m
Huppatz Theodore Bethold 4-Jun-68 of Garema 80
Hurcum William Ernest 20-Aug-68 of Eugowra 62
Hurford Darryl Peter 30-Jan-65   62h
Hurford Florence Amy 27-Apr-62 of Forbes 74
Hurford James 23-Nov-65    
Hurkett Amy   formerly of Eugowra (FA 22 Sep 61)  
Hurkett Bridget Mary Eliza (Biddy)   formerly of Forbes (FA 5 Feb 63) 78
Hurkett Daniel 25-Apr-64 of Forbes 73
Hurkett Elizabeth Pansy 8-Aug-68 of Forbes 75
Hutchin Horace Arthur 1962 near Forbes, of Bathurst (FA 23 Feb 62) 63
Huthnance Lynton   of Dubbo (FA 2 Feb 68) 17
Hynds Robert John 1-Oct-69 of Forbes 84
Idions Ernest 1962    
Ingrey Walter W   of Grenfell (FA 15 Aug 61) 80
Irvine Alexander Joseph 14-Oct-62 of Forbes 47
Irvine William 14-Mar-60 at Eugowra, of Toogong 80
Ison Allan William 1-Jan-69 of Forbes 17
Ison Arthur Isaac 9-Jan-63 of Forbes 74
Ivers Frederick Nicholas 28-Sep-64 formerly of Forbes 67
Izzard Frank David   Probate of Eugowra (FA 4 Sep 62)  
Jaconelli Joseph (Dr)   former doctor in Forbes (FA 17 Jul 69)  
James Henry Allan   of Cowra (FA 7 Jun 63)  
Jenner Kathleen Mary   of Parkes and Forbes (FA 3 Mar 61)  
Johansson Peter Johan 14-Oct-60 buried Sal Army Forbes 65
Johnson Alfred Oldham 21-Aug-61    
Johnson Allan McGregor   of Blayney (FA 18 Mar 69) 12
Johnson Beatrice Joy   formerly of Forbes (FA 5 Apr 66)  
Johnson Frances   of Forbes (FA 22 Oct 68)  
Johnson John Kenneth 6-Mar-60    
Johnson Muriel   in Sydney, buried Canowindra, nee Peters (FA 17 Jan 61)  
Johnson Norman Ernest 24-Jul-66 of Forbes 75
Johnston Frances 18-Oct-68 of Forbes, nee Loxley 68
Jolliffe William Alexander 1-Oct-61 of Forbes 80
Jones Alfred Ernest 23-Nov-62 of Forbes 85
Jones baby 8-Apr-69   s/b
Jones Blanche Winifred 26-Jul-63 of Forbes 76
Jones Charles Phillip 14-Oct-63 of Forbes 68
Jones Edith Ida Mabel 27-Oct-62 of Forbes, nee Alchin 77
Jones Elizabeth Deborah 4-May-64 buried C of E Forbes 65
Jones Ernest 15-Oct-68   78
Jones Ernest James 9-Feb-66 of Forbes 51
Jones Ethel Maud 8-Jan-63 of Forbes 84
Jones Frederick Darcy 17-Feb-63 of Forbes 26
Jones Frederick Ernest 21-Oct-60 of Forbes 70
Jones Harold George 23-Apr-67 of Jemalong 54
Jones Henry William (Harry) 19-Jun-66 of Forbes 74
Jones Jim 9-Feb-66 In Mem  
Jones Kate 3-Jul-67 of Forbes 66
Jones Lachlan Charles 17-Apr-65 formerly of Forbes 40
Jones Louis Vincent   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Jul 65) 47
Jones Shirley Mason 13-Aug-69 of Forbes 43
Jones William Albert 11-May-68 of Pinnacle 73
Joyce Donald Murray   formerly of Forbes Commonwealth Bank (FA 22 May 64) 41
Judd George James 6-Aug-61 of Forbes 50
Judd Joseph Vincent 1967    
Judd Maud (Pearl)   formerly of Forbes (FA 28 Mar 61) 78
Judd Vivian Thomas 10-Nov-63 buried at Forbes 73
Kalaziova Lilia 8-Dec-60 of "Bon Accord" Forbes 8
Keady baby girl 24-Mar-60 buried R C Forbes  
Keirin James Joseph 4-Mar-64 of Forbes 57
Keith Francis Albert 15-Mar-69 formerly of Forbes 82
Kelleher Mary Elizabeth   son in Forbes (FA 3 Jun 69)  
Kelleher Patrick Gregory   son of doctor in Forbes (FA 24 May 66)  
Kelly Cyril Augustine   Formerly of Parkes Champion Post (FA 14 Jul 61)  
Kelly Elizabeth Ann 6-Jul-61 of Carrawobitty 3 1/2
Kelly Thomas Joseph 26-Mar-67 formerly of Forbes  
Kelly Thomas Lynch 17-Mar-63 of Forbes 83
Kelty Thomas   born Forbes, died Lithgow (FA 26 Jan 65)  
Kennedy Annie Christina 13-Aug-62 of Forbes 70
Kennedy Helen Cordelia 29-Jun-62 of Forbes 52
Kennedy Lawrence Donald 30-Oct-60 of Forbes 5m
Kennedy William Francis 28-Apr-65 of Forbes 36
Kennedy William Francis 28-Apr-66 In Mem (also 30 Apr 78)  
Kenny Thomas Patrick   of Parkes (FA 28 Nov 67)  
Kenyon Richard John 1965 of Lidcombe  (FA 4 May 65) 22
Kevill Ada Evelyn 25-May-67 of Forbes 72
Kewin Reginald Francis 10-Jul-67 at Pt Macquarie late of Eugowra  
Killingbeck Margaret Ruby 10-Oct-61 mother of Vic Killingbeck of Forbes  
King Elton Scott 14-Oct-68   63
King Thecla Marion   formerly of Forbes (FA 21 Jan 69)  
Kirby Kathryn Ann 6-Aug-62    
Kirby Laurence 16-Oct-68 of Eugowra 84
Kirby Paul William 10-Aug-62 formerly of Eugowra  
Kirwan Cecil John (Jack) 17-Mar-68 of Bundaburrah (Obit 4 Apr 68) 62
Kirwan Ethel Mary Jane 15-Dec-61 of Forbes, nee Green 87
Knight Andrew John (Jack)   formerly of Forbes (FA 16 May 61)  
Knight Geoffrey (Dick)   Formerly of Forbes, wife nee Maude Acret (FA 4 Jul 61) 76
Knight Maude 31-Dec-65 formerly of Forbes  
Knights E G (Mrs) 3-Jan-69 Eugowra news  
Knights Louis Colin   of Eugowra (FA 13 Dec 63) 34
Knights unnamed 1962    
Knox-Niven Albert  30-May-67 of Forbes 65
Knox-Niven baby boy 24-Apr-62    
Koehler John 4-Sep-62 at Toowoomba formerly Forbes  
Koen Michael   at Orange, of Dubbo (FA 22 Apr 60)  
Kohn-Gansl Adriana 21-Feb-65 of Bogan Gate 43
Kohn-Gansl Andrea 21-Feb-65 of Bogan Gate 20
Kohn-Gansl Raffaella   of Bogan Gate 7
Kolges Alexander 15-Jul-60 of Forbes 75
Kolges Gregory Allan 14-Jan-63 formerly of Forbes 8 1/2
Kramer John Reinhold 14-Jun-67 of Forbes 86
Kupkee Annie Wilhelmina 16-Jun-69 of Forbes 86
Kupkee Bernard William 8-Dec-69 of Forbes 19
Kupkee Peter Thomas 8-Dec-69 of Forbes 20
Lamb Ellen Frances   drowned in Billabong Ck Parkes, of Cookamidgera (FA 5 Jun 69) 7
Lamb Herbert Charles 18-Jul-60 at Orange  
Lane Patrick   air crash in Japan; sister in Goolagong (FA 11 Mar 66)  
Laneyrie Herbert Athol 27-Jan-67 buried R C Forbes 59
Laneyrie Hilton Thomas   formerly Forbes (FA 18 Sep 62)  
Laneyrie Lillian Mary 19-Apr-63 of Forbes 70
Lang Norman Albert   of Parkes, formerly of Eugowra (FA 22 Oct 68) 62
Langfield Thomas John 23-May-60 of Forbes (obit FA 27 May 60) 26
Langford Lorne Leo 1961    
Langford Mabel Susan 13-Oct-64 of Eugowra 89
Lawler Harry  14-Aug-64 of Forbes (Probate 8 Sep 64) 72
Lawler John Harold 30-Dec-63 of Forbes 59
Lawler Pamela   parents-in-law Forbes (FA 8 Dec 64)  
Lawler Victor Patrick 15-May-62 of Forbes  
Lawther William 1963    
Leader Dudley   formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Apr 63 53
Leader Mary Gertrude 20-May-64 formerly of Forbes 79
Leahy John Patrick 9-Jan-64 of Forbes 81
Leahy Mary Agnes 6-Feb-68 of Forbes 79
Le-Brocque Francis James 3-Sep-61 of Forbes 91
Leckie Joseph   sister in Forbes (FA 1 Nov 63)  
Ledger Joseph   of Lake Cargelligo (FA 14 Apr 61) 74
Ledger Lila Langford 8-Mar-69 formerly of Ooma 78
Lee Gerald   of Molong, wife Jane, nee Leslie (FA 9 Sep 60)  
Leech Fraugott Leslie (Les) 15-Nov-69 formerly of Eugowra 72
Lees John Robert   of Bogan Gate (FA 23 Jul 63) 16
Lees William Colbran 21-Dec-62 of Eugowra 58
Lees William James 19-Mar-65 of Post Office Hotel  
Leeson Ivy Irene   Husband former Bank of NSW Forbes, & daughter in Forbes (FA 18 Aug 64)  
Lejons Kerrie Maree 1968    
Lemon Frances Charlotte May 20-Jul-68 of Forbes 80
Leslie Ellen Julia (Nell)   of Forbes (FA 25 Jul 61)  
Leslie Ethel Athel Vivian   of Molong, formerly of "Blink Bonnie" (FA 1 Aug 61)  
L'Estrange Nickolas   at Condobolin (FA 28 May 63) 23
Levingstone Patrick Hugh 1960    
Lewis John   of Leeton (FA 1 Sep 61)  
Leydon James   of Trundle (FA 30 Apr 63) 78
Limbers Peter   formerly of Cowra picture theatre (FA 28 Jun 63)  
Lincoln John   of Tullamore (FA 15 Dec 61) 57
Ling Richard Gurney 26-May-64 of Forbes 81
Little Barbara May   of Parkes (FA 26 Nov 65) 33
Little Elizabeth Ellen 14-May-60 of Forbes  
Little Leo John 4-Oct-69 of Nowra, family in Forbes 64
Little Mary Emily Caroline (Mollie) 22-Nov-62 of Forbes 55
Little Melynda Maree 27-Oct-64 of Eugowra 5m
Livingstone Joseph John   of Parkes (FA 4 May 62) 61
Loader Joan Isabell 1968    
Logos Peter Kevin 25-Mar-64 of Forbes 75
Loman Annie Pearl   formerly of Forbes (FA 7 Sep 62)  
Love (Mrs L)   nee Robb, mother in Forbes (FA 4 Dec 64) 39
Lowe Arthur   formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Mar 64) 71
Loxley Alfred 13-Feb-62 of Garema  
Loxley Arthur William Joseph   formerly of "Forbes Advocate" (FA 15 Mar 63) 56
Lozell Edward 8-Jan-62 of Forbes 76
Lynch Monsignor Thomas 23-Dec-66 First resident priest at Goolagong 86
Lynskey Russell Thomas 21-Dec-69 at Parkes, of New Zealand 22
Mackey Moriadh Veronica 24-Dec-63 of Forbes 68
Mackey Thos 13-Mar-66 formerly of Forbes  
MacKinnon Donald Edward 5-Dec-69 of Australia Hotel, Forbes 50
Mackley G R (Mrs)   formerly of Forbes (FA 8 Jul 69)  
MacNamara Victor Lochiel 8-Sep-60 buried R C Forbes 91
Madden Brad Douglas 8-Nov-68   1d
Madigan Edward (John McKenzie) 17-Sep-67 Buried R C Forbes 79
Maguire Harriet Maude 2-Dec-64 of Forbes 72
Maher Harold Charles   formerly of Forbes (FA 5 Mar 63)  
Maher Ivy Gertrude 29-May-63 of Forbes 83
Mahlo Alma Amanda 21-Jul-69 buried Luth. Forbes 89
Mahlo baby 28-Apr-62    
Mahlo Colin Francis 8-Dec-66 of Forbes 32
Mahlo Helena Juliane 23-Jun-69 buried Luth. Forbes 83
Malcoff George Andcroff 7-Dec-67 of Forbes 66
Male Harold Edward 27-Feb-65 of Eugowra 70
Malley Mary Elizabeth 25-Sep-62 of Forbes 73
Mallick Lillian May 29-May-60 buried Eugowra 60
Malloch Thelma Ann   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Oct 69)  
Malloy (Mrs B E)   of Grenfell (FA 9 Oct 64) 87
Malloy baby Catherine 7-Jan-60 buried RC Forbes  
Malloy Leonard Ivan 4-Dec-66   32
Malloy Mrs B E   of Forbes, formerly Grenfell (FA 9 Oct 64) 87
Malloy Patrick   brother in Forbes (FA 17 sep 63) 89
Mansell Joseph Beresford 17-Jul-65 of Forbes (Probate 16 Aug 66) 74
Manton Lester 3-Aug-68 of Forbes 16
Mapperson James George 18-Feb-65 formerly of Bogan Gate 55
Marden Cecil George   former Forbes station master (FA 15 Jul 66 82
Markwort Adolf 1964    
Markwort Adolph (Peter) 12-Aug-64 of Forbes 86
Markwort Christian   of Forbes 89
Markwort Christian 21-May-62 formerly Forbes 90
Markwort Elsie May 13-Apr-65 of Forbes 57
Markwort Jacqueline Rebecca 17-Jan-67 of Forbes 3
Marlin (Mrs H T) Tup   nee Brown, of Condobolin formerly of Forbes (FA 11 Dec 64)  
Marsh John Bruce   of Dubbo (FA 15 Apr 66) 18
Marshall George   of Goolagong (FA 24 May 63)  
Martens Elizabeth (Elsie)   of Grenfell, mother of Mrs (Ald) G I Barton (FA 8 Mar 63) 87
Martin (Sister)   of Forbes & Eugowra (FA 6 Aug 68)  
Martin Agnes Ligourie 12-Aug-69 of Forbes 70
Martin Bede   (FA 3 Apr 69) 66
Martin James Herbert   of Young (FA 11 Apr 67) 30
Martin John 31-May-65    
Martin John Leslie Francis (Jack) 4-Mar-63 of Forbes 43
Martin John Patrick 31-May-65 of Forbes 74
Martin John Stanislaus   formerly of Forbes (FA 6 Aug 65) 70
Martin Kathleen Patricia 28-Aug-63 of Trundle, formerly Forbes 38
Martin T J (Tommy)   at Orange (FA 10 Feb 67) 76
Martin William Richard   of Forbes (FA 31 May 60)  
Mason (Mrs CE)   of Bogan Gate (FA 4 Oct 63)  
Masonwells Ethel May 8-Jul-68 daughter in Forbes 87
Masters Henry Charles   of Blayney (FA 18 Apr 68) 57
Masterson Henry Edward   wife formerly of Forbes (FA 9 Apr 68) 62
Masterson Right Rev Monsignor Patrick 9-Dec-65 Eugowra news 59
Matheson Edna Gladys 4-Aug-68 of Eugowra 73
Matheson Mavis Althea 7-Oct-66 Buried Presby Forbes 38
Mathias Mary May 15-Oct-61 of Forbes 71
Matters Edward Benjamin 26-Oct-63   67
Mattiske Dianna Hilda (Miss) 25-Oct-64 of Forbes 89
Maxwell Don   formerly of Forbes district (FA 5 Dec 67) 65
Maxwell Emma Margaret 11-Aug-67 of Forbes 85
May E R M (Ted) 23-Dec-67 of Grenfell 65
May Hector James 16-May-66 of Forbes 72
May Philomena Mary   formerly of Condobolin (FA 20 Jun 68) 89
May Reginald Gordon   formerly of Bathurst (FA 26 Mar 63)  
McAlister Ennis Earl 21-May-65    
McAneney Amy Pane   of Tullamore (FA 31 Oct 61) 92
McArthur Ellen (Nellie) 1964 Eugowra news (FA 14 Aug 64)  
McArthur Neil   formerly of Eugowra (FA 24 Dec 65) 81
McAuley John D   formerly of Forbes (FA 6 Aug 63) 69
McAuliffe Daniel   at Canberra formerly of Forbes (FA 24 Feb 61)  
McAuliffe Winifred Josephine 21-Mar-60    
McCabe Robert Carlton (Bert)   formerly of Grenfell and Forbes (FA ( Sep 60) 48
McCann Bert 6-Jun-65 Wife from Eugowra 55
McCarron David 1969 Eugowra news (FA 17 Apr 68)  
McCarron John 13-Oct-62 well known in Eugowra  
McCarthy Catherine 4-Jan-68 formerly of Forbes  
McCarthy Francis William 28-Nov-65 of Forbes 74
McClenahan Kathleen May 1-Mar-68 of Forbes 90
McClenahan Kerry-Lyn 10-Aug-64   3
McClintock James Frederick 13-Apr-61 of Eugowra 49
McClintock Samuel Fay 16-Mar-63 of Eugowra and Cumnock 80
McColm Ethel Harriette 4-Mar-66 formerly of Bedgerabong and Forbes 79
McConnell David Allen 5-Feb-69   4m
McConnell Frederick Matthew 17-Jun-66 of Forbes 60
McConnell George Arthur 6-Jul-62 of Forbes 71
McCue Walter Joseph 10-Oct-68   83
McDonald Jacqueline Ann 10-Dec-63   3d
McDonald James   formerly of Tichborne store and post office (FA 12 Feb 63)  
McDonald Elizabeth Gertrude 10-Nov-66 of Forbes 85
McFadden Edward Joseph   wife formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Nov 65) 45
McFarland Thomas Brady 8-Oct-69   79
McGarry John Francis   formerly of Forbes, wife Betty Gunn (FA 30 Jul 63) 44
McGarry Nora Cathleen 22-Jun-64 of Forbes 82
McGee Annie Love   of Forbes (FA 15 Jun 62)  
McGee William Alfred   of Forbes (FA 31 May 60) 64
McGirr Rachel   of Parkes (FA 29 Jul 69) 81
McGovern Eddie James (Ted)   formerly of Forbes and Parkes (FA 15 Feb 63) 58
McGovern Susan Amelia   of Parkes, formerly Forbes (FA 30 Aug 60) 79
McGrath (Mrs) M   of Goolagong (FA 7 Aug 62)  
McGrath James Vivian 15-Dec-67 of Forbes 60
McGregor Mary 10-Mar-63 of Forbes 78
McGuire Ellen Catherine 5-Nov-64 of Forbes 76
McGuire Walter Eden 28-Jun-62 of Forbes  
McIntosh Gordon McLeod 18-Jun-69 of Forbes 49
McIntosh Margaret   Daughter formerly of Forbes (FA 16 Feb 60)  
McKay Clarence 20-Dec-62 of Forbes 69
McKay Donald John 11-Dec-65 at Cowra 45
McKay Ralph Frederick   of Cowra (FA 8 Oct 68) 17
McKay Roy 23-Mar-68 of Forbes 58
McKellar Sophia Annie 28-Apr-66 of Forbes 88
McKenzie Mary Ann 9-Oct-61 of Goolagong 81
McKenzie Mary Ann 1961    
McLachlan Donald 3-Aug-63 of Eugowra 87
McMahon Lilian   formerly of Forbes, nee Collits (FA 31 Jul 69) 94
McMahon Marlene Joan 28-Jan-68 of Forbes 18
McMahon Michael  28-May-65 buried R C Forbes 1.5h
McMahon Polly (Mrs R C)   formerly of Forbes (FA 2 Mar 65)  
McMahon William Albert Sowden   of Forbes (FA 12 Aug 60) 59
McMahon William Joseph 18-Dec-63 of Forbes 79
McMillan Archibald Gordon   of Eugowra (FA 30 Jan 69) 73
McMillan Kathleen   formerly of Eugowra (FA 7 Mar 68) 78
McMillan William   formerly of Forbes Butter Factory (FA 9 Feb 62)  
McMurray Thomas Reginald 28-Oct-67 of Forbes 59
McNair Kathleen Jessie 10-Oct-63 nee Mylecharane of Forbes 44
McNamara Annie Maud   of Randwick (FA 18 Oct 66)  
McNamara Mary Hazel Adlington 8-Oct-67 of Forbes 58
McNeill David   formerly of Forbes (FA 14 Aug 69)  
McPhie Catherine Margaret Crilly 7-May-69 buried Presby Forbes 84
McPhillamy Kitty   at Manly formerly of "The Angle" Forbes (FA 3 Jul 62)  
McRae Jim 27-Apr-68 formerly of Forbes  
Meagher Peter J   in Sydney (FA 4 Mar 60)  
Meares Richard Maxwell (Max) 17-Dec-66 of Forbes  
Medcalf Robert George   of Trundle (FA 14 Jun 63) 75
Meillon John Alwyn   former Forbes solicitor (FA 24 Nov 61)  
Melisi Gennaro 17-Feb-68 of Forbes 48
Melville John Michael 24-Jan-67 of Forbes 64
Menzies R T 13-Sep-65 of Wagga Wagga  
Menzies Mrs R T   daughter in Forbes (FA 26 May 64) 67
Merison Bernard   of Grenfell (FA 14 Oct 69) 27
Merritt baby boy 30-Jan-61    
Merritt Wilfred Ian 7-Apr-66 of Calarie 20
Merritt William Henry 26-Apr-63 of Calarie 48
Merrylees William Andrew (Dr)   of Carrathool (FA 21 Aug 69) 68
Messiter Eric   at North Wollongong, formerly Forbes (FA 2 Sep 60) 68
Metcalfe Chris   at Dubbo, sister in Forbes (FA 9 Jun 61)  
Michalk Sydney Clarence 1967    
Middleton Michael Francis   of Cargo (FA 27 Jun 67) 17
Miles Arthur Gordon   of Gunningbland (FA 20 Jun 68) 62
Miles Ronald Ferney 12-Dec-68 of Forbes 75
Miller Catherine   of Forbes (FA 22 Apr 60)  
Miller George Alfred 22-Sep-69 buried C of E Forbes 62
Miller Noel Lillian   formerly of Forbes (FA 30 Apr 65) 49
Miller Sarah Ann   nee Rath, formerly of Forbes, of Yass (FA 30 May 68) 76
Millgate Florida Mary 15-Sep-66 of Forbes 79
Milthorpe Beatrice Emma   of Parkes (FA 12 Mar 63) 55
Milton Ian Dudley 29-Sep-68 of Forbes 21
Milton James George 21-Jul-61 of Forbes 76
Mitchell (Mrs Harry)   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Jan 66) 66
Mitchell Reg   formerly WDRA steward (FA 16 Dec 60) 71
Mitton George Sidwood Ray (Peter)   of Grenfell (FA 21 Oct 60) 65
Molloy Ilma Constance Hespa 27-Mar-65 of Forbes 81
Molloy Len 4-Dec-66 In Mem  
Molloy William Strickland 25-Jan-65 of Forbes 43
Moloney Cecil J   of Condobolin (FA 8 Oct 65) 59
Monger John Albert 12-Dec-65 of Caragabal  
Moon David Cecil 15-Jun-64 of Forbes 59
Moon William Alfred 12-Jun-60 of Wirrinya 67
Moore Agnes Minnie 18-Nov-65 of Forbes 70
Moore Bert   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Sep 63)  
Moore Rev Fr Thomas Alexander   Priest at Goolagong (FA 19 Aug 66)  
Moreland Anne Elizabeth 8-Jul-63 of Forbes 91
Morgan Clara Belle 18-Sep-61 of "Derangibal" Forbes, nee Gatenby 80
Morgan Frederick Walter 24-May-60 of Warroo 90
Morgan Helena Elizabeth 8-Jan-64 nee Dirkin, born Tichborne  
Moriarty Edgar Albert 18-Jun-61 of Forbes 64
Morley Neville Albert   of Parkes (FA 9 Jan 62) 38
Morris baby 15-Aug-63   s/b
Morris Ellen Ada 14-Nov-62 of Forbes 78
Morris John Field 10-Jun-68 of Forbes 47
Morris Laurence Frank 7-Jun-65 of Parkes 44
Morris Raymond Trevillan (Chummie) 1-Aug-61 of Forbes  
Morris-Fontes Harold   formerly Forbes (FA 21 May 65)  
Morrison May 31-Mar-69 of Forbes 65
Morton Alexander Archibald John 29-Oct-65 of Forbes 63
Morton Harry 26-Nov-66 formerly of Eugowra 79
Morton Oswald (Ossie) 18-Jun-67 formerly of Eugowra  
Moulton Ernest R   of Wellington (FA 1 Apr 66) 61
Mozzini Nora 10-Feb-65 of Carrawobitty Home 92
Mudge A (Mr)   of Trundle (FA 2 Dec 60) over 60
Muffett Reginald Faithful 20-Nov-64 of Wirrinya 77
Muir Nora Eileen Mary 24-Jun-67 of Forbes 68
Muller Sister Sebastion   at Bathurst family formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Jun 64)  
Mulligan Agnes Mary Bertha 20-Sep-60 of Murga 70
Mulligan Frederick 20-Apr-60 of Eugowra  
Mulligan John Ernest 16-Apr-64 of Eugowra 76
Mulqueeney Thomas 22-Jun-69 of Forbes 52
Murphy Elizabeth Maude 25-Sep-65 of Forbes 35
Murphy Harold 20-Mar-69    
Murphy Jack Patrick 19-Sep-65 formerly of Forbes 40
Murphy John   formerly of Calarie (FA 6 Oct 67) 67
Murphy Thomas 1-May-67   70
Murray Geoffrey Moodie   of Orange (FA 2 Jul 68) 56
Murray Sarah Tearle 8-Jan-64 of Bedgerabong 71
Myers Walter Alexander 1960    
Mylecharane Douglas Charles   formerly of Forbes (FA 9 May 67) 45
Mylecharane Florence I 12-Jan-65 of Forbes 73
Mylecharane John (Charger) 27-Aug-63 of Forbes 65
Myors Isabella Abigail 18-Dec-65 Two daughters in Forbes 86
Naimo Giosiplina 3-Sep-61 of Forbes 62
Napier Charles Herbert 27-Mar-67 of Forbes 75
Napier Deborah Jean 30-Jun-64 of Katoomba, buried Forbes 6
Nash Bruce   (FA 23 Feb 60) 27
Nash Leslie Arthur 1969    
Nash Mrs S   Eugowra news (FA 21 Jun 63)  
Nash Unnamed 1962    
Neich Alfred Gregory 12-Jul-65 of Central Hotel, Eugowra 78
Neilsen baby 10-May-63   s/b
Neilsen Lester Allan 29-Jan-60 of Forbes 25
Neilsen Norman George (George) 11-Nov-68 of Forbes 29
Neilsen Olaf Christian   car accident near Cowra (FA 22 May 69) 48
Neilson George 24-Sep-61 of Forbes 83
Nethercote baby 21-Sep-64   s/b
Nettlebeck Sophie Christina 9-Jul-62 of Nelungaloo 96
Neville Daphne Ethel 5-Jul-65 formerly of Forbes, nee Robb 39
Neville Leslie Herbert "Lasto" 14-Aug-67 of Forbes 51
Neville Mary Ann Lavina 24-Jan-68 of Forbes 82
Neville William James 2-Jan-61 of Ooma, Forbes 88
Newbigging Colleen   at Orange, formerly Forbes (FA 16 Nov 62)  
Newbigging Rebecca Emma   of Parkes & Peak Hill (FA 26 May 61) 85
Newbury Ellen Sophia 23-Sep-65 of Forbes 93
Newcombe John Patrick 11-Jun-62    
Newcombe Mabel Blanche 7-Nov-67 of Forbes 72
Newell Benjaman Grant 12-Jun-68 of Forbes 65
Newell Bernard James   at Blayney, family in Eugowra (FA 27 Sep 63) 80
Newham Gladstone Roy   ex-teacher in charge of Paytens Bridge (FA 25 Aug 61) 64
Newham Hector Hurbert 26-Jul-68 of Forbes 80
Newham Raymond John 27-Nov-69 of Parkes, formerly of Forbes 24
Newhouse Ted   of Parkes (FA 7 Aug 69) 80+
Newnham Fred   of Forbes (FA 7 Nov 68) 92
Newson Michael   of Forbes (FA 27 Aug 63) 21
Newton Gordon   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Apr 64) 50
Nichols Bridget Mary 14-Feb-60 of Forbes 85
Nichols Ernest Edward 25-Sep-62 of Forbes 82
Nichols Ernest Henry 15-Sep-68 of Forbes 51
Nichols Kevin Ernest O'Neill 11-Dec-65 of Forbes 17
Nicholson John Thomas 16-Aug-61 of Forbes 71
Nicholson Max   near Trundle (FA 2 Dec 60) 29
Nicolas Albert Charles Jean (Johnny) 14-Nov-64 born France, of Forbes 63
Nicolas Augustine Claudine 22-Feb-66 of Forbes 79
Nielsen Esther Eva   of Cessnock, formerly Forbes (FA 15 Jan 60) 73
Nind Robyn 28-Oct-65 of Bribbaree, in London 23
Niven Leo 12-Jul-65 at Eugowra 62
Niven William Charles 27-Jan-68   69
Niven William John 27-Jan-66 of Eugowra 60
Niven-Knox Albert 1967    
Noack Charles Carl   of Uranquinty (FA 14 Feb 67) 47
Noakes Anthea Louise 20-Feb-69   16d
Noble Joycelyn Marion 10-Nov-63 of Eugowra 26
Noble Margaret Dixon 26-Dec-61 of Parkes 91
Nolan Darcy   formerly of Caragabal (FA 9 Sep 66) 45
Noonan Patrick Francis 1-Jan-66 formerly of Forbes 65
Norman Kenneth Morcroft 1-May-60 of Forbes 40
O'Brien Caroline Ann   Mother of Mrs Harry Phillips of Forbes (FA 9 Aug 63)  
O'Brien Cecil R 1964    
O'Brien Fred   formerly of Forbes (FA 25 Jul 61) 72
O'Brien Mrs M A 8-Aug-61 of Marrickville  
O'Bryan Catherine Veronica 26-Feb-63 of Trundle  
O'Bryan John   of Trundle (FA 15 Dec 61) 47
O'Byrne Rev Father George   Nephew in Forbes (FA 5 Apr 60) 54
O'Connor Anne 15-Oct-68 of Daroobalgie 83
O'Connor John Ernest   of Caragabal and Quandialla (FA 13 May 60) 75
O'Connor Michael 25-Jul-65 of Forbes 7m
O'Dea Daniel Joseph 17-Apr-61 of Sydney; 1st wife nee Lucy Kirby formerly of Eugowra 75
O'Keefe Daniel Vincent   of Summer Hill formerly Forbes (FA 11 Jan 66)  
O'Keefe Helen   of Sydney (FA 15 Apr 66) 16
O'Mahony Sister M Canice   former Sister of Mercy Forbes (FA 8 Jul 69)  
O'Malley Martin Augustus 15-Jul-64 of Forbes 44
O'Malley Walter Joseph 31-Oct-65 of Forbes 86
O'Mara Ellen Maude Mary 8-Jan-63 of Carrawobitty 72
O'Mara Iris   of Griffith (FA 8 May 64)  
O'Meally Mary Jane 1960    
O'Neill Joseph Patrick 24-Mar-67 of Forbes 35
O'Neill Kerry Ann 4-Oct-67 buried R C Forbes 4h
Oppy Mary   of Parkes (FA 27 Sep 60) 73
O'Regan J J (Mr)   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Dec 68)  
O'Reilly KM (Mrs) 23-Aug-61 of Canowindra 64
Orman Maxwell John   formerly of Forbes (FA 28 Jan 64) 51
O'Rourke Mr J J 12-May-64 formerly of Wirrinya  
Osborne John 24-May-62 of Forbes 94
Osborne Ruby Matilda   formerly Parkes (FA 12 Aug 60)  
Osborne Venus Mary (Veneus in Advocate) 25-Jan-63 In Newcastle, formerly of Forbes, Ambrose Smith's daughter (FA 5 Feb 63) 50
O'Sullivan Noreen Winifred 1967    
O'Sullivan Rene Mary 24-Feb-67 of Forbes, nee Rae 53
Oswald Cameron Bruce 1968    
Ovens Mary Beatrice   at Tullamore, formerly of Goolagong (FA 17 Sep 65) 91
Oxley Elsie Margaret 9-Oct-64 of Forbes, widow of Reg 78
Oxley Joyce Isabel 31-Jan-62 of Forbes 44
Oxley Reginald Arthur 31-Aug-64 of Forbes 79
Paddison Roland Robert 27-Jun-68 of Forbes 76
Page Rhoda Laura Francis 6-Sep-69   72
Paine Harold Charles Malcolm (Dick) 4-Dec-62 of Forbes 73
Palmer Emma Sophia 25-Oct-62 of Forbes 72
Palombo Joseph Dominic 1-Mar-65 buried Sal Army Forbes 60
Parker Cindy Lee 31-Dec-65 of Forbes 8m
Parker Esther 6-Jun-69 of Forbes 79
Parker George William 20-Jul-61 of Forbes 58
Parker James Alexander 1-May-64 of Forbes 88
Parker John 14-Dec-63 of Forbes 81
Parker Katherine Mary 16-May-62 of Forbes 65
Parker Thomas 20-Sep-67 of Forbes 87
Parkin Marion Olive 14-Jun-63 Matron of Forbes Hostel (also in FHS notes) 34
Parr Esther Elizabeth   of Eugowra (FA 5 Dec 68) 73
Parr William 9-Mar-61 of Eugowra formerly Murga 80
Parry Brian John 15-Mar-64 formerly of Bogan Gate 21
Parry Wilfred 10-Feb-69 of Bogan Gate (also 4 Mar 69) 60
Parsons baby 7-May-68   s/b
Parsons Hubert Adrian 27-Jun-60 of Forbes 60
Pascoe Jack Meredith   formerly of Forbes (FA 4 Jun 68)  
Pasley Hilda Maude   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Jul 65) 80
Patchett Frank   at Narromine (FA 18 Mar 60) 53
Patricius Rev Bro   in Melbourne, formerly of Marist Bros College (FA 11 Nov 60)  
Patterson James Adam 23-May-63 Bandmaster of Forbes (Obit 28 May 63) 77
Patterson Walter Edmund   at Epping, brother of Jack (ex-Mayor) (FA 4 Mar 60)  
Patterson William John   of Parkes (FA 12 Oct 62) 67
Pavey William Henry 28-Mar-64 of Forbes 68
Payne Beryl   formerly of Forbes (FA 9 Jan 69)  
Payne Cecil Henry   formerly of Forbes (FA 3 Nov 67)  
Payne Donald George   of Condobolin - Tottenham (FA 13 Apr 62) 3
Payne Ernest Richard 3-Feb-63 of Forbes 76
Payne Harold Charles Malcolm   of Forbes (FA 9 Aug 63)  
Payne John James 27-May-63 of Forbes 48
Pearse Robert Arthur 21-Jul-68 formerly of Forbes  
Pearse Ruby Ethel 12-Mar-69 of Forbes 87
Pearse William Smart 4-Sep-66 of Wirrinya 85
Pearson Joanne Marie 4-Jun-63 of Condobolin  2m
Pease Margaret Ellen 20-Oct-69 mother of Mrs Meg Lees formerly of Eugowra, at Randwick  
Peasley Jennifer 4-Sep-63 of Forbes 6w
Penfold Neville Ross   of Quandialla (FA 19 Feb 60) 22
Pengilly Allan Robert 1-Feb-68   58
Pengilly George Henry 31-Aug-63 of Eugowra 95
Penman Jessie Annah 22-Feb-66 of Forbes 87
Pennisi Salvatore   mother formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Aug 68) 2
Pepper Eva Josephine   formerly of Forbes (FA 5 Jun 62) 82
Pepper Harry   formerly of Forbes (FA 12 Sep 61) 80
Perabo Florence 24-Feb-68 of Grenfell 72
Perry Bruce Alfred 2-Aug-64 of Forbes 2
Perry Ellen Jane 6-Feb-64 of Dulwich Hill 91
Perry Leonard John   formerly of Forbes (FA 25 Aug 64) 88
Perry William Alfred 20-Apr-62 of Forbes 77
Peters William John 3-Oct-60 of Forbes 64
Petersen Donnie   formerly of Eugowra (FA 1 Apr 66) 15
Phillips Alexander McFarlane   of Wongajong (FA 11 Jan 66) 64
Phillips Daisy 14-Jul-63 formerly of Forbes, nee Blacks store  
Phillips Frederick John   sister in Eugowra (FA 26 Jan 68)  
Phillips William Patrick   formerly of Forbes (FA 2 Nov 65) 65
Piercy Ralph Charles Joseph 16-Jun-63 of Bedgerabong 58
Piggott Thomas Joseph 25-Apr-68 of no fixed abode 41
Pittis William Lloyd   of Parkes (FA 23 Feb 65) 18
Player Una Beryl   at Dapto, of Forbes (FA 16 Jul  68) 40
Pollock Charlotte Anne Sophia 15-Feb-64 of Carrawobitty Old Persons Home 90
Pollock Robert   formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Mar 69) 83
Pooley Mr E C   ex manager of Forbes Commercial Bank (FA 9 May 61)  
Potter Emily 3-Aug-60 of Forbes 67
Potter Jean Laurence 25-Mar-62 of Forbes 38
Potter Sidney 10-Sep-69 buried C of E Forbes 80
Pound Minnie Ruth 17-Feb-67 of Eugowra 64
Pout Arthur 1-Jul-63 of Forbes 82
Pout Deila Mary (Dell) 30-Mar-66 of Forbes 47
Pout James 2-Aug-66 of Forbes 87
Pout Leslie Edward 10-Feb-69 of Forbes 63
Powter Douglas Ray   KIA Vietnam, of Parkes (FA 14 Feb 67) 21
Powter Nancy Lorraine 18-Jul-66 of Forbes 25
Powter William Henry Arthur 10-Aug-65 of Forbes 53
Prel Ethel Annie 16-Dec-69 of Forbes 62
Press Cecil Joseph Sylvester   of Forbes (FA 10 Aug 65) 72
Press Keith Cecil 7-Apr-62 of Forbes 40
Price Mrs   of Eugowra (FA 23 Oct 62)  
Price Amanda 16-Dec-67 buried R C Eugowra 7w
Price Aubrey William   of Eugowra  (FA 23 Oct 62)  
Price Martha Ellen 1963    
Prior David Ian 20-Mar-61    
Pritchard Clarence 21-Sep-60 of Calarie 67
Pritchard Raymond G 1964    
Prow Arthur Harold "Son" 23-Oct-64 of Forbes 84
Pye Mrs K   formerly of Wirrinya (FA 3 Mar 61)  
Pymont Elizabeth Margaret 16-Jan-64 of Condobolin, nee Spencer 75
Pymont Kathleen Emily 16-Sep-60 of Forbes 78
Pymont Leonard Leslie 7-Jan-66 of Forbes 61
Pymont Margaret Stella 12-Apr-65 formerly of Forbes 76
Quigan Mr   wife nee Baden of Forbes (FA 17 May 63) 50
Quirk John 5-Nov-61 of Garema  
Radburn Catherine Mary  23-Oct-60 of Forbes 90
Radburn Mary Agnes 10-Jun-64 nee O'Malley, of Forbes 95
Radburn Thomas James 8-Jul-63 of Warroo 59
Rae Clara   of Forbes (FA 2 Sep 60)  
Rae Kathleen   formerly of Forbes, nee Crippin (FA 15 Jul 69) 77
Rae William   of Forbes (FA 2 Sep 60)  
Raffin John Ernest 17-May-65 of Condobolin 58
Rainford Eva Hannah   formerly of Eugowra (FA 26 Jun 69) 89
Ramsay Helen May   of Daroobalgie (FA 20 May 60) 80
Ramsay Robert William   at Tarrawingee, Vic, formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Jul 65) 79
Ramsay Sydney Hubert 13-Oct-66 employed at Daroobalgie Meatworks 44
Ramsay Louisa Pearl 2-Apr-69 of Forbes 59
Ramsay Robert Rankin 9-Jan-68 of Forbes 63
Randall Henry   formerly of Caragabal (FA 25 Jan 63)  
Randall William Aquilla 30-May-63 of Forbes 77
Ranger Leslie Lambert 22-Sep-67 of Daroobalgie 56
Rankmore Jessie 31-Oct-68 of Forbes 83
Rath Arthur Thomas 17-Jul-61 of Forbes 65
Rath Dennis Paul 2-Apr-66 of Forbes 20
Rath Gertrude Anne 15-Apr-62 of Forbes 83
Rath Reginald Arthur 7-Nov-68   73
Rawsthorne Mary 29-Jul-60 at Mudgee formerly Eugowra  
Rawsthorne Thomas Joseph   of Forbes (FA 31 May 60)  
Rea Frederick William 13-Aug-61 of Forbes 74
Read Albert Henry "Harry" 28-Apr-66 of Forbes 81
Read Amy Vera 9-Aug-67 of Forbes 75
Read Amy Vera 9-Aug-67   75
Read baby 10-Apr-64   1d
Read Frederick John 16-May-60 of Warroo 85
Read Garry Dennis 27-Jul-61    
Read Hannah 30-Jan-60 of Forbes 99
Read Robert Elwyn 19-Sep-65 of Forbes 72
Read Thelma Alice 13-Sep-61 Cleaner at Forbes Public School 61
Read Vera 9-Aug-67    
Redfern Herbert Roy (Roy) 20-May-64 of Forbes 61
Redfern Katherine Mary 30-Jan-67 formerly of Wirrinya and Forbes 50
Reedy Allen Thomas 15-Jul-65 at Ootha 46
Reedy Hilton Thomas 31-May-64 of Warroo 66
Reedy Ian John 13-Nov-61    
Reedy Norman Henry 10-Feb-60 of Warroo Bridge 65
Reedy Norman Henry 3-Aug-68 of Wyalong, Warroo and Forbes 40
Reedy Percy 26-Dec-66 of Warroo, at Wellington races 57
Rees Amy Catherine 21-Oct-66 of Forbes 76
Rees Clarice   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Nov 69) 72
Rees Elbert Edmund   of Condobolin, brother and sister in Forbes (FA 5 Oct 65) 76
Rees John William 5-Dec-67 of Forbes 80
Reeves Edith Mary 23-Jun-63 Obit of Forbes  
Reeves Emma Cristina 9-Feb-65 of Carrawobitty Home 88
Regan Janet Elizabeth 26-Apr-63 of Grenfell, formerly Ironbarks 84
Reid Frederick Herbert John 14-May-68 of Wirrinya 61
Reid Yvonne Frances 27-Dec-63 of Forbes 17
Renshaw Sister M Gertrude 12-Jan-64 of South Forbes School 78
Reymond Joseph Bernard 18-Feb-62 of Forbes  
Reymond Mary   of Forbes (FA 23 Feb 60)  
Reymond Peter Bernard 23-Jan-63 formerly of Forbes and Orange 72
Rhodes Minnie 9-Feb-67 formerly of Forbes  
Rhodes Norman Preston 18-Nov-62 of Forbes 82
Riach Albert Angus (Mac) 3-Aug-63 of Eugowra 75
Riach Grace Gertrude 6-Jun-64 of Eugowra 74
Rial Archie   at Cowra (FA 1 Jul 60)  
Rice Jean Annette 19-Nov-65 formerly of Forbes 44
Rich (Rev) Alan Berryman   formerly warden of St John's Hostel (FA 3 Nov 64)  
Richards Hector  30-May-65 of Condobolin-Euabalong 67
Richards William Jeffery 28-Jun-63 of Eugowra 80
Richens Mary Josephine 20-May-69 of Forbes 86
Richie Lily Ann 31-Jul-62 formerly of Forbes 88
Richie Robert Bernard   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Apr 65) 67
Rick Henry Sterling 1-Nov-63 of Forbes 81
Rick Jennie Muriel 11-May-67 buried Presby Forbes 82
Ridley (Mrs) E J 6-Jul-62 formerly of Forbes 85
Ridley Charles William 18-Jul-65 of "Pine Hill" Forbes 85
Ridley Ellen Elizabeth 19-Apr-61 at Manly, formerly of "Pine Hill" 74
Ridley Freida Grace 22-Dec-63 of Tullibigeal 65
Riley Catherine 3-Apr-62 of Goolagong, daughter of Mark and Annabelle Fitzgerald 83
Riley Jack   Goolagong news (FA 8 May 64)  
Riley John James   of Townsville, formerly Forbes (FA 9 Dec 60) 103
Roach Ellen May 23-Jun-60 of Forbes 54
Robb Hughie Sylvester 14-Oct-65 of Forbes 71
Roberts Annie Victoria 12-Sep-65 of Dubbo 80
Roberts Elsie May 16-Mar-62 at Goulburn, formerly of Forbes  
Roberts George North William 22-Jun-69 of Forbes  
Roberts Katie Isabella   formerly of Parkes (FA 21 Nov 68) 54
Roberts Susan   dau of ex-Forbes photographer Tom (FA 25 Apr 61)  
Robinson Agnes Tosack 16-Aug-62 formerly of Forbes 87
Robinson Henry Ralph   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Oct 63) 73
Robinson Linda Isael 8-Dec-68 of Forbes 79
Robinson William Allen 19-May-64 of Forbes 76
Roche Clarence Edward (Pat)   formerly of Bogan Gate and Forbes (FA 25 May 65) 43
Roche Clarie Edward (Pat) 31-Mar-65 formerly of Forbes 45
Rodda Leonard   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Apr 66)  
Rodgers Catherine   formerly of Forbes (FA 25 Feb 69) 74
Rodgers Mabel Jane 2-Aug-66 of Bedgerabong 83
Rogerson Harriet Jane 3-Apr-67 formerly of Bogan Gate, of Orange 75
Rolfe George Andrew   in Randwick formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Jul 62) 56
Ross Thomas Forest   of Forbes (FA 5 Apr 60)  
Rothery Frederick John   of Cudal (FA 4 Nov 60)  
Rousch Nicholas 1963    
Rousell Blanche May 9-Aug-67 of Forbes 71
Rousell Cecil Jack Patrick (Pat)   formerly of Forbes (FA 29 Apr 66) 64
Roussel Elsie  Maud 24-Mar-62 mentioned in A F Stokes death  
Rowlands Lavina May 9-Nov-67 formerly of Forbes and Mulyandry 86
Rowlands Robert Colin 17-Jan-64 of Forbes 79
Rowley Noel Reginald (Reg)   formerly Forbes (FA 14 Jun 60) 46
Roylance Mrs A   mother of Jim Roylance of Forbes (FA 30 oct 62) 78
Ruddock Lilian M (Miss)   Ex-Infants headmistress of Forbes Public School (FA 13 Jan 61) 85
Ruge Herbert 3-May-65 of Forbes 76
Rumsey Valma Marie   nee Peters, formerly Forbes (FA 26 Oct 62) 37
Runchel Herbert Wilfred 11-Nov-63 of Forbes 73
Runchel Hilda May 3-Jan-66 of Forbes 76
Rush Brenda Joyce 25-Jan-64 of Bogan Gate 22
Russell C B (Mr)   formerly of Parkes (FA 22 Aug 68) 51
Russell Diana   in Oklahoma, USA, nee Duff, formerly of Forbes (FA 17 Dec 68) 21
Russell Ellen Nellie   formerly of Forbes (FA 10 Dec 68) 69
Russell Mildred 31-Oct-69 at Parkes  
Rutter Joyce   of Parkes (FA 24 Oct 67) 50
Rutter Warren Douglas 20-Dec-63   17
Ruttley Arthur   at Casino formerly Forbes (FA 9 Aug 68)  
Ryall Nord   formerly Cowra (FA 18 Sep 62) 74
Ryan Alice Margaret   parents Toohey of Eugowra (FA 2 May 68)  
Ryan Anne May 15-Nov-66 of Wentworthville formerly Forbes 62
Ryan baby 8-Mar-64   s/b
Ryan Bill   formerly of Forbes (FA 29 Aug 68)  
Ryan Bridget Clara 19-Nov-69 of Forbes, formerly Tullamore 78
Ryan Donna Maria 31-Oct-65 of Forbes 2
Ryan Erina Isabel 30-Oct-61    
Ryan James Arthur 2-Apr-66 daughter formerly of Forbes  
Ryan James Edward 28-Mar-62 of Forbes 88
Ryan James Martin 3-Aug-62 of Goolagong (also FA 17 Aug 62)  
Ryan Jane 7-Apr-61 of Forbes 78
Ryan John Edgar   of Goolagong (?) (FA 8 Sep 67) 56
Ryan May Annie 15-Nov-66   62
Ryan Patrick Joseph 11-Aug-67 of Forbes 93
Ryan Raymond Joseph   formerly of Forbes (FA 9 May 61)  
Ryan Ursula Margaret 9-Aug-63 of Forbes 14
Ryan William Patrick 27-Aug-66 Buried R C Forbes 75
Rygate G B (Mr)   at Waverley, formerly Grenfell and Canowindra (FA 10 Jun 60) 65
Sainsbury Doris Isabel   brother in law at Forbes Advocate (FA 10 Jan 64) 56
Sam Joseph Bernard   formerly of Forbes (FA 8 Nov 63) 83
Sams Herbert Cecil (Bert)   of Forbes (FA 26 Mar 65) 70
Sams Russell John 20-May-65 of Bedgerabong 34
Samway Amelia Clara 19-Aug-62 of Forbes 75
Samway William George   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Dec 63)  
Sanders Evelyn Elizabeh   of Birchip, Vic (FA 25 Mar 60) 76
Sanders John Arthur   formerly of Forbes (FA 27 Aug 65) 73
Sanderson George Frederick 26-Dec-62 of Forbes 75
Sanderson Louise Marie 22-May-62 of Forbes 2 1/2
Sansom Rev Robert   formerly Forbes (FA 23 Nov 62) 56
Sayers Gordon Cecil   formerly of Forbes (FA 26 Jan 68) 70
Sayers Thomas   formerly Forbes (FA 16 Jan 62) 73
Scanlon Wayne Albert 6-Sep-63   6w
Schneider Kenneth John   of Forbes (FA 27 Sep 60) 43
Schwartz Rhoda Margaret 28-Jun-66 of Forbes 69
Schwartzkoff Herbert Henry (Harry)   formerly of Forbes (FA 12 Nov 65) 70
Schwencke John James 8-Feb-67 of Forbes, formerly Condobolin 89
Scifleet unnamed 1961    
Scott J C   formerly of Forbes police (FA 5 Jan 65)  
Scott Percival Horace 21-Dec-61 of Forbes, formerly Eugowra  
Scott Raymond Wilson 18-Feb-61 of Weelong 56
Seaman Cyril   at Dubbo (FA 13 Nov 69) 60
Seaton Sarah    of Eugowra (FA 2 Aug 63) 81
Sewell Margaret Ann 30-May-62 formerly of Forbes  
Sexton Father John   former Catholic administrator of Forbes parish (FA 10 Jan 67) 80
Seymour Marie Johanna 27-Feb-69 of Pinnacle 78
Shailer Ethel Rose (Barb)   of Forbes (FA 13 Aug 65)  
Shailer Queenie 19-Jul-66 formerly of Forbes  
Sharp Henry Arthur 23-Jul-65 of Forbes 83
Sharp John (Jack) 31-Dec-61 at Yarrawonga Vic, formerly Mulyandry 82
Shaw William John   formerly of Garema (FA 30 Jul 65) 77
Shead Alice Blanche 28-Apr-69 of Forbes 86
Shead Anna / Hannah Rebena 26-Mar-69 of Forbes  
Shearing David William   of Canowindra (FA 31 Aug 62) 74
Sheehan Margaret   at Cowra (FA 29 Apr 60) 92
Sheehy Esther Ellen (Essie) 26-Mar-64 of Eugowra 83
Shephard Margaret 31-Dec-62 buried Bena 71
Sheridan Ernest George   formerly of Forbes and Condobolin (FA 19 Sep 61) 79
Sherritt David Cownie 18-Feb-63 of Mulyandry 60
Sherry James Allen   of Grenfell (FA 28 Feb 64) 47
Sherwin George William 14-Feb-64 daughter in Forbes (buried Bombala) 79
Shoebridge Hebert Kerwen 8-Mar-60 in Grenfell, of Forbes 71
Shrimpton Edward 18-Mar-69 of Eugowra 60
Shrimpton Susannah  9-Mar-65 of Eugowra  
Sideris Tragiani 27-May-67 buried C of E Forbes 63
Simmonds James Mountain 24-Apr-60 of Bedgerebong & Warroo 87
Simpson (Major-General) Colin H   AIF (FA 4 Sep 64) 70
Simpson John Henry 22-Jun-68 of Forbes 77
Sincalir Lachlan Patrick (Patrick) 3-Apr-60 of Forbes 74
Sinclair baby boy 23-May-63   s/b
Single Verania (Rania)   in Sydney, dau of C S McPhillamy,wife of Clive (FA 10 Feb 61)  
Skelton Muriel   sister in Forbes (FA 17 Sep 68)  
Skinner Minnie Florence Maud   formerly of Forbes (FA 18 Jun 63) 84
Skinner Terry Roy 1-Jul-64 of Forbes 7m
Sladden Cyril Thomas   of Parkes (FA 6 Jul 62) 46
Slater Claude 2-Apr-65 buried Goolagong 65
Slaven Anthony Charles 1-Sep-61 of Forbes 78
Slaven Sheil Margaret   of Vychan (FA 13 Apr 62) 46
Sloane Reginald Carl 27-Jun-69 formerly of Eugowra 59
Sloane W R (Bill)   of Eugowra (FA 15 Aug 68) 63
Sly John 18-Sep-65 of Forbes 66
Sly Raymond Clarence 18-Jun-66 of Forbes 51
Sly Stephen 29-Jan-68   1d
Sly Una 16-Mar-68 of Forbes 72
Smede Edna Joyce 8-Jul-60 of Forbes 33
Smith Ada Sophia 30-Jan-69 of Forbes 87
Smith Alfred John   in New Guinea, formerly teacher at FHS (FA 30 Oct 64) 42
Smith Ambrosine 18-Apr-65 of Forbes 71
Smith Annie 5-Nov-67 buried R C Forbes 82
Smith Arthur 27-Sep-64 formerly of Forbes 56
Smith baby 15-Dec-66   s/b
Smith Barbara Anne 24-Aug-67   12
Smith Cecil Sidney 6-Oct-61 of Forbes 65
Smith Daniel 14-Mar-65 of Carrawobitty Home 87
Smith Eliza Margaret 18-Jul-60 of Forbes 74
Smith Elizabeth Amelia 25-Dec-65 of Forbes 100
Smith Frank 14-Mar-67 of Forbes 56
Smith Frank   of Cowra, wife died a fortnight ago aged 88 (FA 25 Aug 61) 91
Smith Frank   formerly of Forbes (FA 14 Aug 64) 70
Smith Frederick Cornelious 7-Sep-60 buried C of E Forbes 75
Smith Gordon Errol 12-May-69 of Forbes 31
Smith Henry George 12-Aug-68 of Wirrinya 73
Smith Herbert   of Tullamore (FA 15 Jan 60) 23
Smith John Herbert 8-Oct-69 of Forbes 52
Smith John McDowell 20-Apr-64 of Forbes 46
Smith Leo Joseph 21-Mar-68 of Forbes 60
Smith Lillian Diana 3-Nov-62 of Carrawobitty 86
Smith Patrick   of Forbes (FA 19 May 61)  
Smith Phillip George   of Forbes (FA 8 sep 61) 22
Smith Reginald  Thomas 8-Apr-67 of Forbes 25
Smith Richard James David 18-Apr-65 of Forbes 81
Smith Sarah  7-May-69    
Smith Sarah  8-May-69 of Forbes 95
Smith Susan Leanne 19-Mar-60 buried Presby Forbes 2d
Smith Thomas Michael   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Jul 63) 92
Smith Vicki Leah 5-Jul-69   4m
Snider Leon Samuel   Pioneer of film industry (FA 13 Aug 65)  
Soothill Bernard Walter   mother-in-law in Forbes (FA 23 Jan 62) 60
South Fanny Maria 9-May-62 of Forbes 84
Southill William   of Matraville (FA 14 Jul 61) 19
Spackman Agatha Lucy 5-Jul-63 of Forbes 76
Spackman Ken Arthur 29-Nov-62   1h
Spalding Frederick 5-May-62 of Eugowra 92
Speck Robert   formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Aug 68) 87
Speechley Austin Barrett   of Orange (FA 23 Apr 65) 55
Speechley Margaret Dawn 12-Mar-65 family in Forbes 34
Spencer Elwin Henry 3-Aug-65 of Forbes 70
Spencer Gertrude Florence 20-Jun-61 of Forbes, nee Dukes 73
Spencer Noel Kenneth (Joe)   parents in Forbes (FA 1 Dec 67) 39
Spice George Patrick 5-Jul-69 of Calarie 67
Spice Patrick John 27-Jul-65 formerly of Forbes 67
Spice William Thomas 10-Mar-65 buried R C Forbes 68
Spice Clarice Tryphena 4-Sep-61 of Forbes 51
Spittles Mrs A   brother in Forbes, nee Booth (FA 30 Jul 65)  
Spittles Stephen   parents formerly of Forbes (FA 16 Oct 64) 6
Splite Linford Roy 6-Jul-69 of Forbes 72
Spurway Leslie John 3-Jul-64 of Forbes, also known as Williams 49
Squire Stanly 1968    
Stanford William George 28-Nov-65 of Forbes 71
Stanmore Frederick Joseph   of Bylong (FA 21 Nov 68) 23
Stansfield Norman   formerly Forbes, wife nee Kitty Farrand (FA 23 May 61) 70
Stansfield William   formerly of Eugowra (FA 17 Dec 68) mid 60's
Stanton Harriet Jane 8-Dec-63   88
Stapleton Leonie Marie 29-Jun-66 of Forbes 7
Stapleton Sister Mary Rosarri 12-Nov-66 at Kogarah, formerly of Eugowra 74
Starr Barry Austin   brother of Mrs Peter Duff of Forbes (FA 28 Jan 64) 30
Starr Clive 19-Aug-67 formerly of Eugowra 49
Steet James Thomas 29-Apr-66 of Forbes 51
Stephens Wesley John (Jack) 7-Nov-60 of "The Ranch" Jemalong 58
Stephenson Frederick George (Roy)   formerly of Forbes, wife nee Flint (FA 5 Jul 63) 75
Stevens Annie 30-Apr-61 of Wellington formerly Forbes  
Stevens Charles 9-Jan-60 at Orange, formerly Forbes 94
Stevens James Henry 23-Aug-66 of Forbes 66
Stevens Margaret Sophia 14-Nov-66 of Forbes 79
Stewart Annie 25-Nov-68 of Bedgerabong 89
Stewart Charles Wentworth 25-Sep-69 of Bedgerabong 94
Stewart Ethel Maude 19-Nov-64 buried Eugowra 75
Stewart Paul Joseph   of Croydon Park, formerly Forbes (FA 9 Sep 60) 39
Stibbard Cecil John (Cyril) 27-Oct-65 of Eugowra 65
Stibbard Leslie (Jack) 21-Feb-67 at Forbes, brother at Goolagong 59
Stibbard Margaret Sophia 14-Jan-63 of Forbes 82
Stirling Henry John   of Forbes (FA 18 Nov 60)  
Stokes Alfred Forbes 9-May-62 formerly of Forbes  
Stokes Bridget Ireton 19-Nov-61 (Nurse) formerly of Forbes 81
Stokes Margaret Anne 31-Jul-63 of Forbes 88
Stone Christine May 1963    
Stone Emily Anne 5-Feb-68 Probate, of Forbes formerly Gosford 82
Stone Margaret Janet   formerly of Forbes (FA 1 Feb 63) 85
Straney Alfred Hubert 12-Nov-64 of Bedgerabong 55
Street James Thomas 22-Apr-66 of Forbes  
Strickland Florence   of Forbes (FA 17 Nov 61)  
Stroud Pearl Valentine   son in Forbes (FA 20 Sep 63) 67
Stuttard Mrs W   of Gisborne Vic, formerly Forbes previously married to Rev H H Prichard (FA 2 Feb 68)  
Styles Ada Mary 30-Sep-65 of Forbes 93
Styles Esmaralda Clara 18-Dec-61 of Forbes 86
Styles Marie Blanche Campbell 11-May-61 of Orange, formerly Wirrinya 59
Styles William Harold   formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Nov 65) 67
Suitor Walter Ernest   of Goulburn (FA 18 Jun 68) 79
Sullivan Catherine Ann 4-Oct-61 of Forbes 2d
Sullivan Elizabeth Ann 28-Jul-64 formerly of Forbes 86
Sullivan George 4-Oct-69 of Forbes  
Sullivan George Anthony   father was formerly of Forbes (FA 20 Aug 63) 35
Sullivan Mary Josephine 12-Dec-68 of Forbes 69
Sullivan May Ann   nee Hugo, formerly Forbes (FA 16 Jan 62) 69
Sullivan Thomas Joseph 19-Apr-60 of Forbes 86
Sutherland William Robert   of Back Yamma (FA 16 Mar 62)  
Sutton Caroline   formerly of Forbes (FA 6 Oct 67) 81
Sutton William Ernest   of Parkes (FA 28 Oct 69)  
Swan Hugh Neil 28-Sep-68 of Bedgerabong 76
Swann Iris Mary 26-Feb-63 formerly of Forbes 43
Sweeney Leo Emmanuel 20-Jul-65 of Forbes 64
Sweet David   father former dentist at Forbes (FA 25 Oct 63)  
Sweet John Marriott 5-Mar-60 in Calcutta formerly Forbes  
Swinbourne Annie 1-May-68 of Forbes 72
Swinbourne Ralph Charles Joseph 24-Dec-62 of Forbes 66
Talbot Christina Mary 11-Jul-68   61
Talbot Linda 29-Jan-62    
Taylor Allan Arthur   of Marsden (FA 2 May 68) 42
Taylor Amilda Mary 7-Aug-63 of Forbes 72
Taylor Garnett Camplin (Barney) 14-Sep-68 of Forbes 65
Taylor George Andrew William 13-Dec-63 of Forbes 76
Taylor John Guthrie (Jack)   formerly of Forbes newspaper (FA 14 Jan 69) 68
Taylor Leslie Andrew 14-Sep-69 of Forbes 52
Taylor Oswald Searl Murray 23-Dec-64 formerly Forbes teacher  
Taylor Robert Hanley 1962    
Temple John 5-Jul-69 of Forbes 73
Templeton John James   of Nyngan (FA 1 Feb 63) 50
Thackey Clement Alexander   near Molong, of Leichhardt (FA 6 Sep 60) 50
Thom Emily Esther 6-Jun-69 buried Luth. Forbes 76
Thomas baby 10-Jun-66   4h
Thomas Beverley Winifred   near Gilgandra, of Forbes (FA 1 Mar 60) 23
Thomas Helen   mother was nee Dempsey of Forbes (FA 7 Nov 61)  
Thomas James John 11-Jul-64 Eugowra news 76
Thompson Allan Robert   of Mumbil (FA 5 Oct 62)  
Thompson Eileen Myra   at Forbes, of Hay (FA 26 Oct 65) 53
Thompson Lorna Euretta 20-Mar-61 of Dubbo, formerly Forbes 31
Thompson Walter 12-Apr-64 of Cowra  
Thompson Wright   of Parkes (FA 12 Feb 63) 19
Thomson Harold William 4-Feb-68   83
Thornburn Ross Stanley 17-Mar-67 buried 7th day Adv. Parkes 76
Thorncraft Hilton Claude 17-Oct-65 formerly of Eugowra 72
Thorncraft James Roy   of Bathurst (FA 4 Jun 65) 68
Thorncraft Thomas Bede   formerly of Eugowra (FA 12 Sep 68)  
Thorncraft James   formerly of Eugowra (FA 30 Sep 66) 42
Thorncroft Norman William   at Katoomba (FA 18 Nov 66) 71
Thorncroft Reuben 3-Sep-65 formerly Eugowra  
Thornton Kenneth Keith   of Parkes (FA 7 May 63)  
Thornton Margaret 10-Sep-67 of Forbes 95
Thrupp Wilford Roland (Mick) 26-Nov-62 of Forbes 80
Tickner Lindsay Harold 2-Sep-69 of Forbes 70
Tierney James Matthew 20-Jul-62 of Forbes 81
Todd Edward John 26-Jul-65 of Forbes 61
Tom Elizabeth Jane 1969    
Tomkins Colin   in New Guinea, formerly of Forbes (FA 11 Apr 67) 69
Tomkins Roy   in Sydney (FA 1 Aug 61)  
Tompsett Phyllis   formerly Forbes (FA 18 July 61)  
Tonkins Elizabeth 2-Aug-62 formerly of Paytens Bridge 79
Toohey Colleen   formerly of Forbes (FA 5 Aug 69) 32
Toohey James Francis   Stock & station Agent, Orange (FA 15 Mar 60) 73
Towk John   sister in Forbes (FA 10 Aug 62)  
Townsend Charles Henry 25-Dec-65 Eugowra news 85
Tozer Charles   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Feb 63) 68
Trainor Ellen Bonnice 24-Nov-68   39
Treacy Florence Evelyn   nee Constable of Orange (FA 30 May 67) 66
Treacy Right Rev Mons J   Raised funds to purchase Carrawobbity for old persons home (FA 18 Aug 64) 68
Treanor Alma (Dot) 24-Jun-64 formerly of Forbes 49
Treanor Aubrey Theodore   of Forbes (FA 12 Feb 60)  
Trelford Elizabeth 26-Sep-62 of Nyrang Creek 103
Trenton Jack 1968    
Trethewey Annie Amelia 8-Jul-61 of Forbes 79
Tribolet Arnold Frederick   formerly of Forbes, widow, 4 sisters, 4 brothers (FA 5 Apr 63) 66
Trotman Norman Henry   formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Dec 63) 43
Trotman Olive Constance 24-Aug-63 of Forbes and Mulyandry 77
Trudgett Sidney  24-Sep-61 of Wirrinya 68
Truelove Frederick James 27-Jul-60 of Wentworthville formerly Forbes  
Tuckerman Gladys May 17-May-64 formerly of Forbes 47
Tuohey Jack Horsley   at Drummoyne formerly Forbes (FA 12 Jan 60) 63
Tuohey Mary Bridget 22-Oct-67 buried R C Forbes 79
Turnbull William 8-Feb-60 of Forbes 75
Turner baby Helen 1962    
Turner Elizabeth Anne 22-Feb-63   9m
Turner Elwyn Ernest 3-Jun-68 of Forbes 71
Turner Ennis Henry 29-Oct-62 of Forbes 67
Turner Frederick Lance (Lance) 26-Sep-63 of Forbes 50
Turner Ida Florence 13-Nov-63 of Forbes 65
Turner Jack Stanley   formerly District Surveyor at Forbes (FA 16 Aug 63)  
Turner James Arthur 17-May-69    
Turner Joan Bridget 16-Nov-61 of Forbes, nee Sweeney 31
Turner Robert John (Johnnie)   formerly of Forbes (FA 13 Mar 69) 34
Turner Walter Henry 2-Dec-62 of Forbes 77
Twogood Edith 4-Mar-69 of Forbes (In Mem 4 Mar 71 & 2 Mar 73 & 6 Mar 73) 75
Twogood Horace George 30-Nov-66 formerly of Forbes 83
Uphill John Stuart 29-Jul-68 killed in Brisbane, of Wirrinya 22
Vandenberg Mr 11-Jun-65 of Schofields, parents in law in Forbes  
Vanderberg Stephen 10-Jun-65 of Schofields, grandparents in Forbes  
Vant Henry John   at Port Macquarie formerly of DMR Parkes (FA 26 Sep 68) 48
Victory Margaret 5-Dec-61 of Forbes 70
Waddell William Alexander   father of Mrs Keith Thomas (FA 20 Sep 63) 76
Wade Bruce Hall (Bill)   of Wirrinya (FA 9 Aug 68)  
Wakefield Percival Farmer 2-Dec-64 of Forbes 75
Wakefield Percy Kenneth 13-Jun-63 of Forbes 49
Walden Bruce 19-Jan-62 of Forbes 49
Walker Noreen Agnes   formerly of Forbes (FA 23 Sep 69)  
Wallace Genevieve May 24-Nov-60 buried Meth Forbes 2w
Wallace Henry Joseph Robins 21-Feb-65 of Forbes 69
Wallace Lewis Wayne 1967    
Wallace Wayne   of Ootha (FA 5 Apr 66) 19
Walters Edward 2-Sep-68   76
Walton Ronald James 2-Sep-66   20m
Ward Sophique Valmai (Sophie) 11-Nov-64 at Condobolin 37
Ward Trevor Douglas   of Wellington (FA 15 Jan 63) 9
Warren Albert   of Forbes (FA 10 Sep 65) abt 65
Warren Alfred Charles   granddaughter in Forbes (FA 10 Dec 68)  
Waser Beatrice May   of Parkes, daughter in Forbes (FA 21 Jun 66) 59
Waters Ron 5-Jan-69 of Goolagong 39
Watson Amy Isabel 28-Feb-63 of Forbes 71
Watson George Samuel 16-Jul-62 of Forbes 92
Watson James Linden 11-Apr-66 of Forbes 73
Watson Kathleen 4-Nov-64 of Forbes 77
Watson Sydney Cobham 1963    
Watson Thomas 15-Oct-63 (NB Could be Thomas Wilson in "Advocate") 86
Watts John Stanley 5-Dec-69 of Forbes 88
Watts Mrs Herb 12-Oct-68 of Parkes  
Weaver Ada Lilla   In Sydney, formerly Forbes  (FA 14 Apr 60) 87
Weaver Cecil Reymond 5-Oct-60 of Forbes  
Weaver Gervase Francis 9-Apr-63   56
Weaver Ralph (Dr) 29-Jul-66 parents formerly of Forbes 78
Webb Ann (Nancy) 5-Nov-63 of Forbes, nee Marlin 62
Webb Frank (Ginger) 10-Feb-61 of Forbes 68
Webb Maree Ann 31-Jan-61    
Webb Mary Agnes 6-Sep-62 of Forbes 85
Webster Ellen   of Randwick and Forbes (FA 5 Nov 65)  
Webster Emily Anne Stitt   of Forbes (FA 4 May 62)  
Wedge Henry James 1968    
Weekes Berty Cecil 24-Sep-64 of Eugowra 89
Weekes Clarissa Maud 20-May-69 of Eugowra 89
Wells H G (Mr)   daughter in Forbes (FA 5 Aug 69)  
Welsh Alfred Albert Ernest 19-Aug-67 of Eugowra 89
Welsh Margaret Rose 9-Mar-66 of Eugowra 73
Wenning Christina Louisa 24-Nov-65 of Forbes 79
Wenzel Claude Leslie (Bob) 5-Nov-63 formerly of Eugowra 54
West Charles Edward Percy (Percy)   former jeweller at Forbes (FA 19 Jan 62) 75
West Emma  26-Apr-62 of Forbes 75
Westcott Christopher Ian 8-Jun-61    
Westcott Hector Francis Victor 11-Jul-65 of Parkes and Forbes  
Western Charles Malcolm   of Young (FA 21 Jan 66) 82
Weston Connie 17-Nov-65 of Forbes 4
Wharton W D   in Sydney (FA 17 Jun 60)  
Whatmore Stanley Cecil 11-Sep-69 buried C of E Forbes 74
Wheatley Clem 2-Jul-66 formerly of Forbes  
Wheeldon Laura Amy 24-Jun-62 at Summer Hill, formerly of Eugowra and Murga 82
Whiley Richard Rudolph   formerly of Forbes (FA 22 Apr 69) 74
White (Mrs W A) 17-Sep-67 formerly of Forbes  
White Denise Judith 26-Dec-68 of Forbes  
White Floris Mary 29-Sep-67 formerly of Garema 51
White Ian William 12-Feb-63 of Forbes 18
White Mary Ann   at Taree, born in Forbes in 1863 (FA 25 Jan 66)  
White Thomas Henry 16-Mar-68   58
White Violet Mary 17-Jun-66 of Forbes 74
White William Alfred   formerly Forbes and Garema (FA 25 Aug 61) 72
Whiteley Patricia   of Orange, teacher at Warren (Also 22 May 69) 23
Whitla Morris   near Blacktown, formerly Forbes (FA 17 Aug 62) 24
Wicks William Thomas 5-Apr-63 father of Mrs Jack Kirby  
Wilcockson William Henry 6-Aug-69 buried C of E Forbes 52
Wilcox Edith Brown 25-Oct-65 in Trundle, of Forbes 79
Wilkey Mr J   at Windsor, formerly secretary Fbs Dist Hosp (FA 10 Oct 61)  
Willacy John   Paper truck driver (FA 3 Apr 62) 30
Willcockson Barbara Patterson 13-Jul-67 died Forbes, funeral Lithgow  
Willcox Elva Maude 3-Aug-60 of Forbes, formerly Trundle 88
Willding Emmaline Edith 9-Jul-65 of Forbes 74
William Judith Therese   of Dubbo (FA 7 Sep 65) 21
Williams Albert Frederick 15-Jul-68 of Forbes 72
Williams Elsie May 8-Jul-68 of Forbes 73
Williams James William   of Tullamore (FA 15 Jan 60) 33
Williams Joanna Therese 2-Aug-61    
Williams Judith Therese   of Dubbo (FA 7 Sep 65) 21
Williams Susannah Mathan 9-Dec-69 of Forbes 89
Williamson Alexander (Scotty) 18-Dec-60 of Forbes 62
Wilson Albert Ernest 5-May-67    
Wilson Charles Stewart 26-Dec-62 of Forbes 66
Wilson Garry James 30-Apr-66 of Forbes 25
Wilson Helen Farrand 19-May-69 of Droubalgie, Orange Rd 69
Wilson Mr T   (probably Thomas Watson) (FA 18 Oct 63) 86
Winkler John Douglas 14-Oct-67 buried Baptist Forbes 57
Winterbottam Edna May 11-Nov-66 nee Treanor, in Sydney  
Wither Albert E   parents of Forbes (FA 23 Oct 64)  
Wood Charles Albert "Tom" 30-Sep-64 of Forbes 71
Wood Hetty Louisa Leedhan 1-Mar-60 Formerly of Forbes; Probate 8 Apr 60 80
Woodgate Arthur Edward   formerly of Eugowra (FA 5 Sep 68) 77
Woodgate John Joseph   formerly of Eugowra (FA 22 Apr 66) 73
Woodhouse Vera   formerly Forbes (FA 14 Aug 62)  
Woodman Gordon Bryer 10-May-67 Sergt of Police, Forbes 47
Woods Elwyn Reeves Hounsen 8-Jun-69 of Forbes 56
Woods Trevor Alan 27-Jan-69 of Forbes 19
Wooldridge Mabel Ellen 8-Jun-61 of Forbes, nee Bray 72
Worboys A G (Mr) Bert 19-Aug-61 ex Forbes bank, wife Jean Buckland  
Worthington Matilda Jane 14-Jun-68 of Forbes 82
Wright baby boy 5-Jan-63   s/b
Wright Bridget May 15-Aug-60 of Eugowra  
Wright Ellen Harriet 5-Dec-66 of Eugowra 89
Wright Helen Janet 10-Jun-60 of Forbes (daughter of Madge Heinke) 26
Wright James  "Scotty" 3-Jan-66 of Forbes 77
Wright Margaret Elizabeth 31-May-63 of Forbes 79
Wright Reuban (Bill) 17-Mar-61    
Wright Thomas   daughter in Eugowra (FA 9 Feb 62)  
Wyatt Arthur Albert   formerly of Bogan Gate (FA 8 Dec 61) 77
Wyatt Clarence William 8-Jan-69 buried Presby Forbes 67
Wymer Agnes Hilda   formerly of Forbes (FA 31 Oct 67)  
Wynne William Joseph 15-Jun-61 of Forbes 71
Yapp Ernest George   son at Jemalong (FA 11 Sep 69) 58
Yates Mary Irene   Mother of A L Yates, headmaster of FHS (FA 6 Jun 61)  
Yates Patricia   Eugowra news (FA 20 Aug 65)  
Yeo Lillian Victoria 27-Jul-65 formerly of Forbes, nee Booth 67
Yeoman Albert Richard   of Five Dock, formerly Forbes (FA 8 Jul 60)  
Young Ivy Jane 23-Aug-69 buried Frenchs Forest 64
Young Margaret 4-Jun-61 of Forbes 90
  baby boy 21-May-62    
  Sister Sebastion   at Bathurst family formerly of Forbes (FA 19 Jun 64)